May, Brian - Now I'm Here Lyrics

Here I stand (here I stand..)
Look around around around around
(Around around around around..)
But you won't see me (you won't see me..)
Now I'm here (now I'm here..)
Now I'm there (now I'm there..)
I'm just a just a new man
Yes you made me live again

A baby I was when you took my hand
And the light of the night burned bright
And the people all stared didn't understand
But you knew my name on sight
Whatever came of you and me?
America's new bride to be
Don't worry baby I'm safe and sound
Down in the dungeon just Peaches and me
Don't I love her so?
Yes she made me live again Yeah!

A thin moon me in the smoke screen sky
Where the beams of your love light chase
Don't move don't speak don't feel no pain
With the rain running down my face
Your matches still light up the sky
And many a tear lives on in my eye
Down in the city just Hoople and me
Don't I love him so don't I love him so?

Whatever comes of you and me
I love to leave my memories with you

Now I'm here (now I'm here.)
Think I'll stay around around around
(Around around around around..)
Down in the city just you and me
(Down in the city just you and me..)

Don't I love you so?

Go Go Go Little Queenie

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May, Brian Now I'm Here Comments
  1. Diane Gambrell

    Who are the other guitarists?

  2. Diane Gambrell

    Thank you Neil for posting this concert!

  3. Meddows

    ahhh he's so talented... i love him

  4. Stefan Hanea

    oh fredy 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Saulo León


  5. The_Parson

    Came for Brian May, stayed for the backing singers 😛

  6. Michael Sprunt H.S.D.O. Benjamin Ashley Seguin

    I prefer this to Adam Lambert Any day Of the Week it sounds way more clear and Distinctive Sound. Brian Knows this song inside out. Even when he sings. It is more Dynamic than Adam Lambert Screams. Brian has a better tone in his voice for Control and Dynamics. He knows how to accent the song better and sing it beautifully. With the Girls for Back Ups. Sounds Great. The Dynamics are Perfect. This Way

    Glitterized Rainbow

    possibly because Brian wrote it and there was a specific story behind it.

  7. celosemnexo

    Three people don't appreciate good rock n roll music.

  8. Little Miss Black Dress

    Brian is the sexiest 45 year old man I've ever seen. That is one well preserved rock star!


    Right on the money with that one mate

  9. TheRaakku

    1:32 The drumming here is amazing

    Roine Bloom

    Cozy Powells drumming is always amazing.

  10. spacedogs

    felt May's love for Freddie

  11. Con Te Nuda

    Should have been called the Cozy Powell band, what a drummer

  12. circlewolf

    Mr.Cozy Powell on Drums...Man,these group of musicians together are pretty "Tight"..Awesome Performance.

    T/1982 Spherical Earth

    circlewolf Cozy Powell is to me the best Drummer of all time. Put together with Brian May and the rest of these amazing musicians,makes am Awesome power group which is totally Awesome.

  13. Flappo Spammo

    this is amazing , even better is the kampuchea version with freddie from 1979

    queen rule !


    He is definitely the best guitarist of all time. Tell me who else has had such a long and amazing career, built your own guitar and tones, played so many different styles and amazing solos. Brian May beats them all.

    David Henry Lake

    GABARTS Robert Fripp, Allan Holdsworth, Alex Lifeson
    Those are big legends. All of them if they could share a stage would destroy everyone.

    ROD Rosi

    There is this one guy named Edward Van may have heard of him ?

    Iceman 8

    @ROD Rosi Eddie is a legend. They are good friends and made the Star Fleet project as i'm sure you know that by know?

    Youtube Acct

    @ROD Rosi Yeah, I've heard of him...he's that dude who tried so hard to play like Vito Bratta!

  15. goku kugo

    brilliant guitarist!

  16. magchaosu

    Great Song, Great May...It is better than any energizer. .... !!