May, Imelda - Call Me Lyrics

Put it down then I pick it back up,
Praying for your name to pop up,
Telling me that your still in love, still in love with me.

No matter how hard I hope,
No matter how much I want,
No matter how bad I'm broke,
You still don't,

Call, call, call, call me,
You've taken all the time you need,
If our love, if our love, if our love, means anything,
Baby please call, call, call, call me.

Can't sleep I'm scared to dream,
I'm remembering everything,
That you said, that you said to me,
When I was yours and you were mine and I didn't have to wait all night for you to

Call, call, call, call me, you've taken all the time you need,
If our love, if our love, if our love, means anything,
Baby please call, call, call, call me.

Don't you miss me, don't you need me, don't you leave me this way.
Aren't you lonely, don't you want me, how many times must I say

Call, call, call, call me, you've taken all the time you need,
If our love, if our love, if our love, means anything,
Baby please call, call, call, call me.

Oh call, call, call, call me.
If our love, if our love, if our love, means anything,
Baby please call, call, call, call me.

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May, Imelda Call Me Comments
  1. Стас Попов

    ШИКАРНАЯ! пр. из РОССИИ.

  2. Katy

    Anyone listening. January 2020? Oklahoma. here

    Arif Khan

    Right there mate. London 02.30 am Monday morning 6th.
    Praying for a better world

  3. Katy

    Imelda. Have u ever sang. The Bold Fenian Men. It tells the story of the Irish during 1867 quite a interesting tale of bravery. The song is also known as Down by the glen side you have such a amazing voice I know you would sing the song beautifully.

  4. William Ruy

    Thanks, Danke, Mercy, Gracias.................

  5. Don B

    Makes you want to go give her a big hug, she wears her heart on her sleeve with this performance, what an extraordinary talent Imelda is. I've watched her from her Rockabilly days through so many transitions and styles, she is fast becoming a performer who will be recognised as a true musical legend.

  6. Mike C

    She's nothing if not versatile.

  7. Michał Rogalewicz

    Beautiful voice and a wonderful song.

  8. Tijuana


  9. Don B

    Such talent, such strength, such inner beauty we should cherish artistes of this Calibre whilst they shine as bright as this!

  10. Gary Collins

    What a brilliant singer. Brilliant song.

  11. E.V. Hodge

    +61 0475 08 35 30 and You?

  12. Billy F

    She should've won a Grammy.....or Album of the Year. 👌❤👍

  13. kate jackson

    Who could dislike this?

  14. wacokid

    loved her the first time I heard her. She's really grown and still making beautiful music !

  15. Achilles Katsamas

    You’re grand gal

  16. World Wide

    Hey Girl Great look great voice NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Richie C

  17. Sir Yakuza

    Love this song😍😍😍😍😍

  18. Robert Meikle

    what a singer. And breath taking beautiful. Her voice is intoxicating.

  19. Deb Blackmore

    Beautiful in and out xx

  20. Dylan Durant

    Oh look. 221 brain dead’s on life support. What a singer!

  21. Roger S

    So many lovely women, so little time...

  22. RH Pro5


  23. Poison Sioux

    All this album is so relatable now that I'm going through the same process

  24. Cary Gerner

    New direction

  25. neddog58

    " She gives me love, love, love crazy love"

  26. andy m


  27. Hartze

    Ho my god, really she's crying and felling!¡

  28. Love City Paul

    This video really makes me want to call her.😂 Imelda is looking and sounding beautiful lately.

  29. Robert Meikle

    Beautiful song . what a gorgeous girl you are. I was lucky enough to see her last year and she was amazing. Keep up the brilliant work Imelda!

  30. Mr Poporo

    Anybody came from Terrace House?

  31. Trevor Morris

    Well sung but there's not a touch of Blues in this. For me a song is nearly always seems lacking if it doesn't have a touch of Blues in it, either in the melody itself, or just in some of the embellishments and grace notes. Some of Imelda's songs I enjoy very much, she's a class singer, but this one not so much.

  32. rahkin rah

    Still talented but now sold out.

  33. GingerNinja

    Honey don't wait around for a man to call you, go out and get one who deserves you ;)

  34. Jose Villar

    For me, this is the best video in the world. I love it.

  35. Jon Harbour

    Gorgeous vocals.

  36. Tom O'Hawk

    This has just made me realise that I need a lady in my life. Great video thanks for sharing 👍

  37. Tina Anderson

    Beautiful words

  38. stephane van nedervelde

    rockabilly please ....

  39. raul noriega

    extrardionary fetching woman, great feeling, and voice i love her

  40. P.Tapani

    I really love your voice. Do not stop singing !!!! :)

  41. steve akehurst

    Great woman great artist love the new music

  42. Nanah Pemisa

    Much love ❤️

  43. steve akehurst

    Brilliant tune

  44. Priscila Priscila

    Beautiful vídeo. So delicate and fragile.

  45. RNC javier

    Just can't let go...I'm so ko.

  46. thermann9

    Wow, I loved her rockabilly sound but her ballads are absolutely magical!

