Mayday Parade - Never Sure Lyrics

To be alone together just once again
Is something that is sure to happen sometime
If my hands can't stay on the table
And if I find myself unable
To look away from staring in your eyes
And the color of the sunrise inside
I promise that I'll hold myself together
And act like this isn't killing me

I saw you once today
I painfully watched as you looked the other way
Afraid just to notice me standing there
You would make it obvious you don't care

I won't lie
I only love you for the heartbreak
I only love you for the give and the take
No, you know I want it

I'm in love with the thought of everything
I am lifted to a holy ground
And from up here can see a little of everything
And I can see you don't want me around
And I know how much that it makes you cringe
To think about you and I as friends
Together forever until the end
After that you won't have to see me again

I won't lie
I only love you for the heartbreak
I only love you for the give and the take
No, you know I want it
And when I die
Just rip my heart out from my chest
And put it in a mason jar left to rest
On your bedside table

And if there's any hope alive left at all
I would hold it like a newborn baby
And care for it like it was my own
Hey, you know, it looks kinda like me
And we'd still get chills every time we kiss
And I will always promise this
That to you I will never tell a lie

No, not to you, no
No, not to you

I won't lie
I only love you for the heartbreak
I only love you for the give and the take
No, you know I want it
And when I die
Just rip my heart out from my chest
And put it in a mason jar left to rest
On your bedside table
And put it in a mason jar left to rest
On your bedside table

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Mayday Parade Never Sure Comments
  1. Javier Escamilla

    Still one my favorite songs ever

  2. Jefferson Costa

    ruim de mais,nao teve nem um brega funk mano

  3. Bonifasius Anggara

    More viewers must be!!!!!!!!!

  4. Calista with a Y

    This is my favorite song- how does it not have more views??o_O

  5. Mukhamad Yusuf Kurniansyah

    Remember Of Today - HILANG

  6. Ryan James Badato

    I thought theyre gonna do screaming 😂😂

  7. Nathan Strubel

    For Fans of In Her Own Words, The Story So Far, State Champs, Slaves, Mayday Parade, NFG, Between You and Me, Neck Deep

  8. Guillo

    Too late to explore the ocean. Too young to explore the universe. Just in time for the best band to ever exist.

  9. The Maya Chronicles

    I'm still gonna tattoo the title of their song. You be the anchor.. Reminds me of my ex.

  10. Shena Yap

    Can't count how many times I've watched this MV. ❤

  11. jaime perez


  12. J Hittle

    Love this live track ima have to jam the music video more

  13. Nobba Dee


  14. audi rahmadani


  15. Nurse JuJu

    Don't know why this got me in the feels

  16. ge ne

    You would make it obvious you don’t care~

    *gets ready to jump in 3, 2, 1*


  17. Chupa Thingy

    Coming back to this after a few months and now I've gotta listen to the whole album again

  18. Sharmaine De lumen

    All the love! ❤

  19. kylie

    shit this song is so good yall

  20. psychopunx 98


  21. Sirisak Khwanma

    didn't reach 1M?
    yea .. your time is over.

  22. Amber Strickland

    ❤️❤️❤️ Takes me back. Awesome job.

  23. renzocg

    1:18 - 1:32 ... Reminds of the chorus of "The Only Hope For Me is You" from My Chemical Romance

  24. Bienchie Carpio

    The intro was so epic deym

  25. Rosario Alvarez

    This song will always remind me of my first semester in college as a freshman and now I'm a sophomore wow

  26. Alex Avendano

    Spread the awesomeness of this song

  27. Chris Callaway

    They’re so good it’s not fair and have been for over a decade

  28. Jennie Huynh

    Seattle ♥️

  29. claire yagami

    I've renamed this band already. I no longer call them mayday parade. They're "my other half" now.

  30. Dexter Cumarat

    I love you guys 💓

  31. Hudant Ranandra

    Ngebuts lagi bosku. Semangat idola

  32. Stacianna Bryant

    Omg omg omg omg !!!!!!🤯🥺😍

  33. spongey sponge

    Shiiiiii- I missed youuuuuu 😢😭😭😭

  34. kent leonhart

    It's amazing after all these years his voice still holds up well. Awesome band as always. Got me through high school with their music.

  35. ttorroo 08

    this is my fav songs from the new album, but all of them are great

  36. Akun Bersama

    Love from indonesia❤️🇮🇩

  37. Kat

    I love this :D

  38. Jam Azenith

    The aesthetics

  39. Laina Hill

    You had me at "Let's go"

  40. Mccoy Dayap

    #1 fan from Philippine ! 💓💓👋😍😍😊😊

    Alfred Quintans

    You sure you're #1? Huh?

    Alfred Quintans

    Lol just kidding😂😂

    Mccoy Dayap

    Yeah im sure Hahahahahaha 😂

  41. Nabila Azzahra

    Auto like!

