May, Imelda - Kentish Town Waltz Lyrics

Do you remember we traipsed around
From pub to pound shop through Kentish Town
Only a fiver to our name,
The drunk on the doorstep had more to our shame
Living over the offy had its trials
The fights all night out there and inside
And those stews that lasted three days into four
And the dreaded bailiffs' return to our door

But we stuck with each other with all our might
We pulled it together and held on tight
And I'm glad for us, yeah I'm glad mo chroi
But it's nothing to anyone 'cept you and me
There are wrongs for every right, there's ups and there's downs
But you're the one for all my life
My true love I have found, yeah you my love I found

I watched the moon cover the might of the sun
That weird evening light at a quarter past one
And I knew in my head as you lay in our bed
That you'd stay in my heart till the day I was dead
We killed each other then loved in time
And laughed till we almost cried
Yeah we cried as well when it all went to hell
And my heart it broke till I swear it died

Oh you're good at the things that I'm hopeless at
And I notice what you ignore
But it's when I see you're not perfect for me
It's then I love you more and more

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May, Imelda Kentish Town Waltz Comments
  1. Raymond Boyd

    Absolutely wonderful
    Love love love her...

  2. Jay Peckay

    Brit lover.........sad really........:(

  3. lisa kelso

    Such a beautiful and talented young artist. This such a great christmas present for myself discovering this amazing artist. Love your music

  4. Don B

    One of my favourite songs by Imelda so very talented Rockabilly Queen

  5. Jonathan Vince

    So good. I wish Imelda May did gigs with Paloma Faith as they are show people not just top singers. This is the best ever version of this song.

  6. Tijuana

    Imelda is a treasure not enough know about.

  7. Mitchell Oldham

    I'm new to the seemingly endless talents of imelda May but after hearing the album no turning back I'm gonna buy everything she's recorded! What a great voice and goddam is she sexy too!

  8. Faouzi Fawzi

    Imelda is just the best I love this song her voice is beautiful !

  9. Achilles Katsamas

    Any gigs in NI in 2019?

  10. pierrette reck

    magnifique chanson d'une chanteuse que j'adore

  11. Manfred Fürgut

    I love Your music and First of all Your voice 😍

  12. Maralyn Owen

    I love to see her live in

  13. taiping alip

    Oct 2018

  14. Belinda Cronin

    Love this song love Imelda may she is the one unique wonderful person and voice

  15. Katie O Reilly

    LOVE , LOVE , LOVE this song & Imelda is an amazing artist ,,, she’s got one helluva voice ! ☘️☘️☘️

  16. Donal Kelleher


  17. Kerry Evans

    Imelda May is deadly
    Much respected and loved her in Dublin Ireland
    ...special ......pure class

  18. Seja Esancy

    I'm glad for her and her music. xoxo

  19. Filip Asanovic


  20. patrick keating

    Make that 150 deaf muppets

  21. Ian Longworth

    Why do the irish sing such great songs??!

  22. Ian Longworth

    Truly amazing. Truly gorgeous

  23. Kerry Evans

    Every now and the something real special comes along

  24. Раяна Миталипова

    Фуууууууууууууууу 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  25. Patricia Gerrie

    Amazing voice. Check out her new recordings and new look!

  26. Scott Boydle

    I heard this song on the radio today but the bit I liked the best is missing from this version, it seems. It's this bit;
    "Oh you're good at the things
    I'm hopeless at and I notice what you ignore
    But it's when I see you're not perfect for me,
    Its then I love you more and more"
    The last two lines are what drew my attention to this artist. Why has that bit been removed? It's like chopping off the head of a statue to make space.

  27. Yasir Arican

    Abicim bu hatun nasıl bu kadar az izlenir hayret verici durum

  28. Раяна и Амина Миталиповы

    А ты дундук 😄😄😄

  29. Denise Burger

    I agree she should be High Flying like a eagle sad how many good singer's there are but they don't get any credit...I hope this Special Women gets notice all over the Globe

  30. Hakan Dursun

    What a wonderful voice ! Irish songbird is singing.

  31. Janet Bedford


  32. Diane Keldermans

    Amazing voice, we enjoyed your concert in London soooo much. It was truly worth coming from Belgium.

  33. carrie carey

    A marvellous artist. Could listen to that voice all night

  34. mike ward

    119 deaf people out there.

  35. Maureen Mc Menamin

    what a voice and it's real. not like the rest no denceny..

  36. braunbaer6

    imelda may ,billy holliday both are fantastik , not for world now, maybe when peace come..

  37. Nicky Mctaggart

    lovely song

  38. Limerick's Finest

    Amazing artist her music is so pure and emotional

  39. Pedrito Valencia

    I love you, Imelda.

  40. Bathal

    Duirmid, this is the kid from the train. You sent me here and I haven't forgotten. Gold bless you and your lovely daughter

  41. Fat Frog

    They should have filmed Lidl it's the highlight of Kentish Town

  42. Ria Dingens

    Love this voice !!!!!

  43. Mojo Rison


  44. Maisie Heppell

    Is the guitar in this song electric or acoustic???


    A hollow body electric Gretsch

  45. Сергей Альбертович

    Может же спокойненько и приятненько петь!

  46. stan frazer

    class song from a class artist

  47. Velcro

    Imelda is just the best! This song has become a central part in my wife and my life. It means so much to us


    I heard it today for the first time, pretty good song


    @blonde7000 Cool huh? So glad you enjoyed it. A very special song in my opinion

  48. Stacey Wall

    I love this song her voice is amazing

  49. Ron "The BaldViking" Mitchell

    I dig this gal. Her voice is incredible.

    Also, I love her shirt, and I want one.

