Maxwell - Hostage Lyrics

You are the harvest
Your garden helps to feed me
I am your hostage
A simple logic
Use as you please
And I will remain ignorant and believe you
Foolish me, I can see through you

You are the object
I get lost in, all in
I'm in, fallin', high stakes
I am free

And let her stay from thee
I'm turning up
Like a rocket in the sky, we'll take it all off
To a place where pure discretion is the means
Where the universe is yours and made for you
If you want my love, I will surely go

You are the object
I get lost in, all in
I'm in, fallin'
High stakes, I am
Object I get lost in, all in
I'm in, fallin'
High stakes, I am free

If your keys were left, I would never go, yeah
Stay within the confines of your warmth
I'm free inside the cage of your heart of gold
Prison of your love, it makes me so
I'm your hostage
You are my love

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Maxwell Hostage Comments
  1. Lynette Townsend

    I am free baby
    I will surely go
    Hostage I am free
    Only Maxwell can make a song that will survive a broken heart

  2. Dr. Leticia Lopez

    What a beautiful song! Not only in its soothing melody, but in its paradoxical theme of being hostage to someone’s love and yet feeling most free. His voice dances with the proclaimed need to be imprisoned within her hold. Such a beautiful dichotomy!

  3. Clarrisse Graham

    I want to know why Mr. MAXWELL isn't or hasn't been on The Cover of People's Magazine For Being One Of The Most Sexiest Men Alive ?. We should all Vote for this. Can't anyone see just how Sexy Mr. MAXWELL Is ?.

  4. Hériat M

    This is the Maxwell I came to love and remember from 20+ years ago! Didn't care for the '09 release....

  5. Ian Harris

    replace " ignorant " with " opulent " Every time you hear- sing -recite this song : You just gave yourself a raise.

  6. Ian Harris

    This the type of song that make a bald man have a full head of hair by 3:57

  7. Cerbellum Vibrations

    I manifest to this.

    Imagination on full flex mode.

    Paying homage to the God inside me.

    I AM.

  8. Annette Barnes

    Such a beautiful song!!! Can't wait to see the video for this song.

  9. brittany kasa

    the feels at 3:10. It gives me life

  10. LaRewa Warren

    Mmmm, Maxwell...#USEAsYOUPLEASE!! Hell YEAH!!

  11. Shade On A Cool Day

    Notice the three 6s on the cover of the album behind Maxwell hidden in the circle.

  12. Starlite Mc


  13. lotusg1

    You are the harvest
     Your garden helps to feed me
     I am your hostage
     A simple logic
     Use as you please
     And I will remain ignorant and believe you
     Foolish me, I can see through you You are the object
     I get lost in, all in
     I'm in, fallin', high stakes
     I am free
     Baby And let her stay from thee
     I'm turning up
     Like a rocket in the sky, we'll take it all off
     To a place where pure discretion is the means
     Where the universe is yours and made for you
     If you want my love, I will surely go You are the object
     I get lost in, all in
     I'm in, fallin'
     High stakes, I am
     Object I get lost in, all in
     I'm in, fallin'
     High stakes, I am free If your keys were left, I would never go, yeah
     Stay within the confines of your warmth
     I'm free inside the cage of your heart of gold
     Prison of your love, it makes me so
     I'm your hostage
     You are my love

    Ian Harris

    AM I the only one that mentally replaces " ignorant " with " opulent " every time I hear it ? Must be the God In Me protecting the gates of my subconscious creational facilities.

  14. Danielle Swanson

    Lots of people wonder why it takes so long for certain artists (usually my favorite- Sade, deangelo, maxwell, etc) to release their next album. My theory is that these artists use live bands, often write their own music, and probably aren't manufacturing beats on computers. The result: unique, genuine, and timeless sounds that's always worth the wait!!!

  15. kirvyk

    My fav song on this album by far!!!!!!!!! wait for it, 2:51 get it!!!!

  16. Cheryl Thompson

    I love this song ..... Lord have merci wanting Max to sing this song to me. Feel the music the drums are so dope. This song is amazing. Shaking my head so in love my fav song.

  17. Melanie Margetanski

    Sons are hard to please

  18. James Mitchell

    Beautiful song

  19. Angelique Soul

    Imagine hearing this song live. I saw him in concert 7/19/16 it was beautiful. He sang Lake by the Ocean too. He sang Adore by Prince. As well as singing songs from the rest of his albums. It was manifique! Prince was waiting for him to come back and he'd be very proud of Maxwell.💜💧

    Jarutat Snidwongse

    been wanting to know what Prince thought of Maxwell, and vice versa. I don't live in the US (never been) so it's difficult to know these details. I'm a huge fan and a disciple of both of them. Thanks for sharing.

