Maze - Magic Lyrics

You know what to do for me
Call it intuition
Mysterious as you can be
That ain't superstition
Can't believe it's you I've found
Having you around is just like

Magic the birds begin to sing
It spreads like everything
Magic you came into my life
Put your spell on me

I am so amazed at you got me so elated
All the little things you do I appreciate it
Girl you make it oh so clear
Whenever you are near it seems like

Magic I know just what I feel
I wonder if it's real
Magic you came into my life
Put your spell on me

Magic the birds begin to sing
It spreads like everything
Magic I know just what I feel
I wonder if it's real

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Maze Magic Comments
  1. Kayanda Eddings

    This is the first and only time that they put the saxophone in one of their songs which is this one.

    Lawrence of arabia

    Just' seems like magic', is way still too hip even in 2020, an ever timeless steppin, bop & chop thing for the serious dancers whom still swerve across the floor to this!!! fellas we gotta ice those ladies & keep on movin with every step.

  2. Anita Dunn

    I love this song ❤️

    Lawrence of arabia

    Think thst was the obvious title for this ingenious frankie beverly hit. Indeed seeing them perform was quite an amazing thing to view. On top of that what's an ourdoor engagement, family reunion, or get together among friends without maze featuring frankie beverly? that'd be like sweet potato pie without stroh's vanilla ice cream.

  3. Russell Willis

    A party ain't complete without play a song or two

  4. Luther Lubi

    I have nothing to say.....

  5. Tj Taylor


  6. jeffery james

    Grown folks music at it's best 😃

  7. Geraldo Barbosa

    Simply Beautiful!

  8. Caron Martin

    Doesnt get better than this!

  9. GGGamerson mlg

    Yeaa, ,,,,I'm 2stepin

  10. Yoshico Posey

    I love everything about this man omg

  11. William Roaf

    The best music from pine bluff to Louisiana tech bulldogs to Saints . willy roaf

  12. Eulice Turner

    Straight up playa

  13. Charles Williams

    love this track,very mature

  14. 00 7


  15. Nate Tillman

    Song have a lot of meaning to it really got to listen to what he saying

  16. Keith Chappell

    The smooth jazz, but never forget soul music. I feel certain individuals took that so they could sell music across the board. If don cornielus was alive today he would say the same thing.

  17. Henry Luis


  18. jerome Devon

    My all time favorite group of man.

  19. mark Johnson

    In their hey Maze was the rarest of groups because they was way better live than on wax. Just look at their live performance in New Orleans in 1980 0

  20. peter smith

    no words man

  21. peter smith

    havent played this in a min

  22. Debra Lewis

    This music make you think about good ole times just ageless

  23. Eubdean Davis


    Glenn Haygood

    1985 Rollin in my brand new 98 olds jamming Magic. Everything was alright with world G Henry.

  24. Louis Gray

    My childhood in Monroe louisiana. BBQ's and family reunions, this and many other maze classics were being played by my mother, father, aunts and uncles. the very reason why i listen to smooth jazz music today. god bless. louis gray

    Jaymes Black

    Im from the Richard Family, Monroe LA.

    Jarvis Breaux

    I'm from Lafayette la

  25. Glenn Haygood

    the shit real music

  26. mary dottorey

    This track is timeless.  Listen to it everyday.

    Gayle P. Thomas

    mary dottorey I go to sleep with this song playing in my ears. I think of my husband all night as he sleeps next to me. One of the first FB & M songs that he sung to me when we first met

  27. Michael Tsung

    A once in a lifetime track....

  28. Paul Brock

    I must have overlooked this album. Smooth classic Maze.

    Anna sunshine Heiland

    Wow j love this album @Paul Brock

    Lenore M.

    ah nice smooth one

    Edward Hawkins

    Paul Brock the smooth glassing