Mayday Parade - Is Nowhere Lyrics

We go out when the dance is through
Tonight I'm celebrating but it means nothing without you
I think I see someone I know
I'm hiding in my drink, making friends with the window
This weather couldn't get much worse
I'm having conversations with the lines I've already rehearsed to myself

I carry two hearts
You never wanted me to hold you like I could
They carry me through
And there's a choir getting started but I've burned that bridge for good
I believe with my heart

This moment is a loaded gun
The wrong involuntary move and we've killed the fun
The funeral, it brings us back
We've been ready many years, all dressed in black

If you tell me that your life is done
Tomorrow in the morning you can wake up
And you can help someone for yourself

I carry two hearts
You never wanted me to hold you like I could
They carry me through
And there's a choir getting started but I've burned that bridge for good
I believe with my heart

You smile while the symphony plays and tell me music is your only escape
Well I don't hear it anymore, what do we do now?

(This love it speaks, tells a different story)

I thought you were the end of the rainbow
It was such a long road
I thought of you and kept pushing against everything
Now tell me what's the point of taking punches
If you never get the chance to hit back
What's the point of taking punches?
What's the point of doing anything?

I carry two hearts
You never wanted me to hold you like I could
They carry me through
And there's a choir getting started but I've burned that bridge for good
I believe with my heart

You smile while the symphony plays and tell me music is your only escape
Well I don't hear it anymore, what do we do now?

(This love it speaks, tells a different story)

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Mayday Parade Is Nowhere Comments
  1. Jochem Grietens

    Hell yes

  2. Alexandra Pérez

    Favorite one! Hope you play it in SSF 08-03

  3. Canttouchthis04

    So fucking good. Mayday, keep it up, please. I love you guys.

  4. Cheyenne Berry

    I've been listening to this band every day for 11 years, THEY NEVER LET ME DOWN🤟 they will forever be my #1 pick. Thank you for saving my life twice🖤

  5. rotary _boi

    Shout out Adam lz

  6. Eddygeek18

    Love your new album had to buy it. Keep up the amazing work Mayday Parade! Loved you music for 10 years now :D

  7. Alina

    why is this not on the setlist atm i was so excited to hear it live ugh

  8. Karen H

    Living for this song omg

  9. Good Apollo

    I almost checked if Dexter Holland was featured on this track. Has definite Offspring dna and I love it. He even sounds like Dexter in the verses and chorus.

  10. Paulo Estrada

    my silverstein vibe on my favorite band both are good af!

  11. Francisca San Martin

    What do we do now.

  12. Ally Fey

    "you smile while the symphony plays, and tell me music is your only escape" ❤

  13. Tiffany Delgadillo

    Ugh!!!! This album's fire!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭

  14. harpy

    After being relatively unimpressed by the first few tracks (because the sound felt like a regression, when i LOVED the direction Black Lines took), gotta say I LOVE this track. it's a blend of the BL sound, with hints of their older sound, and they did it really well.

  15. larry vido

    <3 <3 <3 that's all i can say :D

  16. Jay Ryan Clark

    Haven't "loved" Mayday since Anywhere But Here. Hoping this album changes that.

  17. falloutgirl8479

    Best song on the album for sure

  18. Nick Papadakis

    0:57-1:04 is orgasm territory

  19. Coman Nicu

    I hear a lot of Rise Against in this song, totally love it

  20. Moka Akashiya

    THIS and Looks Red, Tastes Blue. ❤😻❤😻❤😻

  21. Gustavo arenas soto

    mi favorita de este album, la mas parecida al mayday parade que mas amo

  22. Arsenalia Keysha

    5 people hold their phones upside down

  23. Patrick Meyers

    On every Mayday Parade album there are a few masterpieces.

    Sam Stackler

    This is so true lmao

  24. Rectro YT

    @Adam LZ
    liked videos brought me here

  25. KoaAbyss

    Anyone else hear that faint scream at the end of the bridge? Such a good song 👍

  26. Jazzmin Colon

    This song is like a crossover between A Lesson in Romantics and Black Lines

  27. Ricardo Lagarto

    This song sounds like something Pierce the Veil would write. Awesome!

  28. Piccolo Jr.

    Idk, but am I the one who feels the vibes of silverstein? Don't take this seriously lol

    Piccolo Jr.

    Peck Sanders yup, they are.

    Peck Sanders

    There's a silverstein song that vibes like that one?
    If it is, please, tell me the name <3

    Alvin Gultiano

    yeah its sound like ...

    Ian Stone

    You actually hit the nail on the fuckin' head there, bud.

