Mayday Parade - Look Up And See Infinity, Look Down And See Nothing Lyrics

I wanna feel the way you taste
Just a touch of adventure, but safe
I wanna make the clouds come down
I wanna fill the rest of you out

Sleep dreams the day away
I can't think of one real thing that I could say
I wanna feel you underground
I wanna chew you up and spit you out

Did I falter?
Did I make you proud?
All I ever wanted
Promise not to shut me out

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Mayday Parade Look Up And See Infinity, Look Down And See Nothing Comments
  1. Mitchell Dillon

    Just listened to Sunnyland and had to come back and listen to this one to remember the good old days

  2. baboot


  3. Ajah M. C.

    This is the best song about the conflict of faith and suicide since Evanescence's Tourniquet. Love this.

  4. ASapplepie

    Damn this is it <3

  5. edna rivera

    Doesn't it sound like the band Lifehouse from their song "Everything" from 0:43-0:48.

  6. Kaylie Mancino

    Seeing them in March!

  7. TheMonumentLife

    Such a great song. I just posted a cover of this to my channel if anyone is interested c:

  8. Agos Rolhaiser

    This song is so damn relaxing

  9. Kayla Brightman

    Who the hell downvoted.

  10. A Blue Green Earth

    This is the creepiest song I've ever heard!!!!!

  11. Catie W

    My favorite song off the album <3

  12. _ kiiteng

    I've had insomnia for days, I legit can't sleep, I'm luck if I get three hours. But right now listening to this album.. It just makes me wanna tear my eyes to sleep.

  13. Mariana Hensley

    This is a step to a new Mayday Parade but I am really loving the change. It's so soothing and dreamy.

  14. Casey Mahaffey

    Brand New, is that you?

    Taylor Denby

    I thought exactly the same thing

  15. Allison Milliard

    This is so unique and different, MP killed it with this album!!

  16. Brent Rounsville

    This sounds so much Like Steve Burns' song "Strange". Steve Burns is Steve from Blues Clues, by the way. Listen to the song. It's crazy.

    John Paul Dolocanog

    +Brent Rounsville ohh the song that has the lyrics "Blues can do, we can to!"

  17. Asong writtenforyou

    MP long titles give me life <3

  18. Asong writtenforyou

    favorite song off the album
    love me some dark grunge

  19. Tre Kersey

    this is so soothing and addicting to listen to omg

  20. Nathan Stull

    does this song remind anyone of linkin parks the little things give you away?

    Notebook 'Writer

    Nathan Stull I see it.

  21. Dado Canevari

    great album! you are my favorite band since ever, but, it seems like you've lost your essence mayday, although this is a nice album, this made me really sad

  22. ERM


    Thalia Hipolito

    The lyrics are soooo short

  23. emma pinkley

    Favorite song off the album. They did an amazing job, as always.

  24. fallenAngel2513

    I wish this song was longer because it is definitely one of my favorites off their new album <3333

  25. Jimmy Samuel Mailangkay

    55 views? seriously

  26. victoriahashope

    This is definitely my favorite song off of Black Lines! I love the darker, more raw sound. This is beautiful.

  27. lightaqua

    This is my favourite song on their new album. 10/10 would recommend.

  28. Holden Horvath

    Love the more grunge sound coming from the band as a whole. Just sounds a little more darker. Their progression as a band has been a great adventure.

    Tre Kersey

    Yes so agreed!!

    Notebook 'Writer

    Holden Horvath truth.

  29. Amy Sauerwald

    I think this album having the old sound is what makes it so damn good. it's raw Derek & the best Derek there ever was 😍


    @LivingOnly ToSurvive a lesson in romantics is definitely one of there best albums

    LivingOnly ToSurvive

    +jen1ndonlyjeffe I don't particularly like what they've done with this album because derek seems to want to sound like Jason :/


    @LivingOnly ToSurvive understandable. I think what Jason brought to the table was passion in his voice but now Derek wants his feelings and passion to show too. I don't think he's trying to sound like Jason on purpose. I think he's trying to implement pure raw feelings which unintentionally resembles Jason's if that makes sense

    LivingOnly ToSurvive

    +jen1ndonlyjeffe It does make sense, and I don't mind that they're changing their sound as much as I mind the fact that none of their songs give me any feels any more.


    @LivingOnly ToSurvive same

  30. TheOrganicSquirrels

    very brand new

  31. Kayla Brightman

    This is my favorite song off of the album. But the album is no the new (with Derek) Mayday Parade sound. Some of the tracks have more of Tales Told By Dead Friends sound. Overall, I enjoy the album, the sound has just changed. A LOT.

    Andrew Nuske

    supposed to change over time, duh

    Kayla Brightman

    +Andrew Nuske I understand that. But this is a complete 180.

    Andrew Nuske

    I feel you didn't mean to sound like a dickxD 180 in a great direction I think 😊


    +Kayla Brightman It was their try to make it sound more like "Tales Told By Dead Friends". It was a try of them but I liked the older Albums much more. Anywhere But Here, Lessons in Romantics and the Self Titled Album are the best in my Opinion. I wish they had tried to make it sound more like the "Valdosta EP", that would be Awesome, loved "Your Song" and "Amber Lynn". :)

  32. RaiXVortex

    dont really listen to these guys but ill give this album a try


    dont really care about you listening or not, but do give it a shot

  33. Steven Ratmansky

    only 19 views?

    Jonathan Luna

    omg your pic, i love it xD