Mazzy Star - Look On Down From The Bridge Lyrics

Look on down from the bridge
There's still fountains down there
Look on down from the bridge
It's still raining, up here

Everybody seems so far away from me
Everybody just wants to be free
Look away from the sky
It's no different when you're leaving home
I can't be the same thing to you now
I'm just gone, just gone
How could I say goodbye
How could I say goodbye

Maybe I'll just place my hands over you
And close my eyes real tight
There's a light in your eyes
And you know--yeah, you know
Look on down from the bridge
I'm still waiting for you

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Mazzy Star Look On Down From The Bridge Comments
  1. Mr.Believer Ar.F

    La que subio este video se apellida igual que yo Jaja que coincidencia

  2. Pattonmacarnold Tacoma

    I've never seen Rick and Morty.

  3. Vivek Sachdev

    No offence to anyone out here, but I sincerely feel being here in the moment, is more important than bothering what got you here

  4. Vivek Sachdev

    Heard this on loop when my dog passed away. He died this year on 9th March, at the age of 17.

    Thanks Mazzy for this wonderful track.

  5. Evgeny See


  6. martinradio

    lmao came here after sopranos and forgot it would be so many rick and morty comments

  7. MimM

    Wether you love the likes of Metallica, 2 Pac, Tiesto, or Coldplay (guilty 😁) ... We must admit intimate indie music like this is superior. It just seems to resonante with the core of my humanity.

  8. Kamil Ladaczyński

    I just buried my body yesterday in the garden.

  9. Cthulhu109

    anyone else come here to cry :/

  10. Arpan Bansal

    Heard this song on Rick and Morty now I love both! :)

  11. Leti Foster

    Just imagine a plane slowing crashing into a building thats how i feel

  12. Asteria yu

    from rick and morty

  13. squanchy !

    Everyone: Rick and Morty

    Me: wubbu lubba dub dub

  14. ghzel mohamed

    rick and morty brought me here

  15. Try again Off you can

    Nice 😇

  16. Jey Frwa

    No matter what you do, this song has the power to stop it.


  17. Bart De Kok

    Rick en morty 😂

  18. MadCowProductions

    Hello from Rick and Morty season 4.

  19. rati tati

    What genre of music is that?

  20. George

    The Sopranos - Season 1 - Episode 4 ''at Jackie's funeral''

    Juan Ojeda

    I didn't remember

  21. Luther Kanabu

    RIP to my old self,Starting a fresh,But first let me mourn my past and let everything go and move on
    If you're struggling with depression and moving on in life,Well,We are in it together💯
    Hope you get well and find peace after all these🙏

    Sadie Dm

    I needed to hear this tonight, thank you. ❤️

  22. Jose Carreras

    currently going thru depression and this song keeps me from going off the the edge :(

  23. GhostMane

    Paz entre os mundos otários 🖕

  24. Niki Cee

    The voice of an angel. Never tired of Mazzy❤

  25. Churck

    : ^)

  26. oozrenn


  27. GetMoney FuckYou

    RIP Tony RIP Bobby RIP Christopher

  28. nicolo nicolo

    Texas killing Fields brought me here

  29. aleph

    i know this song is meme now but this is my funeral song right here

  30. Erossi

    Morty brought me here...

  31. CloudyDaze007

    I'm here because i started off with fade into you


    same, didn't even realize this was in rick and morty, love the show though.

  32. B Jorge

    Ok , you wanna know the truth? A tv show brought me here. There. You happy now??

  33. GRT

    The Sopranos
    s1 e4

  34. Trunke 10

    ricky morty

  35. juan diaz


  36. Tom Bane

    I only came here because rick and morty died but got replaced by rick and morty. All because everybody was trying to bang morty and eat his head and now they are cronenberg monsters.

  37. BestPlay

    Rick and mory

  38. GalaxySpinz

    Who the hell are Rick and Morty?? I bought this album the day it came out on cassette...loved it then, still love it to this day. Mazzy has always been my depression music and she always gets me through it! Spent many a night with my Walkman in a cande lit room crying my eyes out to this album.

  39. Krizzis

    rick and morty...Season 1, Episode 6 , end...

  40. Bryan Mendoza

    I need a hug...

  41. Leonardo Duarte

    i sense radiohead vibes here

  42. Yakup Tepeli

    Rick and Morty'den gelenler...

  43. Godzilla fan weeb 11

    Honestly when I hear this song I think about life and the future life is beautiful and we only have 1 live to spend and I think we'll how can I live it if I have nothing to live for everyone turns on me I have no one except my friend Jesus(not the Jesus of heaven) I can't live anymore it gets hard real hard so everyday I just listen to songs that help me cope with my never-ending sadness and depression

  44. Saze

    dreaming about me driving with my future wife and childrens to a snow vacations at night

  45. Erick Avila

    Por que no tengo ganas de seguir viviendo. 🙁

  46. Tony Soprano

    After watching rick and morty and listing this made me think we are jus a dust in this great big universe how sad and yet beautifull at the same time

  47. Ralf Relova

    Anybody here because of Rick and Morty?

