Mazzy Star - Still Lyrics

I thought of you all of the time, love
And then I knew that you were mine
I see your house has gone away
And all the things in solitude
I just wanted to know your name
It wasn't like your faded smile

Your eyes are warm still
But inside you've just escaped
So let me turn around too
And turn your faded self away

All of the things inside you fade
I see your house and you know me

I thought of you on awakening

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Mazzy Star Still Comments
  1. Manfred Marc Umfahrer

    good stuff,but if I listen more I wanna take heroin right now hehe..



    Tutti Bella


  2. Ageless Martial Arts Las Vegas

    Wow she sounds exactly the same. I saw a Facebook video of her singing in 1994 and her voice hasn’t changed. Weird and cool at the same time.

    Silvio Codogno

    with the Mazzy Star it does not change much, but it is always a great pleasure to listen it

  3. Bonnie Kunstfrau

    Hope ❤️

    scott v

    Bonnie Kunstfrau listen to 60s Nancy Sinatra besides These Boots and you will hear an eerie similarity. Try listening to Ladybird or Bang Bang.

  4. Van Griffin

    Everything Hope sings becomes a ghost that haunts me.