  42. West 182


  43. Diego Fernández Vargas


  44. Ananta Tunggadewa11

    Love this city. Seattle

  45. Joe Lembcke

    filmed in me hometown. i love it!

  46. Maine

    Oh wow this sounds 2005 (especially the intro) -- in a good way!

  47. KeischCoversPH


  48. anna wagner

    I love them soooo much since I was 13


    We love you 😍😍😍 i'm from indonesia 🤩😘😍😍😍

  50. yzabella

    exist forever please.

  51. Kenny not wise

    Mayday paradeeee!!!! 💕💕💕💕

  52. Oliver Wilson

    Its so fucking crazy man. I grew listening these guys. It's crazy that Mayday Parade is still up and making hits.

  53. rio saji

    Sedih banget ini lagu 🙂



  55. Fantasy Football

    @maydayparade send me an Umbrella Man please -

  56. The JJ's


  57. Adrian Maulana

    most of their songs are relatable, especially for me

  58. Selizac Light

    Yo Amo MP ❤🖤 😍🌹

  59. William Berczik

    Ran into them walking the streets of Germany and I felt amazed that I recognized them in person immediately and no one else did! Super great guys, bought them all a coffee and chilled at a cafe for an hour talking about music. I didn’t wanna feel like a fan girl but sometimes you gotta squeal 🤷🏻‍♂️


    you're either a liar or a really lucky bastard

  60. Blue Ocean Gymnast

    I love this band with every part of my being. This is beautiful.

  61. Test Booty Whip

    I don't know why, but the melody of the chorus brings tear to my eyes, Thx Mayday EMO for life

  62. Strange Reality

    Thank you Kenny for introducing me to mayday parade !!

  63. ge ne

    Coooool it's the same intro during the concert! Man, I miss them already

  64. alyannewould

    Bring on the nostalgia! Thank you MP 🤘🏾

  65. Em Sad

    Im so sad that I didn't even got to attend your concert here in the Philippines

  66. Thomas thE Cuck

    PLEASE come to norway one day <33

  67. Dominique Detjens

    Holy cow 😳 didn’t even realize they were still making music! Haha nostalgia hit me like a train!

  68. sam a

    His voice 😍😍

  69. EDU Alvarex

    Yeahhhh COOL... Greetings from Peru

  70. ArchHarmony 1069

    Holy shit that clown mask at 4:01 I have that I bought it in Dallas Texas and some spirit store in 5th grade! (Over three years ago) that’s so cool

  71. Nayara Costa

    mayday parade never disappoints

  72. Aiden Emeri

    They're like one of the only bands still putting out albums pretty consistently. I adore it.


    Silverstein always puts one out every 2 years :D


    @Aangst saw them at slam dunk this year, guys are still killing it!

    Hiroyuki Takada

    They haven't even changed their genre and style

    And I love it!

  73. Trash iee



    Great song in 10' I think.

  75. Bedscenez Jay

    Fan since 2006........your songs means a lot to me.

  76. Jennifer Brigoli


  77. Just Being Ranz

    Fuck bring back so much memories thanks for keeping me alive and be part of my life

    Thanks for all the good memories

  78. Lauren Ivann

    Thank you guys for making life all the more bearable. You guys are my heroes.

    Much love from the Philippines.


    What a Great Music Taste
    Pilipino M8

  79. Andrew Allen

    check out my new drum video on my channel i also have a mayday parade drum cover on my channel

  80. Aple Madayag

    first time to watch them live yesterday and my heart just cried out in happiness. they're really great! will always be one of my favorite bands! ❤❤❤

  81. Karla Joyce Isidoro

    Who's here after their concert in Manila? 😭❤️ I am! 🙋‍♀️🤟 Please come back here in PH! Thank you guys. I love you

  82. Panda Ren

    Awesome show last night here at manila! You guys perform so well on live ;w; Please come back to Manila next year!!

  83. chris norvel biñan

    wow amazing first time I heard the song of mayday band wow so nice and so meaningful song thumbs up

  84. M R Y


  85. Andrea spqr

    Wich city is the one in the video? At the beginning?

  86. Takira Turrentine

    this song screams desperation.....and i'm here for it!

  87. Pointab_ Lab

    Thank you for coming here at cebu, i had the best night of my life.

  88. Sharday Weaver

    Saved my life I love you forever

  89. Tasia Rayne

    I feel like I'm 14 again

  90. sheng ventic


  91. Harlene Mila

    😘😘😘 🇵🇭

  92. Lorraine

    I am unable to attend your concert today here in the Philippines but I was really lucky to attend the concert last October 7, 2017.
    I bought the ticket where I got to meet and hug you guys and I also got your signatures although I was lacking one 😢. I bought the ticket as a birthday gift to myself. I so loved it. It was my first time attending a concert and it was the best experience I had.

  93. sk8er h8r

    Seattle is my city

    Markus Steel Wright

    "England is my city"

  94. muted cookie


  95. Jake Eastman

    420th comment... nice