Mayday Parade - One Of Us Lyrics

I just gotta tell you one last thing
How the angels make their way home
I saw it carved into a headstone
That came to me so suddenly
Right there
And this temporary body we call home
You get the most if you don't look back
You get the most if you save it up

You want fire, I've got fire, girl
And things that seem impossible until you get to know me

You're one of us, here's exactly what you'll need to make it through
Good times and hard times
We're here to fight for you
March along
Don't forget to tell the ones you love they matter
When you break the bend
Fall off again
You'll find your love where it's always been

You've gotta fight the beast inside
And all the while enjoy the ride
You've gotta keep an open mind
And willingness to change
Well God knows I've changed
I talk like I'm wounded now
I walk like I don't know how
Maybe I could re-teach myself
One foot in front of the other one

You're one of us, here's exactly what you'll need to make it through
Good times and hard times
We're here to fight for you
March along
Don't forget to tell the ones you love they matter
When you break the bend
Fall off again
You'll find your love where it's always been

I will carry my heart back home now
This place doesn't hold any secrets anymore
Feels like I didn't fight
Didn't give it all I could and now it's gone

You're one of us, here's exactly what you'll need to make it through
Good times and hard times
We're here to fight for you
March along
Don't forget to tell the ones you love they matter
When you break the bend
Fall off again
You'll find your love where it's always been

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Mayday Parade One Of Us Comments
  1. Tre Kersey

    You guys are angels really. I deeply connect with the whole message of this song ♥

  2. Dexter Cumarat

    I love you Mayday Parade

  3. marrym3mayday

    Im getting lyrics from this song tattooed💕😍

  4. Elizabeth Sta Ana

    So i am crying now

  5. Matt Agustin Dela Cruz


  6. Денис Черников

    much love <3

  7. Baby Penguin

    I will carry my heart back home now ❤

  8. corpse bride

    this song is so underrated

  9. Mitchell Dillon

    Mayday Parade is one of the greatest bands of all time, and this album is their best so far. Every song makes me feel so much

  10. Olivia Waldroup

    When there is 8 dislikes 😶😾

  11. siyah maskeli genç


  12. Adriana Simpson

    this song gave me chills. mayday never disappoints, always pulls on just the right strings.

  13. Nicole

    I need to experience this song live. There is a 100% chance I would genuinely cry.

  14. Colleen Keeven

    loved them then, still love them now! derek, omfg unf <3

    Colleen Keeven

    oh, and did i say that they've always had the BEST lyrics, esp three cheers

  15. ben nu

    this album is so fire <3 <3 thank you so much mayday

  16. Pudgy c:

    There is not a single MP song that I dislike. It's amazing to me.

  17. kanpekiboy

    October at the metro, Sydney!! Gonna be sooo good.

  18. Mikey Rivera

    Dealing with anxiety and derealization to a terrible extent.
    Songs like these by Mayday Parade keep me strong and faithful.
    Fighting through my struggles in life.
    I literally love this band with all of my heart.

  19. kwelz123

    kind of got a third eye blind feel toward the end


    Guitar riff from jumper..both awesome.

  20. Emily Stulce

    "don't forget to tell the ones you love that they matter"

  21. debra dorr

    Love this song lmao

  22. Ashley Ogle

    I just kinda miss the faceless umbrella guy

  23. Chloe Janelle

    Seeing them in Australia in October! <3

  24. kanpekiboy

    Just like 12 -15 on last album, such a stand out track!!

  25. michiru uchiha

    Always love them. The lyric speaks to my heart.

  26. michiru uchiha

    Always love them. The lyric speaks to my heart.

  27. Aubriella Tash

    this song gives me feels

  28. ChanTenma

    Perfect. As always..

  29. chii hasagi

    i love this Q^Q

  30. Georgia Rose

    I'm going to their concert in January!!!!!!! oh my I'm in tears I can't wait!!!!!!

  31. Des Abayari

    I've been a big fan of Mayday Parade for a long time now and they never cease to amaze me. Keep being awesome guys! Your songs talk to my heart fluently.

  32. HarleyQuinn

    one of the mpst heard albums in my playlist....

  33. Jess Kowalski

    It sounds like their self titled album!

  34. Morgan Tidmore

    I adore this song.

  35. Melia Ru.


  36. Peyton Riley

    I've listened to this band since I was 11. I'm almost 17 now and I never thought I would be seeing them in concert in 3 days. I will cry, I know I will. This band means so much to me. And the bands they are touring with.. Real friends (my babies omfg) and this wild life (currently wearing their crewneck), and as it is. I'm so freaking excited. I'm so thankful for them for being in my life, it would've been tough without them.

  37. SuperNova04

    "one of of us..ONE OF US!"

  38. vegan princess

    derricks vocals remind me of new never shout never ^.^

  39. Keegan Carreau-Burns

    how the angels find their homes, I saw it carved into a headstone <3

  40. airellav


  41. GwenLuvs D

    Honestly only like 2-3 songs in this album. Dont know if its got to do w/ Jason leaving and all but my most favorite songs were with him singing. These songs are just sorta... meh. Sorry to all you hardcore MP fans out there but hope these songs help you out with whatever youre dealing with. <3

    Aaron Wade

    its ok :) I love this band but theres only like 2 songs I dont like too much. look" up and see" and hollow. I like the instrumental but its hard to imagine derek asking someone to behead someone else cx

  42. Jade Emily Sperry

    they took way too long to release a new album

  43. Lauren Sargent

    Every. Single. Song. Every. single. Song. Every album. Every song. They never ever ever disappoint me.

