Maxwell - We Never Saw It Coming Lyrics

Blindsided by them
Recording as I stare
The cross is burning
No chance to overcome
I feel them parking
I guess my night has come
Is this real
No restitution

I am here, falling in circles far
Sorrowfully I fall
We never knew at all
We never saw it coming
Like a truck that's passing
A gun that's blasting
I feel the lashing

We've never been so divided
Scattered and spread among
Like useless ashes
The phoenix overcomes
And what can I do, I know
It's all I want, uncontrollable
We never saw it like the bombs that's blasting
Religious clashing
The world is asking

We never saw it
We never, never saw it

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Maxwell We Never Saw It Coming Comments
  1. Leila Brickhouse

    Mirror mirror on the wall who's the fairest of them all Play Maxwell of course. I miss Maxwell.

  2. maxfanforever NurseDeb

    Absolutely beautiful....Max all these years you never cease to amaze me.... I pray your music can bring more of us together to see peace in our lifetime..... love you to the moon and back....nurse deb XOXOXO

  3. Lilith Rose

    Your voice heals me 💙💜 love you 😘

  4. frankie speght


  5. Yusuf Ibrahim

    If only Maxwell picked up a guitar or played the piano or drums. 👁could be a little more happy that a Prince was still among us n the flesh. 4 that 👁 mourn but rejoice n his vocals and soulful renditions of such beautiful music.

  6. Angeltina W

    Maxwell is back 😊😊😊

  7. Ashley McClary

    Beautiful song

  8. Simone Simmons

    this song is so sad and, its so beautiful.

  9. svelator 300.000 meistár

    1 Brett diggi

  10. Mickia Major

    This is a beautiful masterpiece 💜

  11. Jean Arenas

    A missing component of this song is the placing of minorities in ghettos and the injustices brought onto these by a socialist system that has fomented dependency on the state and suppressed the need for the assumption of individual responsibility from generations past and present.

  12. Darlene Cupid

    what a beautiful song

  13. Erica Bryant


  14. Rell Meeks

    The end is near.

  15. Gwen Williams

    The man is delivering a message, we better get it together, b4 it's too late for us all

  16. Carrie Hubbard

    A Bomb💣 Blasting 💥!

  17. DrawingIsLife

    by the songs lyrics it talks about being blinded by media, racial violence and division, religious wars and world war.

  18. Queen of R&B

    Beautiful ❤❤

  19. Sallie Mae

    The resonance of Maxwell voice pierced my heart and soul.One of my favorite songs from him.His voice takes your breath away!

  20. justina porter

    Oh my maxwell❤ been stirring up my spirit from the very beginning .I just ADORE you...but I gotta be honest I NEVER SAW THIS COMING 😍....i feel a closeness and can relate and feel some kind of way when I hear this song ..nOne of your other songs reached me like this one ..BUT ALL N ALL I LOVE U EVEN MORE 🤔😣😚...STAY BLESSED AND CONTINUE TO LIFT UP YOUR FANS/# FANS 😍😍😚😙😗😗😗😍😍😚😙😙😙😋

  21. Kiona McNutt

    Is Maxwell or Hollywood trying to tell us something?

  22. Thelma T.

    What a moving song..."we never saw it coming" literally just beautiful!

  23. V Wiggins

    The greatest singer alive...

  24. Beauregard da 4th

    I can't believe this exist...oh my god...❤❤❤😊

  25. MOONY 4075

    I like this one now this is the Maxwell I like to listen to

  26. Goolam Dawood

    Love for Maxwell's music from South Africa. Intense, spiritual RnB ... real soul.

  27. Melissa Schroeter

    the voice that spoke and said we could..... find us that looked.... to belong.... that would be seen.. by you...... and us to you.... seen ... and loved as we were......

  28. King Var

    This song is beautiful. I felt that.

  29. rebelandboltman3777

    Beautiful and haunting at the same time.