    Ian Harris

    Adore by prince ? Thats Epic ! Glad you got to experience and share

  20. AnkhGirl2

    Damn...forget about "Latch"

  21. Reaineal Graham

    Just saw him on July 14 he did this song. The girl behind me said I don't know this song, I'm like it's off his new album and it's tight as hell. She said I didn't even know he had a new album out. I shook my head in disgust.

  22. Angelique Soul

    💜 this track so much!

  23. Pamela Sims

    This man makes TIMELESS music--- classics. I am honored and patient that he takes so much time in between to release music and is not just in the practice of pushing out Songs--- this song takes my breath away and is so relevant to the times and is right on time. I will rock with Maxwell's music forever!!

  24. Derrell Arthur

    I just gave this CD away. Maxwell was very consistent up until this album. The last one with pretty wings and bad habit was away better than this.

  25. Leon Greene

    #kwame Johnson...I agree brother!!!

  26. Leon Greene

    this is a ferocious track....those drums and the gritty vocals at the breakdown.

  27. simeon prince

    for those that don't have the album or heard it yet. do so. these songs he put out along with the other songs on the album together form an amazing album. a few up tempo songs. more than the first of the series. you will not be disappointed. no it's not urban hang suite or embryo or any other album. an artist must evolve. but this album is a gem.

  28. Billie Simone

    The more I listen the more I get lost in the the tempo and chord changes...

  29. Herman Figueroa

    Great,Great Album, each and every Album is Amazing,Keep doing your thing brother!!, This is what music is all about, The soul!!Peace!!

  30. Sharon Spivey

    OOOOOOh, That voice! Love it!

  31. i was never here

    everyone get this album. geom song 1 to 12 is good. i mean it gos from very good songs to great songs. yall will love the album promise

  32. Sfiso Ramara

    too damn Dope👌👌

  33. Kwame Johnson

    When the drums kick in at 1:40 tho....

    Lea Thompson

    Kwame Johnson 2:50

    Kwame Johnson

    2:50 is the dopest breakdown ever. Lol

    Lea Thompson

    Word lol

    loni Willis

    Kwame Johnson q

  34. Sam Mohseni

    amazing!! the second half is so beautiful

  35. Malenie Barnes

    Maxwell is back, seamlessly so

  36. Itachi's Widow

    I like this one

  37. Cmeshine Greene

    Thank you for your music... good to see you back creating music for my listening pleasure. You always seem to be right on time.. with your musical lyrics. Thank YOU. Continue to be BLESSED!!!

  38. Jay Lazarus

    Its alright but its not Urban Hang Suite.   That was the best Maxwell album in my opinion.

    ismail troxler

    +silent-skies PRECISELY.

    KAMO O

    agree ... that was amazing album


    Need to respect growth and change Jay. Urban Hang Suite is a classic but he can't write the same album over and over again as you know. talent like his has no barriers, I dig all his music since day 1.

    J Smooth

    total package uhs was his best but musically embrya was better

    ismail troxler

    +roborapter Embrya is out of this world!

  39. Mok717

    하 진짜 ㅠㅠ 기다린 시간이 아깝지 않네여 ㅠㅠ

  40. ismail troxler

    Purchased the album yesterday. "Listen Hear" is my mirror image! Overall I'm pleased with this second installment. "Hostage," is more than relevant, and I dig "Of All Kind," though it sounds a bit like "Lake By The Ocean," as far as the music goes. Listen to whats written! I only wish "Night" was an actual song. Yet I respect the sound of Earth, even though it's short. The band is phenomenal, as always!

  41. Cynthia Powell

    I like this song! I'm catching songs here and there, but I want my physical CD - coming in the mail soon!!!

  42. prdsef.taeilxkino

    Thank you for the new release and giving me more life

  43. Lanee Herndon


    Monzella Cottrell

    His band is SIC Live!!!! They really put on a show!!!

  44. Grace Kelly

    Beautiful but wouldn't expect anything else from you 💋

  45. Bobby T

    Son! Maxwell Season

  46. Meng-yu Chen

    LOVE MAXWELL> >><<< < connected to my SOUL

  47. rebelandboltman3777

    2 more days, and it's ours!! mwah hahaha!