  44. Jess Kowalski

    a bit like ghost and oh well oh well x

  45. Cyd Ramirez

    classic mayday parade sound

  46. punkchick07

    One of my favorite songs from the new album. The lyrics just hits home. Love the line "don't forget to tell the ones you love they matter" <3

  47. Emma Cowling

    "I just gotta tell you one last thing-how the angels make their way home- I saw it carves into a headstone."

    "When you break the bed, fall off again."

    The two most important lines to me. Idk why the first one, I just like it, but the second is just.... It has meaning that no normal human can fathom.

  48. Armor of God


  49. Armor of God


  50. John Little

    One of us...
    One of us!...
    ONE OF US!
    ONE OF US!!!!

  51. Kitchen Sink x Addict with a pen

    "Don't forget to tell the one you love; they matter." 😪😁🎤🎶

  52. Azri Seferagic

    Love Mayday Parade!

  53. Allen Rimpola


  54. emocobra666

    this is really good love it

  55. Asong writtenforyou

    very precious <3

  56. Leigh Rose

    Loving this album

  57. Rachael Thomas

    First few albums were great. Lots of killer tracks. This album & last album both disappointing. They've lost their spark

  58. Daniela ManriqueC

    Fav song of the album

  59. Akmal Aziman

    "You're one of us, here's exactly what you'll need to make it through
    Good times and hard times
    We're here to fight for you"

    This lyric kills me man, I have depression for few years now, and the lyrics just prove they will always be there for me , It's really deep man ...

    Jhon Liu Shan

    +akmal rollins i know how you feel bro

    Łayła J.

    OnlyAMiner74 Gameplays *I love your profile pic*

  60. Who Died Wolf


  61. Kristoffer Vincenzo Vega

    Favorite Song from the album! Totally nailed this one! And damn, a good job on every song of the album. it hits straight through the heart.

  62. Cherry Tumamak


  63. amanda ramos

    mayday parade will be the death of me omg

  64. eminor hakes

    this song^^^

  65. Satrio Fahmi Utama

    this is the only song i like from the new album so far...

    Akmal Aziman

    +Satrio Fahmi Utama You should probably listen to Letting Go, Let's Be Honest, Until You're Big Enough

    Thalia Hipolito

    I listened to all the songs in this album and transmogrification and one of us are the only songs that I actually liked. Most of their new songs have very short lyrics and repeats to much. I still love MP though

    Thalia Hipolito

    +Thalia Hipolto *too

  66. Haziq Huzir

    the chorus... makes me feel like i can get through anything in my life :')

  67. emma pinkley

    This song is SO Mayday Parade and I adore it

  68. Jan Agaton

    this song will be AMAZING live; can't wait for the AP tour !!!<3

  69. Bedscenez Jay

    im speechless with this new song..

  70. Katie Axinn

    All of the songs on the album are great but this is definitely my favorite! I absolutely love the lyrics!

  71. alooza

    THIS. >

  72. miouks

    my heartu.

  73. Maria Jose

    Just amazing 😝😝✖️✖️

  74. Temer1ty



    #HorseLivesMatter #LorikObese #Kappa

  75. marvin manucan

    Goosebumps...throughout the song with so much excitement..

  76. Cyberzz

    My favorite song from the album. The rest is good guys, make sure to give it a few listens, it grows on you!!

  77. Daniel junak

    way to sound like brand new

  78. Vuillard Montages

    Don't listen to much Mayday Parade but this album is amazing.

  79. Faiz Fauzi


  80. Melanny Mercado

    i know this ones gonna be my favorite , but i definitly love their old sound more so this one reminds me of it

  81. Anna Luciano

    This songgggggg!!! OMG

  82. yoona choi

    it gets Awesomer every time

  83. Trent Lenze

    huuuuuUUUUUUH. well then.

    VPT Jacob

    Hahah I searched for all your comments on this album. Amused me.

    Trent Lenze

    glad i could entertain. The new record is pretty fuckin dope. i can honestly say i didnt see a change like this coming.

    Tre Kersey

    +ManTheRampartsBaby I agree, they just keep getting better!

  84. Mohamed Asyraf

    Favourite song of the album,damn its so good!:D

  85. Sarah Klammer

    loving the throwback to their old sound with this one! :)

  86. Gucci Versace

    this song is so overpowering it fills up your mind ridding it of all else

  87. Muhammad Noer

    this song will be a perfect song when they broke up

    Kitchen Sink x Addict with a pen

    Hopefully they wouldnt

    Munib Ahmad

    +Muhammad Noer Doubt they will, they've been strong for so many years now

  88. Justin Pickles!

    the firsr time i listened through the album i was like oh only three i like? second playthrough and third they just grow, give it a chance fellas, itll be worth listening to, i enjoy iy


    Justin Pickles! yes that's how I felt too the songs grew on me and now I listen to all of them whenever

  89. Luke Burton

    Only good song on their new album, but I think it kind of counter balances the bad songs :)


    +coldbloodedboy15 "all on me" is the only mediocre song. album is fucking dope. they couldn't keep writing the same record forever.

  90. Ronnie Winchester

    on point

  91. SYM

    Love it so much ^-^

  92. Dianara Lynne Nicdao

    Still the best band.


    +Dianara Lynne Nicdao definitly. been loving them since a lesson in romantics

  93. Gen Cruz

    It sucks this is the only song I like from the album. Why can't all of the tracks be like this. :(


    so true.

  94. Lukey Wolfy

    This is so damn good

  95. David Dangerfield

    his vocals are on fucking point now


    Now!!!?? It always has!


    +CheyenneDoryBob no no, this time hes very good live. im amazed! back then he was very terrible live