Maybach Music Group - Oil Money Gang Lyrics

[Rick Ross]
Uhh.. Mastermind, heh
It's going further, my nigga
It ain't even about being a dope boy, my nigga
We talking oil money, oil money, hehe, yeah
{J.U.S.T.I.C.E League}

It's amazing to be alive when niggas want you to die
Mad at every check you deposit, I see it all in their eyes
I'mma stunt harder, I'mma shop more
Black bell boy, Persian rugs at the door
Giving niggas jobs, living like the mob
A scotch in the soda
People talking 'bout me, say I got a body
Or are they mad at me that the house got a lobby?
Big four-fifths spliffs at the boat split
Tip toein' through the city, Alvin Ailey with a brick
Settin' new milestones, gettin my style on
Down in Coconut Grove where niggas don't smile long
City full of barbarians, wet you like an aquarius
Only beautiful bitches, they tell me the more the merrier
Fascinatin' faces, now it's top jewelers
Pina colada daiquiris Fontainebleau on a Tuesday
Got the Desert Eagle up in Fred Segal
Only fat nigga in vintage Moschino
Attempted murder, I refuse to exile
So it's club LIV til I'm exed out
A gold casket my final request
Bangin' at em like my child they want molest
Therefore I pray I live a hundred years
Be a crutch for my kids all through their wonder years
Oil money fuck up a hundred mill
That's just a yacht and a crib, nigga dying to live
Champagne, spillin' the opulence
Side bitches remain anonymous
Got a condo on Collins, another on Sunny Isle
Makin sure that you get around cause these niggas will gun you down
Got my daughter a Fendi purse then I took her to Disney World
All I give her is game, digesting my every word
Tired and chartered a plane, oil money the game
Classics stay on my feet, Double M on my chain {Maybach Music}
All I think is about oil money
These niggas barely gettin' tour money

It's gon' be aight, it's gon' be aight; don't even worry 'bout nothing (uh-uh)
Gon' talk that shit for a minute, put the dutch out, light a cuban up
Dim the lights if you want (hmm-mm), cause we already shinin' (yup)
You know? (Yup) ha, HA-HAAEEEH~!
Yeah, uh...

Tryna get a grip, but you just can't clutch it
When the money is in the circle, the squares can't touch it (uh-uh)
Reaping the benefits from the years that we suffered
If they dont know nothin' else they know I'm not to be fucked with (no)
Chillin' on the deck, brainstorming on the check
You don't see the bigger picture, you just see the silhouette (AH!)
Keep your ho still 'fore I nail her
Money on my mind while I hold still for the tailor (yeah)
Three man weave, I dump it off to the trailer
If the pack too loud, dump it off with the sealer (uh)
We pop bottles, have the shots of the tequila
Might see me in something you can't cop from the dealer (mmm)
Probably gon' rang, Gareth Pugh and Belstaff
Work coming in, I sit on some and sell half
Made it to the top over night, that's why you fell fast
Best head I got in my life, for a Chanel bag (haha)
This is heaven on earth shit, give me my hell pass (uh)
Niggas tryna copy my style, but they don't sell swag
Nah, vacationing on in the Maldives
Room service come to you on a boat, child please
Don't get me confused though, cause I'll squeeze
Niggas know I get huge dough and wild ki's
I will forever cash in
Oil money mean the wealth's everlasting

{M-M-M-Maybach Music}

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Maybach Music Group Oil Money Gang Comments
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    عام سعيد عليكم شباب

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    Rozay will always be my best......when money is the circle the squares can't touch it..... 2020

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    Just now discovering this fire in 2020...smh

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    Dis shit make your soul sing fly

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    Jada say when the money's in the Circle
    The Squares cant touch it
    Rozay&Jada Classic

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    Success is everything get to the money tramp......order bitch

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    ⛽️ #blogmylifekns

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    Again mallares borrowing corridos/mexican cultura. Viva 🇲🇽 putosss...

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    Fake dollars

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    Sending boys to do a man's job main dayum!

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    Just give me a couple of days to make it in payments,that's all that I'm asking...

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    Nigga bitin az with that oil money

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    If you are a fan of mase and loon you automatically a fan of Jadakiss

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    Nice music boss 😎🤩🤝🎅🎅🎅✌

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    Jada Kiss verse was everything. " In the circle, the squares can't touch it".

    Rio Mario


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    1st time hearing this. Beat and verses are fire. What sample is this?

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    Work smarter not harder! Different ENDS of the spectrum!

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    🗣Ross stepped on my toes with Bobby Womacc that's my favorite ninja next niggaz gon' be on Jerry butler or Al Green ⚓

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    Love this brother right here real talk always has been I’m born in the 70s this mofo has helped me get to where I’m at ONE

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    You don't see the bigger picture,
    You just see the silhouette"

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    bon courage 2019-2024

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    You know I'm sitting here thinking.. Jada's voice, lyrics and melody he riding is meditation/medicine. Tranquil/tranquility. We super blessed to have YO 3 man band.

  45. K.Khalifah Omar Mustapher

    I was here.

  46. Michael Dabney Jr

    November 2019

  47. Top This!

    The reason I love Ross music is because if you didnt know he was from the south you wouldn't be able to tell, his flow sounds east coast and his lyrics have content. He's definitely one of the most underrated because no one understands or takes the time to figure out what he's talking about. Why do you think Jay-Z collabs with him so much and all the big wigs respect him.

  48. Everton Santhus

  49. Riches and Wealth 777 777

    Reaping the benefits from the years that we suffered. Jadakiss.

    Bramasi Kanneh

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  50. Riches and Wealth 777 777

    Made it to the top over night that's why you fell fast. Jadakiss.

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    2019 2029 still dope

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    Did anybody peep Ross do the pyramid at the end and made sure he look directly in the camera till it went off ask yourself what was the significance of that moment stay woke

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    FTB 933 facts

    Fission Pulsar

    @Sean P Joseph recently tasted some of the baklava about a day or two ago I have a menu and also maybe if you want to expand the business in different locations around the globe especially Egypt, Dubai, Turkey, Israel etc.

    Respectfully request view:

    ---------- Forwarded message ---------
    From: brady family
    Date: Tue, Oct 15, 2019, 8:24 AM
    Subject: Facilities
    Materials 📏
    2020-2050 🚧
    Deep Space Industries
    (904) 866-9098

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