  48. Alex lorimer

    Good bye...

    Luke yeet

    Lol see ya

  49. Ash Hardman

    i was brought to mazzy star by a friend in my old Mc, taught me to play into dust on guitar, then committed suicide, then after playing gears of war, i realized into dust was on the game, i cried so hard. i should also point out i am Part of a MC (motorcycle club) im 6'3 16 stone of pure muscle bearded and tattooed so the sight of me crying is extremely rare.

  50. Mateus Smith

    30% Rick e Morty

  51. DustyCowdog

    I can't be the same thing to you now, I'm just gone -- just gone.

  52. JayTheRabbit

    A majority of the people watching this, are people who watch rick and Morty lol

    Luke yeet

    Realty is often disappointing


    Indeed Luke yeet, indeed

  53. Laura Mac Lean


  54. moth409 moth

    Everybody's gonna day

  55. Pedro Ojeda Vega

    Rick and Morty brought me here, but eventually I realiced The Sopranos brought Rick and Morty to bring me here

  56. i'm not cyborg


  57. Ender CAT


  58. J. Félix

    É a música do meu ex namoro, sempre quando escuto essa música me trás uma lembrança gigantesca dos momentos que vivi com minha ex 😣💔

  59. Denver Trembath

    This songs gonna be at my funeral

  60. Mr. Fantasy

    Lonlieness and Rick and Morty brought me here.

  61. Junior Everaldo

    was so depressed 🤧💦💔

  62. Kadim Yoda

    Türkler nerdesiniz orospuçocukları

  63. Aletse Sellav

    I'm here because I'm dead inside

    ʇooɟ ǝɥʇ ʎq ƃunɥ

    Aletse Sellav Same 😒


    I understand buddy. I felt the same a lof of time in my life. I hope better days will come for you and I'm sure they will. Pain is temporary


    @ʇooɟ ǝɥʇ ʎq ƃunɥ Be brave Kody, I hope you're doing better today. Pain is temporary my friend. Have a nice day buddy

  64. Emin Anbar


  65. Walter Valenzuela

    The Sopranos brought me here

  66. haziq filzow

    im here because of rick and morty episode 6

  67. Alex Gasai

    “Nobody exists on purpose,
    Nobody belongs anywhere,
    Everybody’s going to die.
    Come watch TV?”

  68. Drew Mossholder

    Where my rick and morty fans at?

  69. Thiago Dasilva

    Hi friend depression.

  70. Christopher Lassiter


  71. Ken Bray

    I love Hope Sandoval, talented great voice and Beautiful !

  72. Ben Qotsa2017

    The sopranos made me come here

  73. Murillo Memes

    *Rick And Morty?*

  74. Smokeweed Everyday

    Play this at my funeral along with a bunch of other badass songs

  75. Naty Nobes

    Vim pelo Rick e Morthy ❤️

  76. Letícia Jung

    How could I say goodbye? Just said it to someone I didn't want to lose. We love each other, but can't be together right now. It's hard to explain cause my heart still doesn't understand either. Hope I can recover from this.

  77. nobody

    im coming from Rick and Morty 1S6E. Anybody here because of ?

  78. Sigh1 films

    Who here from Rick and morty

  79. Lumin3k

    Wubba Dubba Lub Lub...

  80. Jesua Silva

    Me sinto em 1980, tempo em que eu nem era nascida

  81. Sahara

    When Rick and Morty buried themselves

  82. Liberty Prime

    rick and morty

  83. Doughnut Holer

    It's been a couple of years since both scenes played out. Sopranos did it better.

  84. Masood Ahmed

    This has to be one of the best voices and songs I have heard in a long time I can recall listening to MS ages ago and this is such a brooding melancholic masterpiece it deserves to framed and hanging in gallery, btw I am a teacher living in Leeds.

  85. michael tobler

    2019 anyone? rick and morty?

  86. sander mancini


  87. Gordon O'Gairbhith

    Why does anyone think anyone really cares how they found this song?

  88. GeT ZeBBeD

    Happiness: *exist*
    This song: "i'm about to end this man's whole career"


    This should have more liked 😂

    Max P

    What career?

  89. brandon cochrell

    I want Mazzy Star to marry me.. She is beautiful inside and outside...

  90. Risas _Exe

    Look on down from the bridge
    There's still fountains down there
    Look on down from the bridge
    It's still raining, up here
    Everybody seems so far away from me
    Everybody just wants to be free
    Look away from the sky
    It's no different when you're leaving home
    I can't be the same thing to you now
    I'm just gone, just gone
    How could I say goodbye
    How could I say goodbye
    Maybe I'll…

    Letra :]

  91. Alexandra Amber

    Where’s mazzy now

  92. Anthony Martinez

    Thanks to Rick and Morty, this song goes hard

  93. Jake Lampros

    but you all have to actually go first. seriously.

  94. Jake Lampros

    we'll see you again i bet.

  95. Pillow

    Lana del Rey of the 80-90’s

  96. Tuncay

    R.I.P Jackie