Mazzy Star - Still Cold Lyrics

You really had a million hearts to break
All those times I never left you in the moonlight
How come there's always someone else driving your car
Taking you different places, in the sunlight

Still cold like the stars
That's just the way you are
Still cold like the stars

You used to say your heart felt like a stone
Now everything you ever wanted is your own
Still cold like the stars
That's just the way you are
Still cold like the stars

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Mazzy Star Still Cold Comments
  1. MrDLOC11

    Bluesy , psychedelic & alternative like no other .....👍👍😎😎

  2. David Loughnane

    One of their best! Always reminds me of driving through the countryside while on holidays in New Zealand!

    Dakota Hope

    I'm in new Zealand :)

  3. Lachlan

    Can anyone recommend any music that sounds similar to this song? I’m craving hearing something like this again for the first time..

  4. Jay B

    2006 to 2007, Korengal. Afghanistan.

    Lived in mud and shit, enemy shooting at us almost everyday. One day yet another buddy shot. Had a bit of power today day like magic, and I play this song on a beat up shit laptop and the shot up generator protested. Some dick E7 exclaimed, "what is dis song, we in Vietnam?!" while waiting for the medivac. Nobody said anything. just stood there loving our own short lives listening to the tune

  5. MDF

    Gr888 song!! So chill.

  6. DTOM, ¿eStamos?


  7. Van Griffin


  8. Konundrum

    I think that Filter took the beginning of this song for "take a picture".

  9. Juventino Manzano

    love this tales me somewhere else that guitar

  10. AL Reeder

    Fave Mazzy song<3

    8 c

    She's still one of my most favorite artists. Fav song is Roseblood probably. Need to buy more of her albums. I have this one and "so tonight I may see".

    Jon Stone

    It is one of their best, I agree.

    Pepe Osorio

    AL Reeder mine too!

  11. Salvy Beth Palafox

    I like to sing this in my car and cry.

    Tomislav Živković

    Thats fucked up

  12. sidDkid87

    "How come there's always someone else driving your car?"