Mayday Parade - Sorry, Not Sorry Lyrics

Well I'd walk on fire just to be next to you
And I'd climb the highest mountain just to see your point of view
And I'd swim the edge of the earth if you said you wanted proof
Yeah I'd do that for you

And if all of it is for naught
Well at least I took a shot
I hope my luck turns around sometime soon

And I'm so sorry for myself,
Got me tied like a knot,
Twisted up in my thoughts
And I'm so sorry for myself,
No I can't break it down,
Not around this town, no more

Well if you were lost I'd bring you safe back home
And wrestle with your demons, so you can be left alone
And I'd lay down my coat so you can walk all over it
Just like you do to me

I guess it's better lost than found,
'Cause you just bring me down
I'm turning back before I get myself too deep

And I'm so sorry for myself,
Got me tied like a knot,
Twisted up in my thoughts
And I'm so sorry for myself,
No I can't break it down,
Not around this town, no more

Remember when we were young?
Stayed up late to watch the sun
And you said you needed me to survive
We were young and we were dumb
Now I see your heart is torn
The love you had for me is now gone

Like faith on fire,
(We were young and we were dumb
Stayed up late to watch the sun)
We both burned out long ago
(We were young and we were dumb
Now I see your heart is torn)
The warmth we felt,
Reminds us how we used to feel alive

And I'm so sorry for myself,
Got me tied like a knot,
Twisted up in my thoughts
And I'm so sorry for myself,
No I can't break it down,
Not around this town no more

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Mayday Parade Sorry, Not Sorry Comments
  1. alex

    remember when we young
    stayed up late just to watch the sun...

  2. Yvette Miranda

    2020 gang!!

  3. John Paul Dolocanog

    Who’s here in 2019 give me the thumbs up! 👍❤️

  4. Legio IX


  5. hermershuff

    for some apparent reason, the melody reminds me of fireflies from owl city,,

  6. Kimoon Nam

    The Drummer says : Where are my ghosts in 2:00 to 2:26?

  7. Reivivus

    "And I'd lay down my coat so you can walk all over it, just like you do me!"



  8. Kayla N

    Fearless records messed up some of the lyrics..

  9. Nick Roldan

    can someone either confirm or deny whether or not that is Brendan Urie singing at 2:09 


    That's exactly what I think

    Alexandra Marquez

    Sounds exactly like him!

    Sadie Elbert

    That's exactly what I had thought too when I heard it.

    Jake G

    Yeah no it's Jake lmao Saw them live not too long ago

  10. Pj peace

    I'm such a HUGE mayday Parade fan. I call myself a parader. O~O

  11. Pj peace

    So many people are going warped tour. Its so unfair :'(

    Erika Calle

    At least you didn't miss it altogether

  12. Victoria Atienza

    Dear Fearless Records, 

    Can you please remove the "Fearless Record" thing after every video? Or at least put it in mute. I want to listen to the song alone. And the electric sound kind of irritates/bothers me. 

    Great label tho! :)) Thanks so much! 


    r u serious?

    Victoria Atienza

    @jLo Stepbystep yeah. 


    Lol dude its supposed to be annoying. Its to encourage you to buy the music and discourage you from using a youtube mp3 converter.


    YTD has a crop thing when you convert it to MP3. Should be useful

  13. jacob smith

    alir is definitely  a good album i think we can all agree on that, but sometimes you have to change and move on. mayday parade is getting better and better. so if your truly a fan, you would accept the fact that they are trying new things and accelerating

  14. Jayson Nocum

    i love this song <3

  15. Edwin DeJesus


  16. sammyi2505

    I don't mean to be one of those people who just complain and go "woe is me" but this song has made me do something I haven't done in awhile, smile. I am in need of advice, desperate is a more accurate way of putting it, and any input on the following situation would be much appreciated.

