Mazzy Star - Happy Lyrics

Field of light
They hold me inside
Count my stars
They're all lucky in the sky

There's a time
When you go off the light
And all my things look like someone else's memories

Cold outside
Burns a great big hole in my heart
I just wait till you're happy
And your smile makes it bright
It makes it bright

Sleep inside
Ocean has miles
It shimmers and it glows
For some people
I know it shines
I know it shines

Stay inside
Don't the colors make you blind
They hold me inside
Count my stars
Let them shine
I know they shine

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Mazzy Star Happy Comments
  1. elyza Wakefield

    Feel like I always listen to mazzy star when I'm sad or numb, which is most days(:)

  2. cholo peruano

    this song la escuche in the film "down in the valley" with edward norton ... i like that

  3. Side-b

    Wtf.... why is this not on the radio... I stumbled apon greatness

  4. Jim Morrison

    Thanks Mazzy

  5. Olvapnaüj

    They: Happy - Pharrell Williams
    You: Happy - Marina and the diamonds
    Me: Happy - Mazzy Star ♥

  6. Dwight Clark

    "Count all my stars...
    They're all lucky in the sky."
    That would make me happy! Love this woman, love this band.

  7. larrybob141

    Lieing in the floor higher than a fucking kite on a cocktail of drugs and this comes on. Really makes you sink into the floor

  8. Julian Zanetti

    Ill count stars till youre happy

  9. Marcela Pineda

    It's kinda ironic that this song named 'Happy' makes me sad


    indeed. I've been thinking the same for a very loooong time.

  10. RitualREDRUM

    Favorite song ever.

  11. Wojciech Malicki

    Thank you Hope :* it's pure magic :)

  12. xg1027

    oh, my favorite happy 90's never come back....


    All their songs remind me of nighttime with clouds and stars and shit.🌔

    Maty Bou

    buy why shit why :'(

  14. Julian Zanetti

    this song is so transporting

  15. Julian Zanetti

    where am i ? this song... this song made me get lost...

  16. Living Person

    One day...

  17. Lucy Meltsmyheart

    Count my stars they're all lucky in the sky

  18. Locodelcoco


  19. Damon0306

    This song when your high and your arms are wrapped around Evan Rachel Wood 😎

  20. AudreyDurden

    and those bells, and those bells, a majestic lullaby of the bells.

  21. My Advice

    wat genre is this?

    Javedur Rahman

    My Advice Dream pop. Alternative. Alternative rock.

    Anemone Palmer

    It’s called shoegaze

    náu seas

    My Advice dream pop/shoegaze

    Molla Zihan

    It's magic genre

    Nymka Lkh

    it’s called Mazzy Star

  22. Sebastián Morningstar

    I'm so happy! SyK Foreverrrrrrrr!!!

  23. Josh Reynolds


  24. john brownlow

    this song, when your high....

    Jr Arellano

    420ing it and mazying it = amazing420ing it


    john brownlow this album on shrooms in the rain


    Yeah i have over 12 years now besides weed. Still moves me brings me back to the good times and times that were really bad that were actually good in a way.


    This song on heroine is something else

    Nyki Medrano