Maze - Just Us Lyrics

It's gonna be tough if we are to be together
But if that's what we want everything will be ok
I love will survive if we really need eachother
No matter how hard we can surely find a way
The closer we get the more we're gonna find the reason
Soon we will have a love that cannot be denied
I'm gonna be right there to help you
You can depend that I will be right by your side
Just us we're gonna make it we're gonna make it if we try
Just us we're gonna make it we're gonna make it you and I
Just us we're gonna make it we're gonna make it you and I
There's gonna be time we'll have to show some understanding
Whatever it is I know that we can work it out
The joys and the pains is something we'll go through
I do believe that's what love is all about
We live and we learn that's the way life treat us
Sometimes you'll see things that make you doubt your mind
I'm gonna be right there I'm gonna be right there to love you
Cause I do believe that love will stand the test of time
Just us we're gonna make it we're gonna make it if we try
Just us we're gonna make it we're gonna make it you and I
Just us we're gonna make it
Just us just us just us just us
Just us just us just us just us

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Maze Just Us Comments
  1. santera hunt

    I’m 24 and I love him

  2. Misty Blue

    Still think about you till this day. Connect in 1992. Where are you F.J.?

  3. Rudolph Watson

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Frankie! Dec 6th. Had the pleasure of meeting Frankie and Roame of maze! Wow!!!!! Some great R&B artist came out of philly. Frankie Beverly, Patti Labelle, Phyllis Hyman, Rachelle Ferrell, Barbara Mason, DeeDee Sharp, Tammi Terrell, Three Degrees, Teddy Pendergrass, McFadden and Whitehead, Billy Paul, Blue Magic, Sister Sledge, Boyz ll Men, Chubby Checker, Solomon Burke, Stylistics, Intruders, Delfonics, Hall and Oates, Jill Scott, Eve, Erykah Badu, Lisa " left eye " lopes, Evelyn " Champagne " King, Brenda and the Tabulations, The Trammps, The Roots, Grover Washington Jr, Pieces Of A Dream, Stanley Clarke, musiq Soulchild. My Legendary philly Dj cuz Sonny Hopson use to spin those vinyls back in the day on radio station WHAT. Just representing! 😊👍👏

  4. La'Rue jones

    Stick with me baby, come on let me be with you baby just us

  5. K Ford

    A solid cut right here. That bass.

  6. zipthelite

    Classy track

  7. 804 GOT Talent Green

    To The Man Who Always Know When I Need Him,Protects Me, Shows Up,I Love You!

  8. Gwendolyn Weathers

    Got all the words of how a relationship make it !😍LOVE THIS SONG😊😊😊

  9. Rosa Taylor

    Maze & Frankie Beverly, always # 1 when it comes to music! I see u. Your #1 fan!! 💕 love ya!! I truly believe u gonna get thru this. Keep the faith!



  11. Andre Mawtese

    On the steppers scene🕺🏽💃🏽when they play this cut right here..mannnnnnnn‼️

  12. Charles Norman

    What's the lead instrument on this jam?

  13. bradley king

    Can you dig it!!....i wanna be with you!!

  14. Leslie Houston

    I'm in my FB n Maze mode rollin down the way💞💕❤

  15. Alphonso Willoughby

    This song is for you my love I love you with all my heart and I will always be here for you..Debbie ...

  16. k,mori Smith

    Me n mi husband's song.. Especially us going thru a trying time.. It's our reminder of how strong our love is.. We will make it.. Cuz it's just us..

  17. Rosa Taylor

    And he sings with his SOUL WHAT POWERfUL VOICE!!! 💕 THIS-SONG. Thank U,!!

  18. bradley king

    Gonna be right there!

  19. Lisa Gresham


  20. E thaqueen

    Yesss, come on nah Frankie!!!!!

  21. Nya Dawson

    I played this while hubby was asleep, he jumped up so fast and grabbed me 🤗😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘

  22. GGGamerson mlg

    Yes. .we gonna make it

  23. Robert Bell


  24. Pat Caruthers Caruthers

    Thought I heard every cut from Frankie & Maze. Then this jam pops up. OMG. WILL definitely see y'all in K.C.Mo. & St. Louis, Mo. July 2019. Frankie is worth every penny I spend at his concerts. He soothes my soul. Love always.

