Mazzy Star - Sparrow Lyrics

You used to say don't give me things
Look at me with your cold eyes, you know what I'm saying

You used to say I got a heart like a sparrow
And a smile just like clay

And like a calm word would soothe you
And a smile from my heart would suffice

You used to say I'll be fine on my own
Give me one bottle of wine and two for the road

You used to say I've got a heart like a sparrow
And a smile just like clay

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Mazzy Star Sparrow Comments
  1. Kelly MD Royal space Nakajima MD director of W H O

    “ A Smile just like a blade “ my wild mustang was more entertaining than acting school I walked out of. Then I was pissed off because I sold
    My horse to pay for Lisa Maile lessons in Orlando FL 1992 and I only went to 2 sessions. That horse trade deal was a loss. INSEAD

  2. Derick Hamm

    Best Mazzy song to date

  3. oatmeal

    oh worm is that a harpsichord i hear

    Viviana Calas

    worm dude

  4. Harry Angel


  5. Rejected Letters

    I freaking LOVE this song

  6. ndg43

    Their sound is so relaxing, great to chill with.

  7. lirr408

    I love the album , but this song is just so beautiful!!