Mazzy Star - That Way Again Lyrics

He says that he tries to solve all his problems as he's bringing me down
I just wait all around
Forgiveness is an empty thought
I find myself moving on, moving on

He looks to my eyes once more
And gives me away like somebody's bride

I'm never going to think of him that way again
Never going to think of him that way again

He looks through and disappears
And I wonder if I'm still ashamed
I thought about it through and through
And it's just still the same

I'm never going to think of him that way again
Never going to think of him that way again
That way again

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Mazzy Star That Way Again Comments
  1. Julya Angel

    "Fade Into You" tbm é otima

  2. miyavlayan kaplan

    Lol lana del rey

  3. Er n

    The drums, live sounding guitar and raw vocals. Perfect mazzy!

  4. Rosi Lopes

    Nadia y Guzman😍😍😍


    Elite ❤️

  6. zoe boileau

    I ship Nadia and Guzman so hard

    Rubiana Soares

    shippo mtooo

    Allison Chains

    What is this? Why do people keep commenting it?


    @Allison Chains It's from a series called 'Elite' on Netflix, and this song appears on a scene with characters called Nadia and Guzmán :)

    Allison Chains

    @Blu oh, thanks!!

  7. Nn Ct


  8. MsCygnusX1

    Love love MS!!!! They are my Bucket List to see live!😊💫

    J Johnston

    MsCygnusX1 Long Beach 11/3


    @J Johnston Hey, Thanks so much!! 🌻

  9. Grzegorz Hetman

    Sounds like "I've gotta stop" to me a little, but stiiiill... great to hear the new MS stuff.


    I was almost expecting that at the beginning too. Very pretty.


    There are a lot of Mazzy tunes that sound similar... but they're all different enough to be not the same. ;-)

    Isaac Campos

    It does sound like I've gotta stop, that's why I love this song so much.

    Sounds more like "Take Everything"

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