Maya, Edward - My Dreams Miss You Lyrics

He dreams about you now,
You are is everything,
He know you'll go away,
But he dream, he dreams for you,
'Cause inside you love me so,
And love me by your side,
Look inside your missing love,
I love you more, when you lie, I love you now...

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Maya, Edward My Dreams Miss You Comments
  1. RisHma DivYani SemaSinghe

    GODBLESS YOU!!!!!!

  2. Alexandre Berthault

    Good job 👍

  3. Mariska Sykes

    💜💜💜💜😍 in love perfect for when i fall asleep

  4. Carlos R

    This is from Edward Maya? Really?

  5. marian d'algerie

    edward ♥ from algeria

  6. eleec tronico

    eso nomas eso nomas es ? quiero mas jajaj q corto

  7. Sara Brandy

    I love Edward Maya, he really likes making musikc. He does it from the heart. He's not just one of those random producers from the states.

  8. aditya solanki

    <3 romainian music !!

  9. Nina Rock

    "I love you more...when you lie" Oh Gosh, it's very emotional love song... I love this song!

  10. huesandpalettes

    NooOOooooo! Edward's name doesnt suit any music other type than the one THIS IS MY LIFE!!

  11. M.Talaal

    @xxxEmogurl12xxx hey plzz can u upload da original song with complete lyrics...??

  12. Abdou RoCk

    am in ღ love ღ with this song :p lol

  13. l30n1k

    E super CHILL!Good job!Thumbs up for this awesome song:X!