May, Imelda - Should've Been You Lyrics

I could tell you all the things I do for you
But it's no surprise and you just roll your eyes and say
"Here we go again, she's gonna moan again"

I should spare your love, just a thing or two
But you don't disguise it when I'm just white noise
And it's done before it begins, 'cause your temper's getting thin

But there's just one thing that I wanna know
Just one little thing before I go
Before I go

It's who takes care of me?
Tell me who takes care of me?
Should've been you
Should've been you

Do you realise? No you never will
'Cause your head's held high and you got your pride
I got a little of mine still
Yeah the bit you couldn't kill

I'll never blame you and I always will
I can't explain it but it hurts like Hell
And I'm feeling so alone
Yeah I'm lonely to the bone

But there's just one thing that I wanna know
Just one little thing before I go
Before I go

It's who takes care of me?
Tell me, who takes care of me?
Should've been you
Should've been you


And I'm angry
And I'm sad
I'm the best thing, that you ever had
All I wanted, was your touch
But you told me, what I wanted was just too much

Oh, who takes care of me?
Tell me, who takes care of me?
Should've been you
Oh! Should've been you
Should've been you

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May, Imelda Should've Been You Comments
  1. Rancine Hathcock

    I am angry and sad. Wtf happened to the original plan? Peace

  2. 07blackdog

    Good grief. 'People in power' only want power. Don't look to them for anything but control. They want you to have a perpetual chip on both shoulders; men and women.

  3. Janet Gardiner

    Brilliant song 👍🎵🎤

  4. The Don

    If I was married to her I’d hate to ever leave her side. She is so beautiful and has such a bubbly personality with a loveable accent. 😻😻😻

  5. Gary Coates

    love this
    this is a great musical move
    Imelda looks smokin hot and this style is really letting her shine

  6. A Hill

    oh dear, let me guess, fame came knocking & someone influenced her to change styles? (Mr Holland??) & stopped that meteoric rise and created an even faster fall, what on earth possessed her to change to this style I have no idea, sure, she may be dueting with those massively influential masters of music Jeff Goldblum and Alfie boe but I think its a great loss and could have been the start of a new revival in rock n roll/rockabilly music, instead... where is she now?...... guessing she wishes fame hadn't come calling now.

  7. Christopher Speir

    I love you.

  8. john mc connell

    Brilliant voice, Beautifull girl. 2019

  9. ricemo2 dur

    ou est passer le bon rockabilly que vous fessiez ,cette convertion est nul ,c'est de la variete les fans vous vous en moquer l'appelle du fric......voila tous

  10. Mickey Settlemire

    Dern, that was great. I have a short list of singers that make me cry, and there you are. :0)

  11. Antony McCarron

    One of the girls in the video is an actress on Coronation Street. 2.20.

  12. Suzanne Lucas

    Love this song

  13. Tijuana

    How is she not a star? - Everyone for like all the times

  14. 500yamahaxt

    She's hot as fcuk

  15. Don B


  16. Bill Eberline

    In my opinion, Phenomenal best describes Imelda May!

  17. Jonathan Vince

    Imelda always is fantastic and I followed her up till 2015 and so glad she is back

  18. john mc connell

    Good song, good voice. '' Good looking tooooooooooooo''

  19. Bits&Bites

    Don't normally question my ear but at 00:45 when she sings the word go in the phrase "when I go" just before the chorus it sounds to me like the band is playing the minor but Amelda is singing the major. This drives me crazy cuz it really sounds like it clashes.

  20. V K

    Gosh, what music are you not good at? From Rockabilly, to everything you rock it. Gorgeous Voice! :D

  21. bojuification

    It can be me now. Forget the rest Imelda.

  22. AboutFocusTV

    What a great video. Song is brilliant undoubtedly but also just love the production of the videos itself. The way Imelda leaves and re-enters the frame is so well handled and adds so much to the production. Look beyond the musicality and enjoy as a whole. Excellent thank you.

  23. Joseph Campbell

    Why all the 'hitting notes' ' no need, just sign normal happy songs, what's with all the doom n gloom.??