  25. Jerry Thegreat

    2019 and this is STILL on repeat.. music like this is for the soul, it NEVER dies #80'sBABY

    Pat Caruthers Caruthers

    KC 2 steppin'. Love us some Frankie...sold out EVERY TIME!!!

  26. Mary M

    Back to back to back replay
    Yes Frankie
    Steppers joint

  27. GGGamerson mlg

    Yes the words just us just us

  28. Linda Jackson

    Hi edagdwg love this song God at work in my love life joy peace fun only God can blessed use with his great love Linda j. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  29. LaRue Jones

    Melvin Jones aka 4 4 this was our song I miss & love you so much it hurts God called you I couldnt do nothing to make you stay my heart is 💔💔💔💔 til we meet in heaven Love You My Hubby 11/4/51 / 1-21-2014 Rest Easy💔💔😢😢

    Jerry Thegreat

    Sorry to hear this... May God continue to bless your soul Queen

  30. Royce Branch

    Maze music is endless

  31. Linda Jackson

    Gm edagdwg love this song God is so good gave me a new man so sweet we are for each other love is great when you care that it's 💯💯💯💯 Linda j. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  32. GGGamerson mlg

    Were gonna make u and I yasss one of my favorite songs by them

  33. Miranda D

    My husband just sent the link to this song to me! Yaaah so happy love him so much!! 😘😘😝👏👏

  34. Phillip Markland

    I will let you into a little secret my x said shes not all that keen on frankies voice so i hit her on the back of her head with a garden spade tha seems reasonable to me 3.2.1. Im gone

  35. Michael Woolfork

    Wifey we're gonna make it

  36. Neosoulgroovydude

    My dad i learned it from. But if u sing like frankie or mary u got problems.

  37. Neosoulgroovydude

    Frankie killin it.

  38. paula rene

    The 109 people who gave this a thumbs down know nothing about good music.

  39. Imri Pittman

    Man I love dis fucking song man that real

  40. Casey Paige

    All the way from va to tx and back again I remember my dad flipping this tape over to play this song on repeat. Now I know the true meaning of the song. ❤❤❤❤

  41. Kevin Dean

    Only soulful people can understand this 💯

  42. terri murry

    Omaha Nebraska is in the house

    Pat Caruthers Caruthers

    Kansas City Missouri waiting for Frankie & Maze 7/14/ 2019. Still listening & dancing in 2019. Just Us

  43. Patty Robinson

    The understatement.

  44. JDSoul69

    1 of the deepest cuts ever, pure soul.

  45. omegadean96

    I'm so glad that my kids know what respectable music is especially my daughter .

  46. Bryant Leonard


  47. Torie Sledge

    Love love love Frankie Beverly and Maze!! Just smooth and classy.

  48. latoya phillips

    My Fiance just dedicated this song to me. I was driving listening to it and wanted to get out and step (Chicago Style)

  49. KevinThaCoach Jackson

    Silky smooth

  50. henry clemons

    still in2018 and beyond
    just us 5/1.......

    henry clemons

    back again 5/7.....

  51. Abe Ware

    I seen Maze &,Frankie in concert about 20 plus times and enjoyed each one

  52. Keyna Parks

    This song is “classic “ it makes me think about my baby C.T.

  53. B. Easzze

    I heard this song aft my best friend wife past she was such a wonderful person. I miss her so much we all grew up together and when me and my best friend got into it and didn't talk for years she got us to talking again and she came to my wedding with him she made him come and I let him stand with me when I got married lol this dude had on jeans and boots we had on are tuxedos and we both look @ each other and start laughing and crying all @ the same time Andre Rice my Brother best friend she got are friendship and are brotherhood back we owe her such much. KATRINA RICE SLEEP EASY I LOVE YOU GIRL THANK YOU....

    B. Easzze

    @henry clemonsThank you Bruh...

  54. Connie Hill

    I sent this to my Boaz

  55. Boulais Thomas

    On a beach with a rum in sunset. But not only... Happy life, I love Frankie and Maze. From Paris with love.

  56. Deekay Musiclover

    My FAVORITE band all time. Their concerts are GREAT.

