Mazzy Star - I'm Less Here Lyrics

Behind my life is different colours
They go away and come back to you
It's just nowhere it can be found
It's just with me, come on, take it

The touch of your hand it speaks of distance
It speaks of distance in your heart

Come on, there's no question of why

Behind my life there's a silent storm
It brings a vision into your mind
It's in between, the colours will fade away
My heart it screams for nothing you have to say

Come on, there's no question of why
Come on, there's no question of why

It's in between on the darkened hearts
Behind the unknown, that there's no chance
He has his hand among my swan
Keep it there, now that you've gone

Come on, there's no question of why
There's no question of why, no [?]

Beat your door to black and blue
He took his words, his solitude

And so I felt my eyes long
And so I felt my eyes long [?]

The touch of your hand it speaks of distance
In your heart
Behind my life I know

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Mazzy Star I'm Less Here Comments
  1. Robin Olivia


  2. Nahuel G

    Caí encima de esa araña...

  3. Alanis Lynx

    Mazzy had a real talent for story telling and that, you can never learn

  4. mariotau1

    dawwwero molto intensa !

  5. Michael Lee

    I love her.......just plain amazing 💂‍♀️💣🙋‍♂️

  6. J. J.F.

    Hope Sandoval, An outstanding singer,with her voice being so captivating.She is definitely one a kind. I could listen to her sing with that beautiful voice for eternity. Jesse James

  7. J. J.F.

    Hope Sandoval, A beautiful girl with a beautiful voice.Hearing her sing brings back many memories of back in the day,especially the parties at the Silver Spur in Bandera,Texas.The heart of the Texas Hill Country. Jesse James

  8. 1 conscience 0 dimension

    pure simple beautiful and perfect

  9. Robert Kraft

    ...🇺🇸🎼🎶🎵💝😋🌹🏆. BOBZGT🏁🐾🐝🎲😋

  10. Westside Smitty

    Since I saw her and heard Mazzy Star in the 90's, well, ''she's just like lightning/she goes right through/ and you know you'll never be the same''. But now I'm in my 50's . And she is beyond precedent. I'm (mostly) relieved that she's absolutely unique and utterly beyond a chance encounter in a bar or on some beach. Because with that voice, and that mind, those words, that face- all she'd have to do is unwind one of these lines, roll her eyes, tilt that head, beckon with a single finger, and a man might do anything. And come the dawn, not even remember.

  11. Bill Jones

    More please, you are one of the best artists of my generation..... facts. If I were rich, I would hire you to perform a free to the public show.

  12. Sasqautch

    I love this , Mazy Star is awesome , love the tunes and the stories and her voice. I used to like Jewel and Alanis Morisette when i was a kid in the 90s.

  13. Ryo & MC Oggy

    "come on there's no question...." ❤️🎶

  14. 玛雅

    Mazzy Star 迷星

  15. Crow Patrol

    I love love love this group...every song is magical. Hope Sandoval's vocal style is so unique and captivating!

  16. Vincent DeWitt

    Forget filling out my taxes; I'm listening to Hope. Put the Feds on hold!

  17. S M M

    Yes because I m my own way. I don't have time for anyone.

  18. Kenny Soo

    Full of soul.

  19. Retro Fan

    Hope, ou're so beautiful, your voice, is enchanting. I've enjoyed your songs for almost 30 years when I was a young teen. At almost 35, I still enjyo your songs. Best to you beautiful lady.

  20. Ms. Harley

    mazzy star speaks 4me....she just rules!!!

  21. Daniel Vosseler

    The best !

  22. Kenneth Pensyl

    Luv you Mazzy. 💙

  23. Just Looking

    That intro guitar is Led Zeppelin 'Friends' -

  24. Linda Fleming

    Remeniscent of Patti Smith's Horses and why not..

  25. Marina Olivieri

    Waoooo me encanta !!!!

  26. francesca dibologna

    you know those dilemma things in which they ask 'if an asteroid was going to hit earth and kill everyone, who would you put on a spaceship as ambassadors of the species to restart the human race on another colonisable planet?'
    Hope Sandoval isn't just on that spaceship, she's 'first class window seat' with a massage from the captain to ease inflight tedium if she should so request it.
    did you have to even ask?
    Hope springs eternal. long live Hope x


    francesca dibologna agreed!

  27. César Rabbit

    I'm glad I listened.

  28. kaylashalaylaaaaa

    Literally not 1 thing has changed except the passage of time...... Insane

  29. BrittserBean

    It's sad that there are only two videos on the channel and it hasn't been active in over 3 years.

  30. Tolga

    Like a hidden gem...

  31. Narayani A

    i love their music videos so much, so beautiful!

  32. Miryam


    Azmatullah Achikzai

    Miryam yes

  33. t. conring

    Behind my light, there's a silent storm.

  34. 2AM Broadcast Netwerk

    Jim Morrison wanted to be Hope.

    Eric P

    He died before hope was born

  35. Yuri Zhivago

    She's less here

  36. T4XM4N

    from what record is this song?


    "I'm Less Here" is a stand-alone single released by alternative rock band Mazzy Star for Record Store Day 2014

  37. Laura Commeree

    orgasmic <3

  38. mojokiss

    those sharp and flat 5ths tho

  39. Mike McLellan

    I never get tired of hearing her sing. Her voice sounds so disengaged yet very moving and quite beautiful.


    Cryptic, subtle, warm, and as you said Beautiful. I'd like to hear her cover some Pink Floyd tracks.