  24. JohnnyTheMechanic

    Great tune ... with a 60's pop feeling. The type of song that Ronnie Spector or The Shirelles could sing !

  25. Alan Currie

    Amazing singer but so clichéd to do a video that's like a Benetton advert.

  26. Ángel

    She was unique, now she's another good pop singer more. It's a pity.
    All this anti racist and cosmopolitan feeling... ok. Now she must be on the wave, I guess.

  27. Janet Gardiner

    Brilliant song ❤️


    So lovely!!..

  29. Tommy Rodriguez

    She was great, now she is amazing !!!!

  30. Andre Minnaar

    This song cuts!

  31. William McCorriston

    i am billy

  32. Ellie Lou

    No. Just no!!! Don’t mean to be a naysayer..
    Who are you? Did you pose all them years?
    Divorce may take part of u but it doesn’t define you!!!

  33. richard binns

    Saw here 3 times live doing the rock a Billy but this is so bloody great watt a talented lady

  34. Alejandro Casaos

    I Love you Imelda

  35. Beryl Maughan Hankin

    This girl is uber-talented, unique and unstoppable. Love her to bits. <3 xxx

  36. Daren Finan

    Bloody love Imelda May. Bloody love that song. Bloody love the video.

  37. 9496Tull

    She is stunningly beautiful!!! Wow

  38. Elvis L

    Qu'est-ce qu'il tes arrivé Imelda ?????

  39. World Wide

    lots of talent

  40. Diyprincesss

    Very safe, very bland but probably very commercial.

  41. Paul E

    The naysayers are ridiculous. Let this music stand on its own feet, enjoying the positive merit it deserves. This song is lovely, ditto the entire album! Artists develop and shouldn't be put in a box. It's not this vs. rockabilly and for anyone to force either / or underscores their own limitations, not those of an incredible artist. Tell me, does everyone eat the same meal everyday? Can a great chef not "kill it" from many different culinary disciplines? Get over yourselves, narrow minded barb-throwers...

  42. Ian Pemberton

    What a song and what a voice.Stunning

  43. Ellie Lou

    Luv ya doll. But where did my rockabilly girl go?

  44. Para-Aramid


  45. Mona

    I LOVE YOU! (brazil)

  46. Deb Blackmore

    Beautiful sending love from headway Nottingham UK well done amazing xx

  47. Josephine Rimmer

    What a great set of pipes!

  48. Jev Man

    Sounds and looks ALOT like Chrissy Hynde - Excellent piece

  49. nico cacci

    I love this track... But the nuts and bolts of the situation is this!!!
    Imelda you are a Rockabilly with or without him... Yes you are a Rockabilly.. As I am. Through divorce as I have. I'm still a Rockabilly.. I have over the years tried different styles to listen to.. But it come back to the nuts and bolts of who we are and what makes us tick.. Come back to us Imelda come back to us.. We miss you.. And need you.. Forget him. There's plenty of great guitarists out there.. Lets rock. xx

  50. Monkey Shines

    I love Imelda, like all of us she evolves, her sincere passion for her craft is obvious. Cheers 🥂 Imelda.

  51. CAE


  52. LAUMONT philippe


  53. Firie Cam

    Found by accident. Should be 10x the views. Sometimes good things get missed in all the white noise

  54. Kevin Nicks

    I wish!

  55. brettonshore

    Great song, great performance, great video, all done with conviction and high seriousness and striking a disturbing chord of unease in the heart of most males, I imagine, and yet AND YET . . SURELY it can't be because it'd be such a risky thing to do . . but IS THAT AL GARE (her bass player) IN DRAG at her left shoulder around 3.22 . . leather jacket, the old Imelda quiff?? I'd love it if it was, and apologies to the lady it is if it isn't him! But it'd be such a cool and generous inclusion if it was. And a lovely little kame kasi touch of wit and cross-gender warmth in the otherwise very intense video. Anyone know?? Love it either way!

  56. Gregor Miller

    Miss Imelda, if ya get a chance, please try and colab with Shawn James...You two could be unstoppable. (edit)..I can imagine a duo of you two singing this, below...hope you like

  57. crashnbyrne

    I love Imelda, but having posters about equality and saying "Who'll take care of me"? Really?!?!