    There is currently a guy in my life who says he is my friend but never seems to act like it, for example he knew that I had a crush on him so he told me he loved me. That was a lie, he turned out to be dating someone else at the time. He pushes me away all the time but when I try to leave him but he refuses to leave me alone, taking advantage of the fact I have a hard time not being kind to others no matter what they've done to me. And now he's trying to play it like he's done everything to make the relationship work and I'm the one who has "dragged him through shit" and I need to apologize for finally asking for some respect for him and just go back to mindlessly worshiping him. He was not always like this, when I first became his friend he was a sweet as can be, but that boy is gone now and I just feel like I'm in far too deep to leave.

    My friends don't seem to understand my situation and neither do counselors because everyone thinks the guy can't do wrong so I've come to the point of going to strangers. If anyone out there has experienced something like this before and gotten through it, I'm hoping to reach out to you the most but all input is appreciated. Thank you. 

    Erik Schmehl

    I can't say I've ever experienced the same thing. However, I can tell you that I've been the one to console someone who has, multiple times. I have to say that this guy has obviously changed since your first met him. That, or he has put on a facade up until he gained your trust. Let me tell you as someone who has watched numerous years go by, this person is probably the one who needs counseling. I promise you that if you honestly met something to him, just making time for him would indescribable. He definitely wouldn't use his actions against you and say that you're the one to hold accountable for every problem. My best friend is my universe. I met her four years ago and since then, she has become someone I am so incredibly proud of. But, it was definitely a rough path. She doesn't exactly have the best taste in men or rather, boys. She is someone who has a very strong emotional attachment to anyone she has ever dated. As such, whenever her first legitimate boyfriend cheated on her, She did everything in her power to "overlook" it and "pick up the pieces" from their beginning. This caused her an inconceivable amount of pain. As such, I had to put my foot down and tell her that I wasn't going to let her continue to make bad choices just to get let down anymore. It took a whole 2 years for her to trust me and understand that she's better off without him. Once I got to know the real her, I was absolutely captivated. I couldn't imagine why someone would do such a stupid action towards someone who, at the time, was becoming my center of gravity. Now, I'm hopelessly mesmerized by her. The point of this being, she closed one door and one that she would never have to close, opened. This guy doesn't deserve anymore of your time. It may be rough, but it's probably best you close the door. They'll probably be a much better one that will open up afterwards. You might even find a hopelessly infatuated loser like me who feels that way about you. Keep your chin up, I wish you the best of luck and life!

    Joshua Bryant

    I think that your friend truly does love you but is torn between you and the other girl that's why he won't let you go he just needs to make a hard decision and chose who he loves and cares about more👌

  17. Hannah Sykes

    oh jesus i cannot wait to see them at warped

  18. Peacock Buttefly

    I love the song but for some reason it make me feel sad

    Manos Cookiebreed

    probably yea..cuz all of their songs its about Love well most of em so yeah it ll make you feel sad if you are matching with it


    It wouldn't be a Mayday song if you didn't feel a little sad.

    jacob smith

    @megshush exactly

  19. OGBlasian

    I swear to Christ this has been bothering me; is it or is it not Brendan Urie singing a line?


    he isn't

  20. Hannah Foster

    Frick, artists change. This isn't even all that different. I like it(:

  21. Just Dave

    I fucked stuff up with my girlfriend and this song is exactly what I need to get my girlfriend back. Gonna be learning this song and I'll be serenading it to her. I hope I can actually do this or it'll all be 12 through 15 for me.


    You go dude! girls can suck and sometimes even just flowers will do. I hope everything works out !!

    Blisho J.C

    You'll get back with a slap in the face at best of cases
     xD hahaha!

  22. HobiSun

    I can't wait to see them at warped tour like oh my fucking god

    jacob smith

    i saw them they were amazing


    Hehe as they should be.

