Maze - Too Many Games Lyrics

Lover's they sometimes get
On each others nerves
They can really really be so mean
Playing around with words
Wanna know why do we do it
Why we choose to break each others hearts
Why when it keeps us far apart

Ain't it funny the things we do
For the sake of pride
It don't matter who might get hurt
As long as your satisfied
We ought to be right to each other
Ooh you know the things I'm speaking of
Why do we mess around with love

To many games that people play
To many games that people play
Far to many games that people play
To many games that people play

To many people they get hung up
On those he say she say games
We don't care who might get hurt
And you know that's just insane
We've got to stop look listen
At the way we treat each other so unkind
Why when it's just a waste of time

To many games that people play
To many games that people play
Far to many games that people play
To many games that people play

You know what I'm talking bout
There can really be no doubt
I hope that you and I can work it out

Stop these silly games that people play
To many games that people play
To many games that people play

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Maze Too Many Games Comments
  1. Sharon Richardson

    Love this song period.

  2. William Fenton

    Damn this grooves more than Mr Groove Von Groove in the groove club in Groovetown.

  3. Jhamel Wade

    This is sounding better in these earphones fr tho' TOO!

    sarah simpkins

    It show does

    Jhamel Wade

    @sarah simpkins 👍🏽

  4. jinjin45

    Roast Me brought me here lol

  5. losrob27

    Man, I think I like this one more than "Before I Let Go"!

    Pat Caruthers Caruthers

    Love the video. Amazing!!

  6. Dawit Khem Bethel

    In Detroit Hustling on the ballroom floor to this.

  7. Jhamel Wade

    This is that song though!

  8. Lamarian Bland

    I love me some Frankie Beverly and maze they are awesome he is a heart of gold

  9. Lamarian Bland

    I love me some maze and Frankie beverly

  10. D D

    Going on with my life now don't have TIME done with playing games .june 24, 2018

  11. Laura Durham

    Starting new relationships always bring me back to this song, because of the love games you can’t help but play.

  12. Jet black Knight

    This is for the grown and sexy, you ain't feelin' this takeoff lol!! 🖐️😎

    One Dixie Cup Just For You

    That's so damn cringy lmao

  13. Michael Pullin

    Always played smooth oldies I miss those days.

  14. Alfonso Green

    Great song

  15. peter smith

    for us grown ups!!

    Ming.ling TheLesbian

    peter smith us youngin like this music to

  16. Michael White

    I was goin thru a lil som som and this became my favorite...shall I say more

  17. Keith Witcher

    Maze and Frankie Beverly's Too Many Games song is a classic jam. Can't Stop The Love album I didn't like. The album cover sucks LOL.

  18. peter smith

    get down!!

  19. Will Powell

    this dumb trailer park trash girl lives where the 🚌 don't run on Sunday but she thinks people have to come pick her to take her trailer park ass to ⛪

  20. kimberly williams

    So real

  21. Derrick Crawford

    That baseline is fiyah!!!!!

  22. Christopher El

    In the backseat rollin for a trip down south wonderin why my parents keep listenin to this dude im goin through my maze in life I preciate those times

  23. Blaq Superman

    just great

  24. 76grandprix


  25. Marcus Reeves


  26. Jerry Johnson

    Maze featuring Frankie Beverly...'Nuff said...this is a good cut, Frankie lettin' ya' know. Thanks for the post. Blessings

  27. Ingrid Dickson

    Oldie but always Good

  28. Vincent Conway

    timeless group

  29. Connie Morgan

    i love his songs and keep doing what you do to make everyone happy.

  30. Connie Morgan

    i like the song do to the fact guys and woman were out playing the sex game and that just was not right for a good man or a good woman .

  31. Charles Murray

    truly one of my favorites

  32. amd77j

    This is part of my driving music for long trips. Can never do wrong with Maze.....

  33. gavilansax

    Who ever the bassist was....... GOOD FUCKING JOB....

    Eugene Speer

    gavilansax Robin Duhe. Amazing and still their bassist to this day.

  34. Betty0000Boop

    Frankie Beverly's vocals are amazing on this track!

  35. T Watson

    stoopit sog

  36. LMmccallL57

    It's so sad that they're right on the mark with this song. Speak the truth!

  37. MSZLEO87

    I will always love Frankie Beverly's music . Maze music is so heart felt it brought me through some tough times. The eighties,growing up experiencing love's joy and pain.Frankie's music taught me how to love myself and how a real man feels about that word called LOVE.peace

    Pat Caruthers Caruthers

    Too many games....know what he's talking about. Go Frankie& Maze!!!!

  38. MrKakatoes

    maze is amazing!!!!!!