Mazzy Star - I've Been Let Down Lyrics

I've been let down
And I'm still coming round
I've been pulled down
And I'm still coming round for you
Coming round for you

Take away everything that feels fine
Catch a shape in the circles of my mind
Make me feel like I belong to you
Make me feel it even if it ain't true

Catch a train on a silver afternoon
A thousand miles and I'm gettin' there too soon
Take me there, when I should be going home
Tell me why I'm still feeling (all) alone

I've been let down
And I'm still coming round
I've been pulled down
And I'm still coming round for you
Coming round for you

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Mazzy Star I've Been Let Down Comments
  1. Pamela Barone

    Luv 💯

  2. Jake Marren

    So long ago......I never thought I could look back on 20 years like that 😳

  3. Rwxxm •


  4. Timothy Jackson

    Fade into you is my favorite song from Mazzy Star.

  5. systematic self organization

    Love gives me gas

  6. Henry Boyer

    Love it, should be played on the radio more often instead of the horrible stuff like modern rap/hip hop being played constantly today

  7. TheGastonblues

    Hermosa voz...hermosa.❤

  8. Sarah Sussman

    it my favorite mazzy

  9. Ezra Ellis 360

    Love this

  10. Madison Sparks

    My fav Mazzy song!

  11. jagdo Rawr

    I let myself down


    Very Funny😎

  12. RaINb0w DIn0saURS

    I love Hope's voice.

  13. Jennifer Tamayo

    Her voice takes me away to a calm place away from all this hate in the world

  14. Sam Pickles

    hell yeah,
    eyes heavy
    nodding off
    Im still coming round

  15. leroy roybal

    Love the music,her voice is absolutely beautiful, I can actually taste the sweetness. I'm sorry it took so long to discover Mazzy Star. But I struck GOLD.

  16. Ch33n0 1992

    “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.” -Proverbs 17:17

  17. Jimmy James

    Such a great voice!

  18. Crazy Dazy

    Still comin round for you☹️ Take away everything if it feels fine😭💔🥀

  19. Jesus is the only way & healthy fitness king

    God bless u sis 🙏 love ya

  20. Jesus is the only way & healthy fitness king

    Jesus loves you mazzy star

  21. Preston Sasso


  22. Beaner I am

    latin women are the most amazing creation of god...

  23. Elly Bee

    Make me feel like I belong to you. Make me feel it even if it aint true.
    .... I'm still comn round 4 u

  24. fidget

    wow weee

  25. Ben Guiry

    Simply wonderful.

  26. stephen weshalek

    Wowa howa

  27. T-Squared

    I love the harmonica - so simple and beautiful!

  28. harrydean bentzel

    Some Steele guitar and she'd be the best country singer ever

  29. Dar Candelaria

    Sad song, beautiful voice but no I don't think so! Ladies and gentlemen out there please love yourself enough to move on and find what you truely deserve. You are lovable I promise and worth it.

  30. J. J.F.

    Mazzy Star, an excellent singer ! Brings back many memories of parties in the Texas hill country,especially at the Silver Spur in Bandera, Texas. Jesse James

  31. Gary InMarz

    needs to be put on a movie soundtrack, if not already

  32. Ashar Malik

    Hope Sandoval eases out your pain

  33. E 3

    lazy day music

  34. Simply Okay

    Karen Peris, Lisa Hannigan, and Mazzy Star, the triumvirate of voices for me.


    ya mean Hope Sandoval?

    Simply Okay

    @Akhnaten I do, and it's hilarious that I found that out like two minutes after I left that comment. lol


    @Simply Okay haha :)

  35. Hugh Mungus

    It blows my mind Mazzy wasnt more popular in their day. Such beautiful music.

  36. Badwords .h

    I miss my ex so much

  37. Marci R Wilcox

    You broke our daughters! How selfish! You tried to break me, it won't happen.

  38. Barry O'Sullivan

    This is how I deal with losing Mum...

  39. manyonezerometalsmyth 66

    *Theory 15, An HO Scale Victorian Age*
    In a colony of ants, there is a queen; in a hive of bees, a prince; in the genetics of mankind, there are the courts of insanity. Unfortunately, society is known for a dirty game of disinformation, secrecy, hard work, and warfare. Typical of a disorder is the viewpoint of a dirty and less intelligent public. This book system is so secretively esoteric, disinformed, and hidden in plain sight that only a top research candidate who is mentally ill will make it to any real understanding...
    *See, The Ninth Gate, or study metalsmithing, Pythagoras, or something, please. Or, I'll drop a train model on your heads. Lol. I'm sorry. You must be like Newton or Galileo, or Eli Whitney, or John Jervis, or people won't see you as a nobility.

  40. Edie VanDusen

    The female Bob Dylan. Love her.

  41. MidTown Alpha

    get used to it the 90' to 2030 are the same

  42. Nitin Dayalu

    We have all let down and been let down.

  43. Chief`s Lief


  44. Jeremy Grimes

    Pretty woman that finds it hard to find a good guy. Boooooring. This happens like every 5 seconds.

  45. SpiritualOpportunism


  46. Yousavedbro Heaven Bound


  47. Tathyana D.

    I think that the problem is mine...loving over and over again... just giving up on love

  48. Tathyana D.

    My heart is broken again, one more time.... people just don’t give a shit for love.. so tired of hurt my soul...