  23. Sora Light

    I love this song because I can relate to the part that says:
    "Well if you were lost I'd bring you safe back home
    And wrestle with your demons, so you can be left alone
    And I lay down my coat so you can walk all over it
    Just like you do me

    I guess it's better lost than found, 'Cause you just bring me down
    I'm turning back before I get myself too deep."

  24. kendra celeste garza

    Love love love this song!

  25. Tyler Bassett

    Definitely my favorite song on the album C:

  26. Elise Berry

    this song is my favoriteee

  27. Oh fyfaa

    love this song XD

  28. SB2Dwhiskey14

    I think ALIR was their best album with exception of Anywhere But Here. Their last two albums sucked. This is better than their recent albums.

    Pons Suarez

    huh? all of their albums are good! especially their band itself.  theyll not be loved if theyre not. so you shut up :)

    Farah Refaey

     its just an opinion calm down

  29. nik.!!

    I absolutely love this album.

  30. Madalin Hodge

    I love every single song they have, every single album, I don't care how they change, to me they will always be absolutely amazing and my favourite band ever.

    Wing Wolf

    My Top 5 Favorite Bands
    5. I See Stars
    4. Pierce the Veil
    3. Mayday Parade
    2. A Day To Remember
    1. All Time Low

  31. OcalaIsCalling135

    I couldn't agree more.

  32. Pervy Sage

    Lost their roots? Are you fucking kidding me. If anything they followed them and didn't distance them selfs to dub step and mainstream pop shit.

  33. Aj Rucci

    The part that ruins the song is when they say no more instead of anymore it bugs me so much

  34. 182Beachy

    i know it gets mentioned a lot, but MP need Jason. He was what made them different. I really like their last album bu this one just seems to all sound very similar

  35. Kody Flynn

    This band will always one of my personal favorites!

  36. Christine Santos

    Fave track on the album. Mayday Parade gets better every time :) ♥

  37. EmotionalTurtleBallad

    No! Different opinions, different people. I do think it's in class with ALIR. Jason or not, MP have grown more for every album. (Anywhere but here is an exception)

  38. Lili Quinn

    I like their self titled album the most I think. Does that make me a weirdo?

  39. Russell Pirchio

    Loving it :)

  40. Josh Williams

    nope because each album was better then ALIR in their own way.

  41. Mariel Ong

    Who cares if A Lesson In Romantics is way better? Mayday Parade still keeps on making tracks with words that bring therapy to our ears. This album is fucking amazing.

  42. Blake Z Shane

    I can't choose between their albums, every single one has marked my soul.

  43. kravs13

    If by "their EP" you mean Tales Told By Dead friends, the issue is not a lack of roots, but a lack of Jason Lancaster. He gave them the feel they had before, and when he left, between A Lesson in Romantics and Anywhere but Here, their sound changed. I like their old music more, but this is still great stuff :)

  44. Miu Träumer

    Still the best band ever.

  45. Doryam Espitia

    im agree, the self-titled is in my opinon the best, but this one is a good one too.

  46. Fearless Phil

    ALIR was fantastic but I kind of agree with you. I like ALIR more than this album but their self-titled album was by far my favorite of them all.

  47. Doryam Espitia

    im the only one who thinks that every album they had are better than A Lesson In Romantics?

  48. Reeses89

    Mayday Parade is the only band that I feel like I'm willing to buy all albums on itunes. Different songs, different lesson learned. New album is also the new adventure :)

  49. milohollic jomz

    best song in the album..

  50. Lissy Tribo

    They never dissapoint c;

  51. TraceySmilesMajesticlly

    Mayday parade never disapoints

  52. Des Abayari

    Mayday Parade is one of the best band ever...

  53. Kera Winchester

    is that brendon urie i hear???? c;

  54. Noemi Encienzo

    And im so sorry for my self!! How loner!!

  55. olobears

    Swim the ocean, walk on fire, climb the mountains

    those lines are pretty used up and may sound dull nowadays but Derek singing it? PRICELESS :)

  56. Berta Luque

    Love them 3

  57. Alyssa Amodeo

    I love this album so much

  58. Deena Jackson

    I agree with Maddie Jake, their old stuff is great. That's why we love them now. Great songs start somewhere, all MP is amazing.

