Mayday Parade - Hollow Lyrics

She's a cold-blooded killer
Go and find who sent her
Bring me the heart and leave the rest for dead
Seven saints and sinners
And only God forgives her
Hollow, hollow, hollow
The truth you swallow, swallow

I am the cancer
Try and find your center
Take care your lance and cut away
(Cut away, let's run away)
So what if I don't want to leave
Could you take it?
Would you make it?

She's a cold-blooded killer
Go and find who sent her
Bring me her heart and leave the rest for dead
Hollow, hollow, hollow
The truth you swallow, swallow
Bring me the head
And cast the rest away

Hollow, hollow, hollow
The truth you swallow, swallow
Hollow, hollow, hollow
The truth you swallow

She's a cold-blooded killer
Go and find who sent her
Bring me her heart and leave the rest for dead
Hollow, hollow, hollow
The truth you swallow, swallow
Bring me the head
And cast the rest away

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Mayday Parade Hollow Comments
  1. Berenice Vanessa Castro

    Lol my emo days 😵💀

  2. Create_ Consciousness

    It has a Brand New vibe and I love it!

  3. Amarissa Huber

    When Black Lines was first put out and I was all pumped up to hear it, but I felt kind of disappointed by the album. At the time, it just felt off. Im in love all over again now, boy was I a fool💖

  4. the Sw Eden Arunrangsiwed

    Sound like Coma White of Marilyn Manson

  5. Purple Pudding

    The fact that this whole album has the Oasis/Marcy Playground/Nirvana sound is the most amazing fucking thing. I grew up to that sort of shit and this album is nostalgia asf even tho its new, ya feel??

  6. alyssa

    Reminds me of Nirvana. Love their new sound.

  7. Catlover6275

    I have to say I'm not really happy with this album they did it sounds nothing like them

    Jose Gomez

    It seems to take more influence from bands such as Built to Spill, Nirvana, and recent 90's Emo Revival type stuff. It's definitely a big departure from their previous sound (which I'm not too big a fan of, I checked out their older stuff just a few minutes ago from a recommendation and came upon their new album) which seems a lot more streamlined for a certain audience while this album tried to stretch whatever they're doing to fill in some pretty versatile composition. I'm pretty happy that a band like this would take such a turn since it could get a good amount of people into music that they'd never listen to otherwise.

  8. Jaelynn Grace

    Is there an instrumental to this?

  9. Anna James

    sounds just like Sober by Tool.

  10. Zach Niemeier

    Sell the kids for food

  11. Wean Silson

    Complete rip off of The Day I Tried To Live by Soundgarden

    Joe's Channel

    The intro yeah, sounds a lot like it.

  12. Kati e

    Have they really not made a music video for this yet? God, this song could have such a badass music video. Like a really dark ''Alice in Wonderland' theme or something.


    +Kati e i like that idea :D

  13. • Astronaut •


  14. Peter Tanner

    Normally not a Mayday Parade fan but this album is tight

  15. Cherry Cheeks

    I love you so much, Lacy. You mean the world to me. You are my everything, you are my only. I want nothing more, than just to hold you.

  16. Skye Leya

    fuck this is amazing shit now i'm gonna listen to this till i hate it


    +Skye Pepa soooo...till you die?

  17. Joe Miller

    it grew on me

  18. Sharon Olvera Emprendimiento.

    Miss the long names /-*

  19. Samuel Palmquist

    reminds me of Bush.... their song swallowed.

  20. Rebekah Brunson

    This goes perfectly with "Serpents" by Neck Deep. Guess who's inspired to make a playlist 🤗🤗🤗

    Mikayla Skierski


  21. She Blunt Gaming


  22. hannah

    i love the guitar at the end

  23. gûl //

    this song is limousine by brand new end of, y'all trippin

  24. Cecilia B

    I fucking love this album oh my god

  25. Fluoride Youth

    did I mention how darn good this is

  26. Micah Meadows

    1:58 to 2:18 sounds like an outtake from boss rush in The Binding of Isaac.

  27. Kamber Moote

    Bush- solutions...?