  47. Cl Rodríguez

    Sere la unica Mexicana escuchando esto por que es fantastico Imelda May divina mujer canta hermoso...

  48. blueseacaro

    beautiful - such a wonderful soft tone

  49. Melquiades Estrada

    Just *WOW*...... What a livin' doll with a very listenable voice! Great tune, great video!

  50. Thomas Kühlsam

    A perfekt song i like this song

  51. Adam Ball

    Loved her previous music. And I've just fallen in love with her all over again.

  52. Philomena Martin


  53. Alan Lloyd

    Crazy Love!

  54. Daniel W

    Så fin.

  55. blondegretsch

    I do not know his life, but some personal events or others make that one changes while remaining oneself. and I love Imelda May. she is a rare singer because she gives herself entirely to her audience. and that does not matter of the musical style because it is monopolized them with a great talent. And I prefer listening to such a beautiful non rock'n'roll song by Imelda May than listening to a very bad rock'n'roll badly playing by other. with Imelda we can not be disappointed because she puts her heart into it.

  56. Steve Lazarus

    This is one of the best albums Ive heard for years. Off to see her again tonight at The Albert Hall. She is a wonderful artist.

  57. dominique clément

    Superbe Imelda !

  58. Greg Lehman

    Who would NOT call call call her?

  59. Wm Wahne

    I can listen to her beautiful voice all night and day <3

  60. pat hayes

    ya gotta hurt to be able to do this, , Amazing Lady

  61. Derek Bollard

    God what a woman

  62. Mine Allmine

    WOW! That voice, such heart, amazing soulfully deep

  63. CLCT35

    Yo sí te llamo tantas veces como pueda, bonita ... y la canción también jeje

  64. Rockabully

    A new roll for Ms May. Also just show ??? I found her really good when she was still rockabilly singing, but at this 180 ° turn, I just feel frisked. Ms MAY: WITH ROCKABILLY YOU DO NOT PLAY.

  65. MrSucideShiip

    This song reminds me of James Blunt Same Mistake.

  66. stephanie baron

    j'adore ❤

  67. julian apps

    Nice to see her back and singing enjoyed her earier stuff but the new album is great and her voice just seems to get better and better

  68. Pat Murray

    Did not girl always here x

  69. M133 K1M

    Wow just found this woman through a friend and wow

  70. CLCT35

    My god, i'm cold form you Imelda

  71. Sundy Kmp

    I love this!!

  72. vonbogroff

    Do rockabilly again please.... you are so god at it.

  73. edson valladao

    Nice Voice , on Real Life i'd radher , and listen on my dreaming on night , have Nice night Lilly.

  74. blondegretsch

    je suis sur que vous pourriez faire du cinéma car vous jouez juste .

  75. blondegretsch

    émouvante Imelda May . vous êtes une merveilleuse chanteuse .

  76. Patrick Houlihan

    After breaking up with Darrell she is making different sounds.I''m a big rockabilly fan & I very much liked her rockabilly image,but she has logically decided to move on so I will watch & listen with interest.Only seen her live the once.She is Irish & an excellent singer which are very important.

  77. Mia Schu

    I can't believe I've given a thumbs down to Imelda May! 😔

  78. Mia Schu

    Oh dear! I will still go see her later this year, in the hope she sings her older, wonderful songs. If not, I'll get a good sleep, at least.

  79. Peter Mitchelmore

    I bought the album today after reading the review in Q. Great music.

  80. Klaus Kokko

    beautiful song but where is rock and roll , rockabilly? She is very good rockabilly singer.But ,,,,,

  81. Ettie Fagan

    Beautiful, I feel her pain!

  82. GingerRum

    I hope Imelda will continue to show the versatility of her voice. She is, IMO, the best female singer around at the moment.

  83. Paul J

    Looks like Chrissie Hynde, sounds like Van Morrison. Love it.

  84. simon tromans

    CALL'll be the best thing you could do right now.

  85. Mark Hershberger

    My heart is breaking....

  86. Mark Hershberger

    Such a talent....such a beauty.


    Hermosa canción. Ven pronto a Chile

  88. Ettie Fagan

    Best album ever

    Margaret Butler

    Carol emailed.

  89. mylovewillneverend

    Great Song

  90. Ron Robertson

    Fantastic performance at the Sage, Gateshead. Such a beautiful voice, the best female singer I've heard since Janis Joplin

  91. MrScotmac

    its another world should it be mine one day

  92. Chevrolet Fiasco

    Sometimes she looks like Stefania Sandrelli! Where is that guy... Tinto Brass was his name?

  93. B p

    she looks a little like shania twain

  94. Jacqueline MacKenzie

    Awww this is so lovely..I wanted to cry too! It's great to hear from Imelda again! Keep going girl! x

  95. rockinanrollin girl

    love you Imelda! this song almost got me crying, beautiful... rockabilly or no, you have so amazing voice, wish I could sing like you ❤️

  96. Cj W

    You can just feel her pain from the divorce and see it in her soul. She still loves him. So sad. 😔😔😔