May, Imelda - Dreaming Lyrics

When I met you in the restaurant
You could tell I was no debutante
You asked me what's my pleasure
A movie or a measure?
I'll have a cup of tea and tell you of my dreaming
Dreaming is free

I don't want to live on charity
Pleasure's real or is it fantasy?
Reel to reel is living rarity
People stop and stare at me
We just walk on by
we just keep on dreaming
Dreaming is free
Dreaming is free

Feet feet, walking a two mile
Meet meet, meet me at the turnstile
I never met him, I'll never forget him

Dream dream, even for a little while
Dream dream, filling up an idle hour
Fade away, radiate

I sit by and watch the river flow
I sit by and watch the traffic go
Imagine something of your very own
Something we can have and hold
I'd build a road in gold just to have some dreaming
Dreaming is free
Dreaming is free

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May, Imelda Dreaming Comments
  1. Don B

    The purity of her voice is just so refreshing there is nothing she cannot sing and improve on what a unique talent we have here she should be cherished and enjoyed hopefully for decades to come.

  2. Tijuana

    If this girl can't get a hit, I just give up already!

  3. Tijuana

    Our man on a ukelele. *clapping*

  4. Don B

    So very versatile and the voice of an Angel

  5. 463PR

    Imelda this is beautiful

  6. Tijuana

    Beautiful but Clem Burke's drumming is missing

  7. snipper1ie

    Watching her sing with her eyes closed, knowing all the words are in her head. Those lyrics and a host of others. My father was the same, he had a repertoire of, I don't know how many, songs in his head and could sing an appropriate song at the drop of a hat. Me, I can hardly get past the first line. The apple fell FAR from the tree.

  8. Hermanno Goeri

    pure talent, pure beauty,pure love!!

  9. Linda Santangelo

    Love us some Imelda May <3

  10. mike huffman

    I love Imelda May's voice. I do not love the sound of a ukulele. I do love this song.

  11. jeff burgess

    Aced it! Would a whole album of acoustic covers be asking too much?

  12. HateDisease

    Thumbs the fuck down! Cutesy, contemporary, ukulele, hipster, utter bullshit!!!

  13. Pibly

    Great version

  14. Graham White

    Fucking love this and her t shirt is top of the pops

  15. lee tyler

    John Wayne Gacy on strings

  16. kokukao


  17. Johan P

    This is an unbelievable performance.
    I bet Debbie Harry would give Imelda a hug for this rendition.
    More feeling than the original. IMO.

  18. ScotsLyon

    This woman does not get the recognition shee deserves
    She is talented beyond belief

    Amelda you have a wonderful talent of making me smile

  19. Mike C

    She just gets it right every time.

  20. Paul Barker


  21. Doors of perception

    Dido covering Bronski Beats Smalltown Boy brought me here, and I must say, I was a bit reserved about someone I've never heard of cover a classic Blondie song, but this was delightfully beautiful and I am now a fan of Imelda May.

  22. Joe Brown

    Anyone else hear the ghost of buddy holly in the lyrics?

  23. TMGLost

    This, the 1st track on Eat To The Beat made me fall in love w Blondie in 79. Imelda May gives me all the same feels here. Goosebumps. Awe. This is the shit that makes life precious to me.

  24. Jorge Oscar MARI ANTONI

    great guys !!!!

  25. Sel Felin

    What a great rendition of a Blondie Classic

  26. phatdaddysteve

    This is freaking great.

  27. David Espinosa

    She sang this live in San Francisco last year, and time just stopped. She should definitely sing a wider variety of music!

  28. Robert Caffrey

    Beautiful rendition. I know the original very well but that is the first time I have heard the song itself. Gwaaaaan ya good ting.

  29. bill smith

    She's just a pleasure to listen to.....

  30. jiel1000

    She sure can sing ! Even without the sound,I like that and I like her too. Lucky Darrel Higham !

    Gavin Johnson

    Separated 😟

  31. Frank B

    Absolutely fabulous :)

  32. laserracer6


  33. Dieter N.

    Love this Elvis Sweater :-)

  34. BurningtunaDC

    Very awesome folks. Thanks for shooting and sharing.

  35. Vilma Angela Bernal Calderon

    Excelente de lo mejor

  36. Philip Christie

    I saw her for the first time on Jools Holland a few years ago, went straight to iTunes and hit add to playlist, been a fan ever since.

  37. Basement Berean

    OK, that does it, I'm a fan.

  38. Guy Meadows


  39. Sel Felin

    Great nlondie cover

  40. mr7wi

    Brilliant simplicity. 

    I need to learn to play the ukulele

  41. Jimmy King


  42. Zacharia

    A nice touch, finishing with a couple of bars of " I'll see you in my Dreams", which also makes a good Ukulele song.

  43. loodiamexican

    I'm actually crying, this is so perfect!


    +loodiamexican when you have the good fortune to see beauty, simply, it's hard not to tear up in gratitude.