  59. Abri Ashworth

    I love this song so much.<3

  60. Ryan Armbrust

    Amazing song

  61. Maddie Jake

    I know every one else believes that their older stuff is the best, but I think that some of their best songs are on this album. The new stuff is great


    Nothing will ever beat A Lesson In Romantics because Jason Lancaster wrote every single song and he put real heart and emotion behind the songs. Jason and Derek's voices blended excellent together and the rest of the band set the stage for the most beautiful and passionate songs this band will ever produce.

    I think many new fans are not aware that Jason was the backbone behind this band. I never really got around Mayday Parade after Jason left but I do like a few songs since then.

  63. Hannah Jones


  64. AllHopesAre Gone

    this is like Kids in Love part 2

  65. Jorge Arturo TB

    I liked them in "A lesson for romantics". I love them now.

  66. MWSchoolProjects

    It's a shame that this song is both the best and worst on the album... sounds too country for most of it.

  67. Morgan Stroemer

    not really....? danaysia davis

  68. danaysia davis

    gooooooosshhhhh. like the whole song is like the same almost. but don't get me wrong its still good.

  69. danaysia davis

    it sounds like fireflies by owl city in the beginning. wow.

  70. LeeAnn N.

    BRENDON URIE. 'nuff said, folks.

  71. Anni Lyn

    The beginning caught me off guard...

  72. JShorty413616

    This song is complete perfection<333

  73. drea

    I don't believe that they've "forgotten their roots" because this is exactly how Mayday Parade has always sounded. This album isn't my favorite, but it's still great in my opinion.

  74. kurt verayo

    1 of the best song from album

  75. Kiera Donnamario

    this song is describing my life and legit it's great.

  76. The Day Destroys The Night

    I would dislike if I was deaf too! This is Amazing shhhh so stop trolling just enjoy if you find this offensive i am "Sorry, Not Sorry" yeah.......

  77. Melissa camacho

    soundtrack to my life. <3

  78. Emily M


  79. ThatsTooIndie

    Vocals at 2:10? SO BEAST.

  80. SOSbrigade000

    Yes Champagne's for celebrating is really THAT much better than ghosts.

    Sorry, Not Sorry is pretty damn good though.

  81. sammy lopez

    This song 3

  82. EmotionalTurtleBallad

    I don't get it? Is Champagne's for celebrating and ocean atlantic really that much greater then Sorry, Not Sorry and ghosts for example? I love ALIR! One of the best pop rock albums of all time. But this is amazing also!

  83. Anthoonius1

    This makes me feel like im inside a buffalo`s ballsack, i get smackd when a hippopodimus sits straight on me, then diarrhea-shitpukes right on me !!!!

  84. Hope Hummel

    I might be wrong but I'm 96% sure that is Brendon

  85. ElprezBeastFanBoy

    is that brendon urie singing in the slow part driving me nuts uz it sound so much like him

  86. coco fish

    Anywhere but here was they're worst! Still gud but nothing compared to a lesson or self titled .... Or this 1 by the sounds of things :)

  87. LILYnumber1

    fell in love with song within the first listen!

  88. Beatrice Salvador

    nice one, guys!

  89. iPandemicVids

    Amazing :3♥

  90. Monica Savasani

    A few songs on this album are amazing, but nothing beats A Lesson In Romantics

  91. JoinTheSleepless

    Jason was the reason Go Radio broke up. He wants to stay at home with his family.

  92. Peyton W

    reminded me of priceless at the beginning

  93. Andrew Goodrich

    they are lyrically similar, but not exactly like the old them. I was to know where Jason goes next considering that Go Radio broke up

  94. Tyler Masse

    favorite from the abum

  95. Kaily Wasserman

    This is perfect