    Cody W

    Maybe because it's on Rise? Not trying to sound mean but maybe that's why the style changed a bit. I like it though and I was thinking the same thing.

  29. Jerika Ternora



    Correct me if I’m wrong, the songs in the album have the vibe of all of their album

  31. psrhy _

    Me gusta

  32. ClintonTyler26

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  33. LetEmSinkGames

    The fuck. Pierce the veil got to em

  34. iKhailo

    Eargasm at the start ♫

  35. sean woodard

    so dam good man

  36. LpsDerpaDerp


  37. fud x

    derek's voice is getting wild >:)

  38. gustavo alvarez

    Me acaba de gustar esta banda esta shida

  39. Kiki K

    I think I like this the best from the new ones💯

  40. se13_xv

    This one gives me black lines vibes, I love it.


    Mulyandar I’m just referring to the alt 90’s feel. It’s not overpowering like in black lines, but there’s definitely some influence.


    Brian Znidarsic it’s just my opinion, you don’t have to agree

    Brian Znidarsic

    DanceNeOnDance Black Lines had a gritter feel to it, an edge, this song doesn't have that feel to it at all


    Brian Znidarsic sorry, but I definitely disagree. I think this has an edge. Especially near the end at the “point of taking punches” line.

    Santa Brown

    The first time I herd this song I told my girlfriend it’s what black lines should have sounded like so I agree with you

  41. alexmathwus

    Gooooddddd yerss brooossss hardcore yers

  42. Fath

    and tell me music is your only escAPEEEE

  43. tenesajuancruzenyb

    At 2:10 vocalist sounds like Cory Wells

    Tyasia Thomas

    I was confused for a second 😂😂

  44. tenesajuancruzenyb

    MAYDAY, MAYDAYYYY oh, no, wrong song

  45. The Celtic Magician

    Listening to each one 1by1 and so fare this one is frigging awesome! Harder than the other stuff and i like that

  46. SleepingWithPanic!AtTheDisco

    So much anger in Maydays new album... I LOVE IT!!

  47. Christopher Silva

    Jam 🤷🎶

  48. Kuya Cabs

    Best song in the album for me. 💕

  49. Viva La Biga

    Second best song of the new album

  50. Skyline Anime Scene Nest

    I love the lyrics tho.
    Mayday Parade is making me fall in love for them harder and harder. Damn. 😍

    Ally Fey

    Skyline me too, dude

  51. Mandalin N.


  52. PRM NG

    Not bad

  53. Wawix Nootab

    wtf I love it

  54. Jason LovesABR

    Am I going crazy but don't the riffs resemble Silverstein?


    Jason LovesABR makes me think of arrivals & departures

    Muhammad Ikhwan

    yess, the tempo is close to Silverstein

    Jason LovesABR

    tenaciousjoe24 That is actually my least favorite album of theirs lol dude I have been working way too much lately so I just checked out that new Silent Planet song. Fucking amazing.


    Jason LovesABR i haven't heard silent planet for awhile I'll have to check it out. Idk I haven't really listened to mayday parade I just heard that their last album was ok plus this is their first with rise and so far it sounds pretty good especially the acoustic

    Coman Nicu

    made me think of Rise Against tbh :-?

  55. Mitchell Dillon

    This one is dope, it's got a bit more of their black lines style

    Jesse Goodman

    Mitchell Dillon that’s what I like about it black lines was my fav album by them cause it pushes the envelope

    Mitchell Dillon

    Jesse Goodman Same man, Black Lines was amazing, I was really hoping this one would follow the same path

  56. Renz Centino


  57. Jett Frias

    This song sounds so bad. In a good way.

  58. Julian

    noise 👌

  59. Ashley Quigg

    Top 3 on this album in my book 😍

    Rheco Nusa

    Ashley Quigg ya dude your really like this band, i always see you commenting lol😂

    Ashley Quigg

    Rheco Nusa Yeah, this band has been a kind of anchor for me. It has a special place in my heart.

    Nicolas Plett

    1. Sunnyland
    2. Is Nowhere
    3. It's hard to be religious

    That's my top 3 :)

  60. Grace Magisana

    This one is a straight banger.

  61. Bel Vermillion

    Great as always. Thanks for that fuckin amazing vibe MP

  62. mike

    been a long time since I heard them, this album is so good tho.

  63. emma

    one of my favorites from this album already 👍🏻

  64. Matthiew

    I love rise records and i love Mayday parade♥

  65. Music Studio

    Love this shit can't stop playing this music heart please ! :)

  66. Band Trash

    I think this may be my favourite one


    Mine too, so good!

    Renato Fontenla

    Same so far

  67. Christia Fumar

    Love this shit.