  57. Justin Richardson

    My dads record collection shaped my middle school and high school years, maze is my dad's fave artist , Frankie Beverly melodies always pull deep on the heart strings , but this song emphasizes that the power of love between two people can overcome any obstacle life throws at them , kind of like saying us against the world , as long as we have each other we will make it, have faith in one another ,,never give up ,,endure and be persistent in knowing together u can be victorious , but no matter what , Grow together , laugh together , cry together ,,fall together, rise together , key word being Together , two against all odds is a powerful bond , love is power , keep believing , keep fighting , keep pushing , keep evolving , keep growing , just us . . . Thank You Frankie Beverly and Maze, Timeless Gifted Silky Voices Of Soul

    henry clemons

    DOPE ….REAL TALK 5/7/19

  58. Rob Brown

    Love this katt... Frankie Beverly is a true musical genius.. He's been in the game nearly 5 decades.. May GOD continue to bless 🙏 this music 🎤🎼🎹🎶 GIANT.. .. ✌❤

  59. Mable Carmouche

    Theirs a message in every song! mable and morris!

  60. NATOSHA Brown

    The best song ever!!! Just speaks to my heart & soul!

  61. Karee Watson

    Happy new years everbody!

  62. Sophia Barnes


  63. Sophia Barnes


  64. Rudolph Watson

    Met Frankie and Roam Happy Birthday! home boy! dec 6th. 👍☺

  65. Tea Butler

    I want somebody to dedicate this song to me. I dedicate this song to me..... shit... life too short.... Thank God for Maze

  66. Martin Platt

    Wonderful voice and band...just doesn’t get any better for me

  67. rickey ammons

    I love song

  68. remember the time

    merci d avoir posté ce titre, rien de mieux pour se détendre le soir au calme ..............

  69. mson3478

    One of the most powerful songs EVER made..Only Frankie Beverly and Maze could deliver such a beautiful ballad..Maze fan forever

  70. Shawn Perkins

    Love me some Frankie nice mellow music I never get tired of his music. For those of you who don't know ask somebody. Enough Said

  71. Roozani Derouselle

    If you ever feel down put this song on hop on ur closet interstate and give it ten minutes. problem solved. luv it

  72. Lakhelia Bennett

    stick with me baby.....

  73. Abdullah Muttalib

    classic truth in this song 100%Best Song Ever ❤👍

  74. Chanelle Lee

    One of my favorite...hope to have a love like this some day!!!!

  75. Linda Thomas

    ca nt wait to see you

  76. Keith Fleming

    I made a beat to this. If I upload it would anybody listen ?


    Keith Fleming Seven (7) months ago? Is it out there? If so, PLEASE send the link...

  77. Lachario Nre

    Hi when God gives u a mate it's everlasting even in death it's a gift only realing knowing God and faith can make u understand God's gife glad I do still have mine every day peace Linda j 😇😇😇😇💕💕💕💓💋💋💋👣👣👣👣me

  78. Mickey Hay

    this guys music makes me feel real love the love l need thank you bro

  79. Demetra Gibson

    Beautiful voice love frankie beverly& maze

  80. michele johnson

    Great song... :-)

  81. Lachario Nre

    Hi when my baby were together The world went away just he and i Wad all we saw thats gods love so much joy peace Linda j 😘💕💕💕💋💋💋

  82. Demetra Gibson

    This song has so much meaning to it

    Robert Bell


  83. Duane Fox

    There is none like Frankie

  84. andria foster


  85. culturefreedom89

    Definitely a Detroit ballroom joint.

  86. GT Bandz Official

    MY CUT!

  87. Rudolph Watson

    Happy Birthday!!! Frankie, dec 6th.


    those instruments

  89. Kimberly Joseph

    just us Just us!!!

  90. Abdullah Muttalib

    lm dancing right now

  91. Edward Jones

    Good classic music old school

  92. Janell Alexander

    Yes !! My baby sent me the link to this song !!! Wow I love him so much....

    Brenton Jones

    Classic Frankie

  93. D D

    yes Chicago stepping to this my shit !!!!!!

  94. SilkySoul

    One of the smoothest songs this man has ever made.  My 'all-time' favorite Maze song.  Been following them since 1977 when the self-titled album came out with Happy Feelings, Look at California.  There will never be another Maze feat. Frankie Beverly.

    Valerie Hendry

    My all time favorite group i love this group.

  95. Deirdre


  96. lloyd johnson

    Chicago Steppin right here

    bernadette Gardner-Pittman

    You & me both Chicago steppin !!!!

    Celestial Tarot Readings with Sam Jo

    Excuse me, sliding in there with a twirl and smooth steppin on these YouTube floors.

    La'Rue jones

    Yesss Baby

  97. Cherie Franklin

    I will always love Frankie!!!