  58. John Nunn

    Who else could sing this??

  59. alex zingman

    Great Imelda!!! Just Great !!!

  60. jayem

    This is a REALLY good track.

  61. jayem

    Brilliant.. You girl, can do ANYTHING. This song is fab. Get some more like this on the go.


    She looks and sounds like Chrissy Hinds from the Petenders. Love Imelda May


    Or Shania Twain's alter ego ? . . .

    slimshine918 ~ The same thing came to mind for myself. By the way it's Chrissie Hynde, not Chrissy Hinds.

    Simon T

    Thought she was

  63. Hailey Luder

    I love this song. Makes me emotional because I can relate so much.

  64. Mr Opalatz

    Imelda is no more,

  65. N English

    If there's a hotter female rocker than this, I don't wanna know about it cuz I'd go supernova. Talent, looks, voice, just damn.

  66. Mac Mclellan

    Love the song👍

  67. abbafan50986

    I must admit when I first heard this change in musical direction that Imelda took I wasn't convinced. However after seeing her perform this track live and a few others too, I totally got it. There is nothing like hearing her incredible singing voice in person <3

  68. LA X

    A superb songstress, in an age where talking, dressing half naked or using computers instead of actual instruments is considered 'music', she is a diamond on a pile of bullcrap.

  69. Chryss S

    she sounds so sad in this one😔

  70. Chryss S

    she sounds so sad in this one😔

  71. Chryss S

    ohhhhhh shes a new her🤗🤗🤗

    love her to the bone marrow!!!

  72. Dr.magurian Doctor can sing......been in studios for 35 years....that was edgey.....crunchy smart and very ....very vocal technique.....damn.....great mixing.......drum entrance perfect

  73. Manfred Fürgut

    Simply great😍

  74. Steve B

    So beautiful and so so talented. What a voice x

  75. oogif sesm

    Whats with the geezer in the purple wig?

  76. David Cole

    I don't know a lot about Imelda, what I do know is that this is a fabulous song with a cracking vocal, that's all that matters to me.

  77. Stewart Anderson Joinery

    Fantastic! Love her rockabilly style, and this is nice and powerful!

  78. Mr Amicus

    Imelda May i love your song & its 15th Feb 18 and i still love it !

  79. peter batty

    such a powerful voice from a brilliant singer, and what a superb song..

  80. TE5LA

    Wait? Chrissie Hynde is back?

  81. Antonio Aguilar

    Very good song, very emotional. And catchy too. Imelda's voice is amazing, but ... my God, what a victimist-feminist lyrics.


    Старушка лучшпюая

  83. Yasmin Rehman

    love this

  84. Olga Panasea

    She and Caitriona Balfe are twins?
    Irish girls are very beautiful and talented! Beautiful voice and song!

  85. laurent leveque

    Don't like that new sound, don't like that new look. Bye Imelda , I'll miss you

  86. Rich Drums

    Wow, this song breaks my heart.... I FEEL this pain in her.....

  87. Thosed D

    🤣 Been taking care of you!

  88. MrFobob



    Senility is a terrible thing.

    Juliana Simon

    Bienvenida la senilidad entonces,si los cuerdos son como vos, o sea un IDIOTA!

    Andrew Hamilton

    It must touch a very raw nerve on the life you have lived. It is nice to have a song that touches you so. Nice of you to share. Ignore the other retard who commented about senility people can be mean.




    HRDCOR66 so is rudeness to someone simply because they are moved by music.

  89. Ron D

    That's amazing!

  90. andy m

    Saw her at Hay Festival. Talent of the highest order ....

  91. Ulises Teyssier

    Imelda was better in her old version



  93. MrFobob


  94. rahkin rah

    ...turning pop...

  95. ShawninCO

    I've only recently discovered Imelda. She's great. Very talented.

  96. Juju. Da.Breeze

    Absolutely beautiful song

  97. LordWilsonVILLA

    A gorgeous pure voice!

  98. Marc Jacobs

    Pretenders comeback?