Maxwell - Lifetime Lyrics

I was reborn when I was broken
I wouldn't believe, I wouldn't believe, no
been thru a storm, no use in hoping
that you would come rescue me
somehow your love set me free

And I, I can let my life pass me by
or I can get down and try
work it all out this lifetime
work it on out this time
I can let it all pass me by
or I can get down and try
work it all out this lifetime lifetime

There was a time when love wasn't chosen
now I'm just open for more
now I'm just reaching out for something better
that I had before, girl
there ain't a bottom line in your world

Ooh and I, I can let my life pass me by
or I can get down and try
work it all out this lifetime
work it on out this time

I can let it all pass me by
or I can just try and try
I can move to the light
oh if I take it one day at a time (oh I)
oh spread my love out and fly
oh I (I can move to the light)
ooh I can just make you understand
that love is not a fairytale in a melody
if you want it you can have it girl
maybe you will see maybe you will see (ooh ooh)
ooh oh oh wo oh
lifetime lifetime

[repeat chorus]
[adlib til end]

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Maxwell Lifetime Comments
  1. Lakesha James

    Black brothers I tell you!😘Strong& good looking👀God is good😉

  2. Nikelas Perez

    Terina Carter-Perez,
    Your love set me free.

  3. Sarah Kessler

    I play this song for my classmates

  4. Nancy Alexander-Carreira

    Damn, he's so fine.

  5. mimithatsm3

    2020 my favorite Maxwell song

  6. Myscathycandoit 1

    2020 babay!! 💜

  7. Samantha Allen

    this song will always be my jam .Like omg

  8. one deep

    Sound just as good in 2020

  9. Sunny honey

    Oohh those alluring eyes🤗🤩😍😘😋😛🤭

  10. G1N1 F1J1

    new years eve. 2019!!!

  11. Valerie Boynton


    2 O 2 O💿📀-


    Went through a storm no use in hoping that u would come rescue me somehow your love set me free

  13. Vincent Ross Jr

    This music is forever. Never let it pass you by. Work it out



  15. Toolie Ru

    Here in 2020

  16. May I Live Faithfully

    My 18yr old just asked, “ Ma you ever listened to somebody named Maxwell?My girlfriend listens to him”. 😏


    I will never stop listening to the Classic....

  18. Theforr411

    ILU FOREVER MAXWELL !!!!~🎉🏆🥰❤️❤️❤️😍🙌🏾✨💫

  19. sxc673

    Insane talent with this guy.

  20. Tracy Knowles

    like this

  21. Charles Rhodes

    Russia cool ✌

  22. Mary Haase

    My man & I listen to Maxwell all the time ... My boo sounds just like Maxwell when he sings too!! Sing to me baby!!! 💋💋

  23. R J

    “Some how your love set me free” a phrase that’s easily understood 💯

  24. Abongile Buwa



    Well Done.

  26. Tshepang Mbakile

    I remember the time when my first girlfriend broke my heart and left me for another guy saying it's my fault for being to nice and really shattered me..I tried everything..I started going to the gym..had one night stands..studied harder and started going to church but none of it could help me forgot her..I listened to this song once and it mended my soul..

  27. davion king

    2019 still banging loud

  28. Rodney Brown

    And A Lifetime Too Get Out

  29. Stacey Duncan

    Ohhhhhhhhhyeasssssassss! Thanx for the smooth ride, Maxwell.🥰💋

  30. Davidd Kazee

    Amen !😆😆😆😆😆 I sing this song to my savior Black Messiah Christ Jesus ! Hallaluya ! And my girl ( the Holly Scriptures can - dash ). Yes Lord thank you !😆😆😆😆

  31. Robert McCoy

    Yes everytime I hear this song, I've looked back over my life so many times and stated what a ride it has been. Thanks!!!

  32. Reniece Jones

    Yup i still Love Him in 2019~ 2020 💙💙

  33. Zib Ndix

    My boy Kells with the lyrics

  34. Davidd Kazee

    Danm !!! My song hmmmmmm !😂😂😂😂😂😂. I think about Christ, my one and only true love ! My first love ! Big Black ( Holly Messiah Jesus Christ )😞😞😞😞😞😞

    Davidd Kazee

    That's right !😂😂😂😂😂

  35. Kyle Simmons

    Human Nature.... I think about these things daily 2019...

  36. Tyrone Demming

    If you're in Love, or ever been in Love, this is the playlist for you and yours. Enjoy!

  37. Mary Johnson

    I love maxwell 😗😗😗

  38. Nondumiso Sibisi

    November 2019💕❤️

  39. Mmathema Moratho
    Sbenkosi sings this song beautifully too

  40. J C

    Timeless music

  41. Moneystaywoke 456

    Mannnn... Midnight Love played the hell out of this song. Lol

  42. Kay Lewis

    This song is very healing..

  43. charles williams


  44. Sky Taylor

    R.I.P B.Hall... love you cuz

  45. Zisekho Popo

    still listening in 2019

  46. keith amodeo


    Shirley Butler

    OMG Hell to the yeah!! How about October 15 2019 This beautiful classic just takes you to a happy special place do you agree Keith? When real music speaks for itself timeless indeed AMEN!!!

  47. Yasmine Smith

    Who listening in 2019?!?!

  48. Janea Robinson

    My jam!! Sitting here...reflecting.

  49. cloud 9

    2000’s Classic

  50. Tphi Mactownplayaz

    Amen brother...very spiritual song.