  28. The Mid Atlantic

    This song definitely is my favorite on the album. It flows well, has a refreshing sound, yet still awesome guitar work and a catchy melody! Lyrically, much improvement also. I'm loving it!

  29. Alejandro, yo

    Bass sounds like In Bloom
    The vocals and Drums in the first verse sounds like Tool as fuck

    cry of fear is alright

    +Netflix and Dyl I agree, its so reminiscent of Tool.

  30. Cyd Ramirez

    this album is much more poetic

  31. Lea Roy

    This song is one of my favourite. I love the darker vibes in it... It makes you feel some type of way that I can't even explain. I just really love it.

    Yvonne Flores

    +Lea Roy yes so true

  32. punkchick07

    Great song, love the effects! Different coming from mayday but it's amazing!! Can't wait to see them this fall!

  33. Jade Mourningfire


  34. Syrinchified

    Why are they making hate songsssss. They should make more slow songs and songs from A lesson in romantics xDD The song sounds sooo good though.


    alir had hate songs lmao


    haha well i mean the style. Slower. But i take back what i said. Their new stuff are amazing. @Supergirl9909 

  35. Louis Dazy

    BRAND NEW - LIMOUSINE ? Anyone ?



  36. Kashera Anderson

    This song is too good live

  37. Jessica Mayes

    This is my favorite song on the album omg 😍

  38. Hayriye Yilmaz


  39. emocobra666

    love this so much my fav song off the album

  40. a mouse

    Alright... Just wow. They lined this entire album from front to back with high quality, incredibly re-listenable tracks and it's all fresh (with a few nods to STP and even Tool) and amazing. Really impressed.

  41. Asong writtenforyou

    freaking love this song!!!!!!! very orginal

  42. Nicole Simone Adams

    i have chills and cannot stop listening to this.

  43. Candra Herkutanto

    The bass sounds is crispy to listen.

  44. Lauren Purser

    I agree with every one on the new grunge sound! A refreshing change but still mayday parade <3 LOVE

  45. James Garrett

    Growth...experimentation...Thank you Mayday and Sapone!

  46. LDaily

    Loving the new sounds...very good album!

  47. victoriahashope

    Love the grunge sound to this song! I definitely understand what the band meant when they said (in the interview with Alternative Press) that when covering Bush's "Comedown", they wanted to incorporate that influence into their music. It worked out well, I enjoy it! :)


    oh yeh this album does sound so much like tht cover

  48. InfinitelyRad

    This is the only song that ive heard from this album that i even SLIGHTLY like. Wtf happened to Mayday?

    James Garrett

    experimentation...growing as artist. I like the new direction 4 consecutive album of pop-rock was enough.

  49. The ghost of drurys past

    sounds like 46 and 2 by tool

  50. Fatima.zahra 26

    i m not a fan of this band but this is really good

  51. Sean Williams

    Holy shit. I just came.....

  52. fatxgoats

    Reminds me of Citizen

  53. Rubie Luna

    This album is too freaking good for me to be listening to. I'm too impure. I'm too awful 😂😈

  54. ZeroFox75

    Reminds me of 90s grunge. So glad this isn't another pop rock album. This stuff is so much better

    Jonathan Lesher

    +cocopunk6841 Sounds like In Bloom from Nirvana....

    cry of fear is alright

    +cocopunk6841 Reminds me of tool or smile empty soul.

  55. Graci Hicks

    SOMEBODY BUY ME THIS ALBUM FOR MY BIRTHDAY ............oh wait I don't have any friends....

  56. user


  57. Fluoride Youth

    so darn good

  58. Sarah Klammer


  59. Meg Fox

    riffs sound VERY similar to bush, "comedown". even the use of the words "hollow" and "swallow". solid track. can't say i mind. some of the new sounds on this album are refreshing to hear from these guys.

  60. Hayley Emma

    the bass ❤ this song is so good

  61. Jesse Ceballos

    sounds good (;

  62. Erin Honor

    I am so impressed.

  63. Amina Sufi

    This reminds me of early paramore