    Edie VanDusen

    Love yourself. Sounds so simple but it isn't. Just give it a try, if you are let down and know your souls hurting because of it, believe me, you're in the right place. The people hurting you either have no soul, or don't believe in souls. Hang in there, please, it's worth it. Love and peace to you.

    Tathyana D.

    Edie VanDusen thanks friend! God bless you!

    Edie VanDusen

    @Tathyana D. Hoping you're in a better place today. I've walked the road you're on and it sucks. But it does get better, faith my friend.

  49. Drew Jamison

    the biggest rock star that never was! How was hope sandoval not the biggest star of the 90s?!

    Javedur Rahman

    Drew Jamison definitely not the biggest rockstar but queen of psychedelia... ahead of her time too might I add..

  50. Drew Jamison

    Make me feel like i belong to you
    make me feel it
    if it isn't true

    My favorite jazzy star song Hope is the best!

  51. Michael Miller

    We all have. We're alive and human



  53. Mark Frantzen

    Not a soul listens to this without remembering a lost love... Been fantasizing about her since Stealing Beauty 🙈😂😁🌷

  54. Mountains & Sea

    When a song you somehow just heard for the first time stops you dead in your tracks, and makes you mute the world and - just really listen. Just for a moment. In the midst of our hectic lives. That’s good music.

  55. Rocky Raccoon

    Ya welcome to the club, at least your door is a revolving one. Mines on a timer. Not do to open for another 2 lifetimes , but at least there's a chair with some cards . Nothing much to play tho..

    Rocky Raccoon

    Sounds great you pick the time I pick the place.😘

  56. Andreas Maroulis

    I wish i khew your name!!!

  57. ryan holmes

    This tune at 1.25x speed has a nice feeling. Makes me feel like I’m on a moving train.

  58. Maureen Riddell

    I've been put down...And, I am still coming round... "Make me feel like I belong to You". Make me feel like...even if it ain't true......(Billy)

  59. NightMime

    I just discovered this super precious artist, I can sense how indie has maybe been inspired from her. The harmonica touches are really nice (I need more harmonica music lol) I’ve been just listening to her songs. I feel as if not related to her but connected in some sort of way. She feels as modern as ever ironically. I don’t know what more to say.. her songs really just make me feel some type of way. And not sad not one bit ever.


    Check out Cat Power and Grouper

  60. Theron Snell

    Keep coming back. 1000 miles.....

  61. Rawan Rahwan

    Does anyone have the harmonica tabs ?💞


    Great Song!

  63. Willey Poboy

    Angie Hess ... I'm sorry, I was a wreck. I'm still standing and breathing though! Storm&Saber...

  64. robert logan

    her voice is great and the country rock to back the song up that's awesome!!! bob

  65. Kristin Haskins

    Get used to things and you call your shots. You get to, you know.

  66. Broderick Yates

    such a great song

  67. robert logan


  68. David L

    Wow...just wow

  69. Adrian Morales

    Mazzy is a sexy singer i did know she was singing since 94s

  70. Karsten Brunt

    One of those songs that can consciously enrich your musical world. They add something fairly different. Your experience of excitement when finding out about them is very strong. I've certainly not been let down with this one. Beautiful in probably more than a thousand ways.

  71. ozzy cobblepot

    beautiful track.

  72. keith dols

    so underappreciated....I listened to her all through high school and college cause it was like listening to girls cry on my shouldier and share their souls avec moi….love all sisters

  73. Don Johnson

    Finally I found something to replace my Valium addiction 😴


    Alguien que hable español aquí 😉😉

  75. Jake Cahill

    Probably the best song ive heard

  76. Richard Hacker

    Her voice is ethereal god blessed her voice she makes me feel alive

  77. Dank Paradox

    What other tune really sounds like this when the harmonica comes in? It's driving me insane

    Jeffery Orton

    Flowers in December

  78. Christina R

    Like a band-aid to my soul

  79. Michael D Miller

    Me too. Smh

  80. Alejandra Guillen

    This song makes me feel so sad but so happy at the same time. Like everything at once.

  81. giomakyo

    I love this band so much it hurts. 28 years of beautiful melancholy music, thanks forever to Hope and David and the rest of the band.

  82. Tameem Samman

    I’v been years smoking weed while the sound of winter besides her’s

  83. Tameem Samman

    I’v been years smoking weed while the sound of winter besides her’s

  84. Emir Aksoy

    Still here

  85. Nastase Carmen Nastase

    Me too !!!

  86. Alicia Katalina Ledesma

    Takes me away to sweet&sad memories

  87. SOUL LIL

    hate living my life by "what ifs ?" wish i was confidence

  88. Rudy Lopez

    qwerty is fine.Rudedog!

  89. Trevor Blackett

    The lyrics remind me of how i feel about dealing with all these freakin ads that super disturb the sweet music that i love. I might just have to get a red account, cuz it literally drives me absolutely freaking INSAINE!!!!

  90. Rakotoarisoa Tsiry

    This proves that good Music does not Always Need to be complicated…

  91. Mike Norledge

    she's my Hope (Sandoval) and Inspiration and LOVE! .. but we can't forget David Roback who penned all the ditties, please check this one out too guys :-)

  92. Joe Young


  93. Dustin Mitchell

    I found the big secret every lover that has had a partner leave them, hurt them, or just miss them. JUST DONT DATE

  94. Marcos Perez

    Was she really using heroin??


    She *IS* heroin.

  95. Jj lux schmidt

    pure soulful beauty ... a timeless band