  51. Shirley Scott

    I'm 14 and I like old school music more than my music because this has a meaning this new stuff is pointless anyone can make this

    Shirley Butler

    OMG You have very good taste in real music Shirley 4SURE!!This beautiful classic just move your soul in the right direction do you agree? I will always have ode skool music in my blood 4EVER!!! I'm a ode skool junkie can't have it no other way Oh yeah I like your first name LOL!!! Still listenin how about October 15 2019

  52. Shanti Bryant

    Love this ❤️♥️😍

  53. ramone Lyde

    All da grown folks vibe to this song when the 80s 90s u can vibe to🔥💯

  54. Toni Edwards

    Awesome singer. Just saw him last month at The Kennedy Center. Very nice and humble person. Kept thanking us for coming out to see him. Will definitely go back to see him again. One love ❤️

  55. Kim Brissett

    Still listening in 2019


    Still listening forever

    Robert R

    Same here

    Anelisiwe Mpela

    Still here.

    Myscathycandoit 1

    And beyond 😉💜

  56. Six Deuce BRIM

    2019 in here

  57. Melvin Tejera

    Classic. Maxwell is one of the goats.

  58. Mike Doucette

    This shit smacks 2019

  59. colleen merriwether

    I hate that I wasn't with you when you left this earth. I can only pray that you didn't realize it was the end. It bothers me when I try to figure out if you were thinking about us. If only we could have gone back to the beginning. Miss you Huey. Mrs. Huey Lee Hawkins

  60. Girl Nextdoor

    I’m here in 2019 😍😍

  61. blackpede gurl

    2019 still listening Lifetime 😍🤗

    Shirley Butler

    OMG You just hit a homerun with those comments TRUE DAT!This beautiful classic is in its own class of its own 4SURE!! Some songs are just too great for words AMEN!! Still listenin how about September 29 2019 A trip down memory lane good ode days 4REAL!!!

  62. Julie Laws

    Beautiful music

  63. Teresa Bothur

    This is talent and music the way it should be. Miss you Maxwell. Todays music is garbage.

  64. Carol Nash


  65. Carol Nash

    THIS is oooooo 1 hadsome ASS MAN. YEA HE IS

  66. Peter Ntseke

    Sunday at home

  67. Chetney Bopping

    Still jammin 2019

  68. Mr Logical

    *It's going to be 2020 in three months and i still sometimes put this song on repeat 50 times in a row.* 😩😩😩

    Lynn Tuft

    Nothing wrong with that I listen to Maxwell every chance I get love me some MAXWELL!!!!!

  69. Home Organizing Tips

    Who’s listening in 2019?😀

  70. Jo_CLuis

    Still a dope 💥🔥💣

  71. Shar Cole

    Damn Maxwel, This music is my reprieve

    Lynn Tuft


  72. Alisha Thigpen

    2019, anyone?? 😊

  73. Debbie Lou

    In 2019 😩😩🤞🏾🥰🥰❤️

  74. Dino Mendez

    This is my favorite song 👍🏼🔥🔥🔥 real music 🎼

    Shirley Butler

    OMG Tell it like it is AMEN When real music speaks for itself timeless indeed 4REAL!!Still listenin how about August 31 2019 A trip down memory lane 4SURE!!

  75. diva doll

    Simply good for the soul.

    Shirley Butler

    OMG You just hit a homerun with those comments TRUE DAT!This beautiful classic just move your soul in the right direction do you agree Diva doll? Still listenin August 31 2019

    diva doll

    @Shirley Butler Yes, you definitely get it.😊

  76. Jennifer Lopez

    I miss music like this

  77. Geneva Gray

    I can so I well. SMILE

  78. Shakira Satterfield

    I love this song. Maxwell period is a very talented artist. Very underrated. The best usually are.

  79. Okwuchi Wodu

    I feel it. Keep singing brother.

  80. Tyrell Suraiya

    ALL the early 00s / late 90s classics ,. .:. . , YEP , I am on a binge (or as many as I can dig up or randomly come across) ((that is always the best when one didn't even think of a hit consciously))

  81. JuicyTooCute 22 oliver

    Still listening In 2019

  82. Lateshia Childs

    I love Maxwell music

  83. malone phyllis

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  84. the come up to real

    2019 still riding to it!!!!!!

  85. M. R.E.Banks

    Omg . I love love this song . Just listen to the words people . Thankyou Maxwell .

  86. Sapodilla Sapodilla

    Still here August 2019

    Shirley Butler

    OMG I'm with you all the way how about August 31 2019 This beautiful classic is in its own class of its own 4SURE!! When real music speaks for itself timeless indeed do you agree Jewel?A trip down memory lane good ode days AMEN!!

  87. Katie Campbell

    I love maxwell 😍

  88. Merlinda Dimille

    still listening to this in 2019!!

  89. Deschelle Lincoln

    Wow! Music is so powerful.

  90. M L

    I usually listen to Punk, Rock music and I have to say I haven't felt so moved until I heard this song. It speaks to everyone who once was down but decide to rise up and overcome life's obstacles. Much respect MAXWELL!

  91. Queenette mahlangu


  92. Ricky N

    Love is not a fairytale and melody

  93. Gunter Butler

    That shit still bumping I'm almost 60 yall better listen maxwell before he went Corp

  94. Taraus Parker

    Work It All Out THIS LIFETIME!

  95. Jodian and Ramize

    I sware this is what heaven sounds like. This song resonates with my heart body and soul. Thank you, Maxwell. ❤🇯🇲😊

  96. Motlhaloga Tshiamo m


  97. Ayesha Karim

    I like this song.

  98. Kwandoo_Mhlee Ngubane

    My lifetime track 2019!!! ........

  99. Rae Caston

    The way Maxwell sings always put me at peace when I’m feeling so down or upset💯🥰☺️