  30. Jowa Horn

    Maxwell makes feel a way. I shouldn't feel about a man


    Deep Call unto Deep!!!! A Day is coming, Be Prepared for its Entry !!!!Absolutely on Time.  Only the One of the Matrix could pull this off.  Love your work Warrior.

  32. André Ponciano

    O melhor!

  33. chaniqua smith

    Always loved Maxwell!

  34. efren villa


  35. Audrey Vanya


  36. Josiah Hurley

    Sadly, I didn't enjoy this.

    Lynn Tuft

    Me neither but, I'll still LOVE MAXWELL for a LIFETIME!!!!!

  37. Yoshi Davis

    Id be showing my tits and screaming "MAXWELL" had i been a girl. Ill just burn one instead

  38. Ricardo Williams

    Such a haunting beautiful song that it sings to the spirit of the heart and soul - Ricardo Williams Future Hit Songs Review Facebook

  39. Alejandro B.L

    Max.. you opened my fountain of tears again😢😢😢😢

  40. Ama-Jessica Ashar

    So much love for you Maxwell!! My goodness, so glad he's back!! ❤️❤️❤️

  41. Master Mesee

    He telling you something but you sleep to much

  42. Everything means nothin W/ø the1 you love

    Maxwell, always gives it💯
    I absolutely love his🎼

  43. Renata Lima

    Soulful, wonderful, amazing, what a Voice!
    Lots of love from Brazil!!!!

  44. Sharood Williams

    Great record. Easily one of the best male singers out this decade.

  45. Creo Qwn

    I'm just sitting here in awe of this beautiful work of art. Maxwell has done it again and he continues to evolve and raise the bar. So emotionally charged. I was on the brink of tears.

  46. She Writes Scripts

  47. Felicia C.

    Damn, chills

  48. Egyptian Moon

    Message ... It's like heartbreak, love lost or tragic but, it's still soothing, mellow and deep. I like how Max puts his thoughts and emotions in a song.

  49. shaylavon Bush

    this new song of maxwell it's very sad feeling inside and outside and a heartbreaking song too!!! 💔😧😭

  50. Annette Dacosta


  51. Alicia Squaire

    This song,and music ,was so intense,if almost felt like a broken heart,that could never be healed,very powerful music.l luv myself some Maxwell.

  52. Vivian Victory

    I never saw it coming as well!

  53. Angel Nazario


  54. The Dark One Queen

    Beautiful......sing to my soul Maxwell.

  55. EyonDreams

    Hey Maxwell, would you do a Tiny Desk concert?

  56. Farrah Array

    After having a hysterectomy 3 yrs ago, I think I've been pregnant twice after listening to Maxwell's melodic voice. Never saw it a soul near you.

  57. Lady Creole

    Walking on the beach thinking about my family and the society we live in with all the injustices going on wondering will or when will we Truly Overcome.🙏🎤🎼📖

  58. Victor Money

    Lil Uzi vert is way better.... jk 😂

  59. Sandra Graham

    so oo beautiful...

  60. Niki

    Love him!!!



  62. Sami B W

    Powerful , mysterious, hidden TRUTH !!!

  63. clrkkdd12

    Still on the throne & my favorite male singer.


    Maxwell voice gives me chills, when I hear him sing. Great entertainer.❤️

  65. s laura

    can we get a maxwell x lyves collab

  66. Starr R. Stoddard

    Maxwell, so this is what you’ve been doing. Not my favorite but it’s deep.

  67. Che

    Powerful !!

  68. Blackwell Kristi

    The Phoenix overcomes.... 🔥

  69. Dyshell Davis

    Somber but beautiful....

  70. Kevin Wells

    Glad to hear your voice again!

  71. So Posh Iris


  72. P Mon

    Just wonderful!Don Pedro From Montreal.