  44. 1955RodHot

    I know it's comparing oranges to apples
    so it's impossible to say
    but I believe Imelda May
    is the best female singer alive today

    Robert Treppleton

    1955RodHot Today and Tomorrow!!!

    terence barrett

    Robert Treppleton I absolutely agree,100% ahh man, this song performed with just a banjo .absolutely brilliant, but we all know some absolute crap, useless xxxx'. so called stars ( lucky xxxxx) who can't sing at all ''never mind live''and it is a real crying shame, naturally gifted people,because they don't tick all the boxes,or xxxx, they mostly fall by the wayside of life,.pubs + clubs are closing down,have been driven to the wall with political correctness, health and safety,taxes,licences for 'this 'that 'and the other. like all of our traditional business,and industrys, in our great Britain and Europe'' absolutely ruined '' ,when I was younger,you could see future artists on the pubs and clubs,that's how tom Jones ,Engelbert Humperdinck, Shirley Bassey etc started out,imagine going to see the beatles and the Mersey era fantastic,nobody telling you what you could not do ,say or eat the 1960+70-80 era ,simply every club or pub vying for customers any time of the week,not now though. our governments and unions ,and also (workers pigheadedness )have ruined all of our Great Britain and Europe,all built by our forefathers on blood sweat and tears ''and giving away to spivs of foreign country's ( with backhanders) whom said ''thank you very much''we will have your industry's,etc. and all covered up with our ridiculous political correctness,compensation cultures, health and safety, ''oh yes 'we do now have ''clean air'' '' but no one is working,we have no industry's,traditional shops, etc etc everyone as been driven to the wall squashed and crushed by our own governments,and given to foreigners, and also to all of these multi giant conglomerates in every high street .picking up every part of British business and merchandising ,paying employees nothing ,or on zero hour contracts .and of which are now have ghost towns''. and our very own British people , Europeans, america ,those who have inguinity ,scope, and a willingness to better themselves that's old wise clever people, as well as youngsters etc thrown on the scrap heap of life,to deteriorate,and be fed on drugs and drink and food banks,,this is with to much government,and tax intervention,health and safety,licences for numerous things for you to be able to work ,political correctness,health safety,etc and greed and corruption from big brother conglomerates,all involved in our governments'' to treat the remainder of people as slaves..


    1955RodHot Beth hart

    Subbie Jon

    Terence Barrett:  its a ukulele not a banjo,  , but other than that I cant disagree with you on her talent....  brilliant.

  45. jerry marsala

    non so se amo più lei o la canzone che canta.

  46. Shawn Fox Firth

    WoW Kewl....

  47. Filumz

    ooOooOooh... haughhh beeauutiful *solo clapping*

  48. Sel Felin

    Now that Was awesome - well done

  49. Bernadette Emett

    Beautiful, Imelda, and Al on the ukulele, many thanks

  50. Tit Setzer

    Quelle classe , nature tant en session acoustique que sur scène .

  51. Dandy Warhol

    oh wow.. this is a beautiful cover!

  52. Kai Kellenberger

    Blondie & Imelda - Love u both!

  53. johngill

    This was a real highlight of her Shepherd's Bush show this week

  54. Megan Jones

    Saw her do this live... Enchanting <3

  55. chipperterri

    lovely voice

  56. lakmeister

    Wank cover,but she is fit as fuck!!!!

  57. PhantomJPT

    more and more beautiful whenever I hear a new song by her!

  58. Will Manes

    They played this tonight at ACL Fest in Austin TX! Those two sat on a sideways bass. So sweet ans salty. By far my favorite set of the weekend! They stole the show. Much love

  59. Harm van Avendonk

    Thank you for a wonderful show today at ACL. 

  60. gohorns9

    just amazing.  Love her! 

  61. dirty69ization

    Brilliant arrangement.  I swear up and down this girl is the best singer of my generation.  Pure rock and roll.

  62. Gary Brown


  63. jimmmmybrady

    I LOVE the "I'll see you in my Dreams" she does at the end.

  64. jimmmmybrady

    Those George Harrison '68 pants never looked so good!

  65. Richard Purcell


  66. misslantana52

    Gosh this girl...........................❤ Priceless!

  67. Mr54nomore

    Great cover of Blondie's song.  Done better and simpler by Imelda May and Al Gaer. Sometimes less is best. And in this arrangement it plays out beautifully. Brilliant!

    Michael Mckenna

    Mr54nomore I have to totally disagree and I think thousands would, how can you say it's is better than the original by Blondie. Debbie Harry wrote the song back in 1979. Which if you listen to Debbie Harry's vocals they superbly display the song for what it is a classic power pop song recorded and wrote by one of the biggest female Legendary rock stars ever. Who Amelda has stated she is a fan of Debbie's and Blondie the group and that's why she recorded it. Less is best, it's a nice cover but don't over egg the pudding it's a just a sweet tribute to greatness.

    Chuck Driver

    Michael Mckenna Amen!

  68. andy Squire

    Imelda is a great artist, fantastic!! I love her...

  69. MrBeboopman

    Oh this is bliss... Love you Imelda.... and HELLO and Kisses from Tipperary :)


    Whew,it is a long way isn't it?

  70. Go cat 1956

    She makes it look so easy what a great talent.

  71. Carl H.H.

    Didn't think this could be pulled off without the drums....I was wrong...beautiful

  72. Samantha wilkins

    amazing x

  73. Lucien Bornet

    Quelle classe! Imelda est une chanteuse exceptionnelle!

  74. JAARNO88

    love the the shirt!

  75. Alan Prudhoe

    Another gem from a lady who never shies away from a live performance,

  76. Paul Henry

    Saw her last night was awesome

  77. charlieoscar09

    Whats the make of Al's ukulele please ?

  78. charlieoscar09

    Blooming brilliant...

  79. Kat Karsecs

    That was simply gorgeous. 

  80. SuperZedstar

    Imelda is wonderful.

  81. Robert Pearce

    Very Cool.

  82. gliderroos

    Thanks for this Imelda and Radio Two. Looking forward to seeing Imelda for the  fourth time in March at the Round House. Cant wait!

  83. rab garrow

    now i am  convinced fab cover, girl has it all 

  84. Cameron James

    Fabulous!  So looking forward to the new album... and the tour. 

  85. Neville Pass

    that girl can sing! wow, ta! i enjoyed!!!!