    Elvis is still the king.

  50. pippotones

    ma devo sorbirmi ogni volta la "renga" del cazzo!!!!!!!

  51. Gary Villapiano

    ...we stuck with each other, with all our might...Exactly.
    sheer beauty... heart & soul.

  52. im oldgregsfilthytunes

    how could anyone,let alone 69 people give this song a thumbs down.this young lady is a true rockabilly legend with one of the best voices you could find across any genre of music.thumbs up all the way.

    John Logan

    im oldgregsfilthytunes gu

    David Franks

    They dislike the ladies of Eire maybe?

    Katie O Reilly

    im oldgregsfilthytunes . I agree with u 110% ,,, she’s fantastic end off !! She a singer /songwriter/ musician an all round performer , ! And she’s Irish ☘️ & sings in her own accent...


    It's up to 202 now. Rest assured that all those dislikers, dislike EVERYTHING, even themselves. To the dislikers, of any Youtube video; I hope you never shite thicker than water. I may not agree with all the opinions on Youtube, but, I want to see how others are thinking

    Andrea Carol Taylor Blood

    Age old problem jealously as she is fabulous

  53. rocksound1000


  54. Karen Moore

    Just love this song means soo much

  55. by;®

    ...that's fine !

  56. Pam Jarvis

    cornet? or trombone?

  57. Aaya Beats

    you are unique Imelda! i have to say sorry to my self cuz i didin know you before!

    David Franks

    it's never to late to embrace and enjoy  music that you discover for the first time, after al,l jeff beck brought me here

  58. Carl M. Nielsen

    It's such a beautiful song!

  59. Jason Coffey

    awesome singer and awesome song

  60. ari tiemen doppenberg

    an beautiful song

  61. Jenni Ganley

    beautiful words very emotional

  62. Tommy Satchwood

    That is BeautiFul! !!! !!!!!!!    my eyes are crouded with tears....   my true love i have found.....

  63. Linda Burke

    words that pull at the heart strings by a national treasure. thanks Imelda!

  64. ajax mule

    Cant hear this song without fighting tears.

  65. sally molloy

    Love this song

  66. Aoife k

    I love this song xxx

  67. Uğur Karakaya

    Real fantastic voice.

  68. BOM BLUE

    hermosa cancion bellisima voz ... encantadora ....

  69. 57AlleyCat

    I don't know anything about Kentish Towns at all,but Imelda is WOW

    Jacqui Boyd

    unreal wow😊

  70. bop123qwe

    100 % talent





  73. Lungomolto

    coolest singer around in these times

  74. irelan long

    fab      xxxxxxx



  76. Pedram Ghahremanloo

    Had been to Kentish Town this evening... This is a bliss to have a coffee in the morning and a pint in the afternoon in beautiful Kentish Town... <3

  77. Tom O'Connor

    Outstanding song Imelda I just love it , it reminds me of shanes song rainy n8ght in soho both brilliant songs

  78. Brenda Dale

    This song has been on the web for over two years! I'm so glad to see people are finding it and enjoying it!!! Let's give this gal all the kudos she deserves!!!!! She has a lot of other songs out there, but I think this one is the very best!

  79. Roger Takey

    Thanks to Sinead O'Connor, I found this beautiful voice!

  80. Robin Roland

    just beautiful. stunningly beautiful!

  81. Pame Rousse

    genialllllllll...eres grande

  82. Mr54nomore

    What an insightful biographical song about hardships and the trials a couple has when they hit rock bottom and rise like a phoenix because of their love and belief in one another. "True perseverance is measured... When after many years one can look back and realized that the person next to you is looking back with you...[Still!]" -David R.

  83. Mark Norrie

    With Imelda you get what you hear and see: a beautiful voice from a beautiful lady. Simply stunning.

  84. irishxxkelt

    Even Prince Philip thought she was hot stuff! I hope he saw her sing at the Ceilíuradh at the Albert Hall for President Higgins..........

  85. eugene endres

    Why is this woman not a super star yet ? Love Imelda May, and her music. She is an amazing talent.

    bill smith

    @eugene endres Eugene i agree and it's a shame that she's not on every radio station in the country.

    Denise Burger

    I agree fully what outstanding voice and women with Passion

    kevin blackford

    because she is a real singer not like the crap these so called super stars sing

  86. siobhan mc carthy

    Have fallin in love with this song, amazing !! 

  87. garagerocker48

    great song and performance

  88. liam ohanlon


  89. liam ohanlon


  90. Go cat 1956

    41 deaf people pmsl.

    eugene endres

    I don't even pay attention to the naysayers anymore. They wouldn't know good music and talent, if it bit em in the ass !

    Will Law

    @eugene endres I just assume they lack the motor skills to click on the proper side!

  91. Micky Frampton

    This lovely girl from the Liberties  is a class act !

  92. Tony O'Mahony


  93. Elliot Mills

    Love this song and artist.. took a lot of inspiration for my GCSE music composition for her work.. Certainly one of my absolute favorite artists 

  94. Sean Hennessy

    Great song, Super Singer!!

  95. Andy Bestwick

    wow just wow

  96. Jacky Quirke

    well done girlfriend!!!

  97. Stacey Mitchell

    This song breaks my heart every time I hear it .. beautiful

  98. Lady Puddleton

    I was raised in Kentish Town and my family have lived here since 1962 when it was a heavily Irish (and Greek Cypriot) area. Used to go to the Forum when it was an ABC cinema (saw Zulu there!) before it became an Irish dance hall and then a rock venue. The old fella with the beard near the beginning (0:18) is Ken. Anyone who goes to Mario's in Kelly Street will know him. Love NW5