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What's this game that we pretend to play
Always a day too late to try and pick up that weight
If you want me to try I will try until you're satisfied
Promise if things go right we can go back if you'd like

Stuck in between
Caught in the meantime
Always alone even the one time this feeling's let me in

So it has to be just like you had imagined it'd be
With a rope in your one hand and a rock in the other you'd swim for the shore
I don't belong here and you don't belong here
Let's swim for the shore

Stuck in between
Caught in the meantime
Always alone even the one time this feeling's let me in

When you were outside I was screaming your name through the radio
And wouldn't I lie just to sing of your praise with hymns
When you were gone I forgot how to make anything at all
You left before it was time to go

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Mayday Parade Narrow Comments
  1. thelostone txt


  2. Matt Agustin Dela Cruz

    i dont look at lyrics i was listening the melody👌

  3. Matt Agustin Dela Cruz

    This song i love the most🎵

  4. Miranda De La Barrera Valenzuela

    Recien acabo de descubrirloooo

  5. dan bragg

    this sounds like hawthorne heights.

    not really down with the new sound.did Derek drop playing piano,like he stopped wearing shoes??

    love mayday parade,but this isn't really them

  6. Bradley Nabong

    Two years and I still can't get over this song and by far, easily the best song of this album for me. Mayday Parade is and WILL ALWAYS BE my favorite band. It's not because Derek's voice has an unlimited range or he can hit high notes effortlessly, but it always feels like his voice was specifically made for your emotional side to scream out but at the same time serves as a thick warm blanket to calm your mind. Their songs never sounded pretentiously deep, their songs are just plain metaphoric poetry that you just can't get enough and get over it with a few times listening to, specifically this song. You don't even have to relate to this song just to feel the pain of losing someone and missing them so much that you can't just get out of the sad reality that they're already gone (this song sounds more like the excruciating and inescapable pain of death of someone you love very dearly more than just a simple breakup song - the last line gives it away and every line of the song is just a perfect symbolism).

    Katy Knuckles

    well said!!! they are brilliant

  7. Bel Vermillion

    Always the best lullaby maker.

  8. Ana Rizza

    Mayday always speaks what's in my heart. I love you.

  9. Lieke

    Loved these guys since a young age, and still love them the same. <3

  10. Baby Penguin

    I love when it becomes rock from a soft song.. i always love when they do that!

    Baby Penguin

    @***** lol xD

  11. dark Fenrir

    ow ..its like tidal waves on my eyes listening to this.

  12. Sisca Agustina


  13. Karly Kramer

    reminds me of terrible things a little bit 😍😍😍😍


    or one man drinking games.

    Tom Hayes

    It's all amazing. can't go wrong listening to any mayday song

  14. Terence Uy

    7 dislikes? srsly?

  15. Josh Moats

    I like how they are changing sound with a few screams hidden here and there!!!

  16. Ceara

    this hurts

  17. Bella

    my favorite part is when it starts to get louder. it's amazing 😍😍❤

  18. Anton de la Torre

    This sounds just like True Romance by Silverstein. But I don't mind, I love both bands. ♥

  19. nzrynzrn.

    cry cry cry

  20. Colin Cav

    this sounds exactly like Silverstein when it drops...

  21. TheSanchezzs

    why does this not have more views? what the hell?

  22. Duo Glover

    Now this... This is the Mayday I've missed

  23. Valentine

    *POW* right in dem feels

  24. dalandandalandandan

    no doubt this song is good but it would have been better if jason lancaster's still in the band :/

  25. Landon Terrell

    What do you guys think this song is about?

  26. Xaul Polanco

    Is me or this song sounds like it was taken from the album Pinkerton of Weezer?


    Xaul Polanco mhm. Derek is a fan of weezer too he did a cover of butterfly

  27. Satrio Fahmi Utama

    chords anyone?

  28. Some Human

    A friend recommended me to listen to them and I don't regret listening.

  29. Sovira Maris

    This is very beautiful :")

  30. Emmanuel Soriano

    my new favorite song <3

  31. Chica Rawwr

    I'm in love

  32. PancakeWhip

    morelike DASHBOARD CONF,

  33. Emily White

    I love this so much. The whole album is great, but this song is just so beautiful

  34. Alex Sykes

    Holy shit man ;-;

  35. Mel V

    This song somehow reminds me of Hollow Body by Pity Sex. If anyone loves this song they might like that one as well :)

  36. That Guy

    Mayday Parade, is a great band.

  37. funofme

    every song on this album i just love so much..

  38. Anoushka

    the beginning reminds me of a 2006 Ed Sheeran song. Love this song though:)

  39. Sammy_Irish

    I'm moist!! SO MOIST!!!!


    You again! 😂😂👍🏻

  40. WilsonxDoom

    this is so perfect.. :)

  41. Daniela ManriqueC

    the melody is soo beautiful. love it!

  42. Akmal Aziman

    You guys are delusional, this album is simple and fantastic . Every songs are literally tremendous .

    Kitchen Sink x Addict with a pen

    +akmal rollins true. every song in this album grows on you and hits you every time you listen to it.

  43. Gabriella Longoria

    When it gets to 1:55 i start to like it more, but other than that I am a little disappointed. I don't know I guess I expected more....

  44. shelby walsh

    this song makes me very emotional <3

  45. Cody Hughes

    I'm so disappointed with this album...

    Akmal Aziman

    +cody hughes (the amazing spiderman) There's no way to make you guys happy isn't it?

    Michelle O

    +cody hughes (the amazing spiderman) aw what's your reason for being disappointed?

    Terence Uy

    we're also disappointed in you.

  46. Danielle Ibo

    Definitely my favorite song from this album.

  47. Trent Lenze

    Uh huh. Well then.

  48. islami nahdiyin

    its okay with changing sound, but i don't like this album.

  49. A Blue Green Earth

    This is the only song on this album I really like. More ballads with nice, simple guitar.

    Akmal Aziman

    +A Blue Green Earth so you don't like Letting Go, Until You're Big Enough, Let's be Honest?

    islami nahdiyin

    +akmal rollins no

    A Blue Green Earth

    @akmal rollins Letting go gets boring because there are only about 25 words in it. Then until you're big enough and lets be honest is very sub par with too much screaming.

  50. 00martinezho00

    you left before it was time to go :(

  51. Gucci Versace

    his voice at the begining is like a safety blanket for your mind

    Luke Grifford

    always has been, always will.

    Davide Bresciani

    it's not really similar but if you like to listen to sweet, calm voices there's an Italian emo act named Cucineremo Ciambelle, they're awesome guys and musicians!

  52. Dun with Mcr

    This is beautiful

  53. K Swizz


    Gabby Deleon

    fucking yeeeesssss.♡♡


    +Kirsten Maxwell kryptonite

    Alex Sykes



    Look up and see infinity look down and see serenity is a good one too, maybe even better


    +Forever you mean look down and see nothing right?

  54. Jalissa Oliva

    This one kinda sounds like secondhand seranade a little bit. But so far, the album is good. Keep it up Mayday. Keep it up :) 💙

    Justin Marrero

    Holy shit it does

    Mal Rosette

    It does a little bit. :o

    Eric Locop

    +Jalissa Oliva kinda sounds like true romance of silverstein @0:56

    Jesse Vanity