    James Smith

    She covered Syd Barrett's Golden Hair

  40. ill *

    just love her psycho voice..

  41. Chris Ryan

    i got weed u know...


    Beautiful, Hope...

  43. Sarah Kendl

    Sounds like Friends Led Zeppelin

    Smoke Cloud Kings

    +Sarah Kendl Friends meets Jim Morrison.

    Azmatullah Achikzai

    Sarah Kendl hy

  44. Dwight Sauls

    Just sweet.

  45. Apple Love

    How AWESOME -would it be- IF ~ HOPE & LANA made Music-2gether!!; ]<3

    Alex Harr

    +Apple Love that would be horrible

    Paul Martin

    But that would settle the argument in my head of which is my favorite singer! You are right though - it would be totally awesome!!

  46. Blag Owensonn

    this album kills much feeling....your welcome lana delray.

    RockNPole Studio

    bahahahah RIGHT .........hope is the ORIGINAL

  47. David Datura

    Both they're musical and visual style haven't changed much over the decades. This is not a criticism however. Because they had a very unique style to begin with, its just been further refined over the years. This song is just as hypnotic and beautiful as their others. And dare I say reminds me a little of PJ Harvey's style of singing and writing since 2007's White Chalk. Which is another complement because I also really love PJ Harvey too! Both Mazzy Star and PJ Harvey came on the scene at about the same time in the early 90s.

  48. Paularicorico

    Last love Butterfly that died hope is gone

  49. James Julian

    This song gives me musical blue balls


    James Julian lololol!!! I can get that... thankfully you only need another Mazzini or Hope song for that release!

  50. holesnipe

    This video is like an acid trip.....and I have never even taken acid!  Although I did have some sulfuric acid drip on my arm yesterday at work. Hmmmmmmm


    holesnipe doesn't remind me of tripping...

  51. Lucas Dreamgazer

    Mazzy Star is Beautiful band!

  52. robert welch

    i feel ms sandovals vocals are not sexy,hot, loud or magical. simply mystical. i think she is one of a kind. she and the band make an awesome group. god bless.


    perfect word for them both.... mystical

    dave john

    Yes, in my dreams I'd be singing a duet.

  53. Tordah90

    I fuckin love the Zeppelin vibe and thats not to discredit them at all I think they make it their own. Dope stuff


    Ah yes! I was trying to think of what other Mazzy Star song it reminded me of, but must have been thinking of 'Friends'. :)

  54. Nicola Saints

    Wow love this song

  55. robert unruh

    mazzive actually,,yong lady...thankzzzz

  56. Ocean Sage

    Mazzy Star never lost that which made they shine so bright among all the gloom. Another cool song. It seems so chill.

    Regina Boh

    Its very beautiful melody :)


    Anything mazzy is awesome


    I love it. Feels soo nice

  58. SAGE 1955

    OMG dammit this group is like no other and no other is like them.

  59. Des

    I named my dog after you :)



  60. david dubois

    Sympa et mysteriious

  61. LC1991

    This song reminds me a lot of Taste of Blood or She's My Baby with those plucky melodies. I like it.

  62. Pauly Shore

    OM"FN"G   Missed her voice!! Glad she is back again Video is completely awesome!

  63. Orion Contactee

    Awesome, mystical and amazing!  

  64. 1972finnegan

    Always perfect.

  65. 777piktures

    I always enjoy new songs

  66. MrDLOC11

    LOL the title... 

  67. Marta K

    I love this so much <3

  68. Virginie Lolita

    Haunted house of Hope

  69. TheHigh Way


  70. Hermesacat

    Mazzy Star performed  this song live occasionally at least as early as 1993 or 1994, & this studio recording may also date to the 1990s, & may have been slated to be included on the 1996 album "Among My Swan" as the song contains the lyrics  line "among my swan" (puzzling line, isn't it? As in, what could it mean?). As a cat-person-Mazzy-fan, I too am pleased Mazzy Star's "totem animal,"  the cat, makes an appearance in the video. It looks like there are two different cats in the video. I like to think they're maybe Hope's or David's cats. David's shown petting one. ("The cats in here are overflowin' " -Hope, "Suzanne")! There are a few similarities in style between this video & the so-called "fan made video" for "In The Kingdom,"  & it may be another fine effort by mysterious Herman Kinski!

    Ricardo de Almeida

    I find this "cat-person/dog-person" thing so lame and a very stupid and lazy way to define some person's persona. But I can't imagine Hope owning a pet that is not a cat! The whole folk imaginary behind domestic cats fits her so perfectly. 

  71. azulmidnightful

    I like the Cat in the video . And the Lirycs . Stuff to day dream and drift away . Scapades lost in the song ."" Common there is nooo quest .... iooon "

  72. Saso Bogdanovski


  73. GeoNyc


  74. Thiago Lima

    deliciously sad

  75. CauseSilenceIsHarder

    Very cool video

  76. Matheus Maia

    20 years later and they are the same.

  77. leon gregorio lenardão

    this is perfection

  78. Çağlar Polat

    sese aşık olmak

  79. ninestories2

    Fantastic. Great video.

  80. Greg Schnell

    omg this is amazing.

  81. imfrickincrazy

    Omfg yes.


    +imfrickincrazy nice hair

  82. AAGISP

    Among My Swan <3

  83. John Collins


  84. Aaron Davidson

    i could honestly listen to hope sandoval read the ingredients on the back of a box of cheerios, and still enjoy it.

    Christy Kottke

    Is the doctor in the house?

  85. eduardo romero mucel

    Her voice <3