  73. Flea

    Love it! And you too... Don't stop doing what you do...PLEASE, EVER! 😊❤❤❤

  74. Autumn Lewis

    Still got that voice 😿

  75. Marion Clarke

    Wow, Maxwell, I have listened to this numerous amounts of time and couldn't leave the song because the truth that this song tells holds my heart hostage. To have the understanding of how to give depth and meaning to what we keep silent about, shows how in tuned and how deep of a sonic and natural well of life form that he truly is. It's not only brave to speak the truth, but to bring the listeners into the front row of his soul,paints the greatest masterpiece any artist can show to humanity. Everyone wants the gun, but no one wants the bullet, and since the beginning of his career he has been the body that has absorbed the bullet. What a Force to be reckoned with.

  76. Marion Clarke

    Just Plain Awesome. What a way to take me on a journey. I am pleased with the entire piece.

  77. Malisa Lewis

    Absolutely beautiful

  78. Shawn Love

    This song to me sounds like a generation who didn't take heed to Marvin Gaye when he released Inner City Blues.

  79. Jovonta Battle

    This makes me want to drink a bottle of the finest wine by myself walking down the street. Love it. 😍

  80. Nguzo LoveInLoFi

    Maxwell releasing music every 2 years instead of every 8?

  81. ashuna perrin

    WOW! That was heavy, deep, sad and it's a daily feeling of life in this Matrix!! I truly overstand Maxwell...

  82. Kim Auguste

    OMG!!!! I FELT THAT ONE!!!!

  83. Tama Smallman

    He made a 4-min song sounded so short. I want more 😯

  84. Jackie Thompkins

    decent great song something to think about,

  85. MissNessy 28


  86. SpottieOttieDopaliscious Angel

    One of the most captivating voices in the Soul/R&B genre and I'm honored to listen to such a talented man. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  87. Ted Humphrey

    This is grab ya girl and chill music. Maxwell is still da man.

  88. IaMYoungWalker22

    Maxwell been the 🐐



  90. alicia white

    I played your cd and had when I had my son 18 yrs ago June 1 2000 his jealous ass Daddy won't let me name him Maxwell🤣🤣😍😍

  91. Curly Ascension

    I’m in love!!!

  92. Mr. GiveMeJESUS No Lies Allowed

    What a BEAUTIFUL and CHILLING song!!!...#GIVEmeJESUS

  93. Just Sayin'

    I want so badly to support Max! I listened to this over ten times and tried to feel what you all are writing here but, I just don't. I feel it when Marvin Gaye sings What's Going On, etc. I feel it when Michael Jackson sings Be Not Always, There's More to Life than This, etc. I don't feel it here. I really want to but, maybe he's not that kinda artist? IDK. Guess Max just wants to sing what he thinks/feels & it really don't matter who else feels it. This ain't gonna get radio play so he owes his record company a BBBBIIIIGGGGG hit with Night. That's a lot of pressure & I hope he can deliver the goods.

    Hey, at least he got another video director from whoever did the Gods one! Good move!


    Do you think you're maybe emotionally stunted? Sounds like it.

    Just Sayin'

    I know what's real, I know what's fake, & I definitely know when someone's faking the funk ;)

    V. Bright

    Real to me, heard it first early morning after finding out Grandfather died. Wished this and Patti LaBelle song to play at his funeral.

  94. Anthony Woods

    Put me to sleep 😴 put me to sleep 😴 OMG ! Maxwell you need a full album of dance songs with background singers like Luther vandross use to have. Then maybe you’ll have a chance of getting on the top of billboard 100

  95. Ruhama Din

    Well I definitely didn’t see this coming. Chills. (Well actually I kinda did because when does maxwell ever disappoint??)

    Andre Caldwell

    Ruhama Din if you haven't you should see the video.

  96. Kat Bonheur

    The lyrics 😭😭😭😭😭❤🙏

  97. ashton houran

    I would love for Maxwell to collab with Khalid

  98. david jackson

    Nice song. Glad he's back