Maxwell - The Fall Lyrics

Days go by slowly
I never know wholly
I see what you owe me
You never realize
That everything changes
And everything moves
And nothing is as it
Was when you lose

The thoughts you feel
The way it's real
Completely sealed
My heart revealed, my mind is healing

And when you're gone, see my heart
Time it just rages
And it goes in stages
Feel like I'm average
The pressure's so savage
Bark away habits
But only if you're here
The love, I can feel it
The thought of you being
Closer than reason
And further than seasons
And closer than seasons

When does the summer fall?

Wait, wait, wait
Waiting for the...
Feel me for waiting so long
For taking the time to rise and destroy
I was avoiding the thing that I...
I can't feel you

Spring, winter, summer, fall
Forgive me
Spring, winter, summer, fall

Time, it just rages
Spring, winter, summer, fall
Time, it just rages
Love goes in stages
Spring, winter, summer, fall
Waiting for the fall
Love goes in stages
Waiting for the fall
Love goes in stages

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Maxwell The Fall Comments
  1. P Mon

    You can clearly hear his Haitians origins in rhythm and bass playing.Don Pedro From Montreal.

  2. Jen Lyles

    It amazes me how some of the GREATEST music ever stays asleep with the masses so long. This song is pure art, in it's rarest form. Just Beautiful.

  3. Dawn Balancier

    Unconditional Forgiveness💝

  4. Tamara Delbridge

    It’s classic

  5. John Coach

    i love this song!

  6. Wood Chips

    2:48 .. 😩😩

  7. Jacquie Eure-Shogeke

    This track feels of watching a leaf being bantered about in the wind. Stirred, rise, float, dipped and The Fall. A true listener!

  8. TVG EBT

    interesting song 🤔

  9. Desmond Riles

    Always ahead of his time...classic Maxwell....i love this guy

  10. Marsha Creary

    S.O. has a song called "Fall" as well

  11. Wilbur Nottim

    I want the CD! I'm so happy he made an album I must have! I feel like it's '96 or '98 LOL

  12. Maribel Hernandez

    love it soooo sesual it plays in my head .love uuuuuuu

  13. Maribel Hernandez

    love all the songs love u maxwell sensual sounds

  14. cul2cat

    this song crashes into me

  15. Darlene Bryant

    I love this song! Beautiful!

  16. Kwame Johnson

    "Love goes through stages...waiting for the fall"

  17. Persailia Branch

    I'm love with this

  18. Rush Love

    His best album IMO.... Front to back.


    Rush Love I agree

    Shawn Jones

    I don't know if he can top this album! Its banging from beginning to end.

  19. Lawrence Bartholomew

    Forgive Me!!!

  20. Lawrence Bartholomew

    Time, it just rages
    Spring, winter, summer, fall

  21. Amber McDaniel

    Yasss. and I'm a 90s baby. What?!! Love me some Max. Auntie put me on long time ago.

  22. Eva Adesuwa

    on repeat.

  23. craig patrick

    Maxwell tight my nigga

  24. Valencia E.

    The percussion on this song is EVERYTHING. Favorite song on the album! ❤❤❤

  25. David Moore

    just down, repeat. Had to STOP myself from listening to this song so much to keep from getting used to it.

  26. qtepiee88

    The instruments on this… Mind blowing song. I keep this on repeat!

  27. C. Harr

    The production on here is so tight..reminds me of Radiohead from In Rainbows era.

    J Butler

    Or King Of Limbs

    Chuck Deezul

    GREAT analogy

  28. Kim R.

    Everything changes

  29. Chandra Kethi-Reddy

    I don't comment on music ever, but this song is so good I've had it on repeat for a whole week. Even when I walk around and go about my normal day, the song keeps playing in my head. Not in an annoying way. It keeps me going. Beautiful.

  30. Belinda Barrett

    This CD is growing on me

  31. Sekiria Driver

    The beat. On point.

  32. Leah's Prayer Closet

    Would have sounded better with real drums. Come on....

    J Butler

    Those ARE real drums.

    Leah's Prayer Closet

    @Justin Butler they are not. i found an interview he did, and he said they were fake drums. you can hear they are not real.

    J Butler

    @Leah's Prayer Closet There are clearly both real drums & a drum machine on this track. Use your ears, then read the credits.

    Leah's Prayer Closet

    @Justin Butler Ok. I was hearing more of the fake ones.

  33. Msvirgoprincess73

    The more I listen to this album the more I love it. My 3 favorites (for now) 1990x, Gods ; The Fall.


    Me too! Out of the entire album!

  34. Kimsmk

    Holy shiiiiiiit

  35. MercifulLove

    This is growing on me


    favorite track right now. this song is mean

  36. Lynette Jefferies


  37. ashton collins

    took me an hour to find this lol thank u sooooo from ohio!! #Maxwell good music.

  38. Kwame Johnson

    Him and Hod David make great music together. The percussion and bass is so pronounced on this album and 'BLACK' compared to his first 3 albums.

    Devin Tucker

    Kwame Johnson So glad u guys know ur music. It's refreshing

    Desmond Riles

    I love everything this guy puts out...every album he has put out was so far ahead of its time...u.h.s and embrya were pure genius in my book...he is definitely in my top 5 artist list