  48. Alain Bruno

    Good song!!!

    chris friemiento

    Maxwell should make a music video too


    i LOVE It

    Mailin winder

    you don't recognize good music brother

    Kwame Johnson

    GTFOH....This song is dope AF...The lyrics are so poetic. The instrumentation is well varied. The song's change-ups are incredible.

  49. U. Olivia Parker

    I love this man!!! Maxwell, you know exactly how to put my mood into song...

  50. LaChele

    Uh uh, not feeling this one. I mean, it's not that bad, but I shouldn't have to make myself like yo' music, Maxwell. I used to hear it and like it instantly. So far 1/2 of yo' new album is here on Youtube and I'm disappointed. If you release the other 1/2 of the album and it sounds like this, I'm not buying it. Even if you are, Maxwell.....

    Kwame Johnson

    @LaCheleWallace​, eat a Snickers.


    +Kwame Johnson eat a snickers lmao 😂

    ismail troxler

    +Kwame Johnson 👀😃😄😆😂

    Misses Mandarin

    LaChele yeah I feel his whole heart and soul not In this song in the beginning, sound like he's reading words, I've been fans from his first album


    LaChele Has it grown on you yet? This is my first time listening to it. And I’m digging it already. Sometimes you have to listen to new songs a few times before you start to like it. Doesn’t always work though. I wasn’t feeling Figures Crossed though.

  51. MsJoi711

    I think I need to stop listening to these so I can just experience it all together. July 1 can't get here soon enough.

  52. For Everyone Now

    very good!!!

  53. jml0889

    Thank you!

  54. Antonio Greene

    Your music is like a taste of refreshing water after a walk through the desert so crisp clean to my soul the world love's YOU sir

  55. Ghost St Patrick

    Sucks to be nervous about your favorite artist dropping. Especially because he dips off for so long. Gotta be honest tho, I've only liked Lake by the ocean & 1990x. All the other ones I haven't felt @ all. 1st Prince dies, now this. Guess I'll let Eric Roberson keeping subbing til Max recaptures his magic.

    Kwame Johnson

    This song is dope tho...Lyrics are profound and the music is well nuanced. I really don't know how you dislike this, but hey, it's all subjective, so we all have different tastes. The only songs that I disliked on this album were III and Gods, and I mainly disliked Gods because of the chorus. I love All the Ways Love Can Feel, The Fall, Fingers Crossed, Hostage, and 1990x. Lake by the Ocean is good too, but I don't like it as much as the others. I like Listen Hear too, but I wish the drums/percussion had a lil more soulful flavor to them. I didn't dislike Lost, but it felt rushed to me. I gave the album 3.85/5. I'm glad Stuart Matthewman returned for this album, but I felt like his contribution could've been better.


    Give this album a few more me it measures up to all the others. Initially I was nervous too.


    Kwame Johnson
    on a second listen I like this album more then black it's a more personal record and from listening to the lyrics I've learned a lot about the man behind the music however I don't feel his music is as pristine or rhymtm based as it once was if im not mistaken embrya had a damn string section that Max composed that's how intricate the melodys and the grooves were his sound currently is more gritty and minimalist which is fine he does it well but his speciality is in his smoother songs I can't quite put my finger on it but he had a magic in those first two records that doesn't simply exist in his current music

  56. CarrieBrooks

    im waiting fr a song to pump me up with beat and base like his NOW cd. this new release is soooo mellow. ill see whats to come

    Itachi's Widow

    definitely mellow

  57. ismail troxler

    Now I've liked the other tracks, but this here....I can so relate! I needed this.

  58. Antonella Puliti

    Please, came to Brazil! 💜

  59. Jennifer Haddad

    You did it again!!

  60. Thokozani Maseko

    There just seems to be more than just music from this album. It's all you expect plus a little more. I'm captured again just like I was with Urban Hang Suite.

  61. Cornelius T

    Thee King of Neo Soul!!!
    Having a heavy Pentecostal background I appreciate authentic artist, music, and sounds like this.

  62. Jamaal Lee


  63. natie8807

    I am so excited for this album!

  64. Don Joseph

    my fav artist💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖i miss ur song so bad

  65. Briana Kelley

    I get more + more excited with each track release! This album will no doubt be my jam all summer. I'm loving every song thus far.

    ismail troxler

    +Kwame Johnson I see your point, yet it still works. Sort of gives you a piece of the way his mind works, and what's on it. "Lost," is one of those depressing, down in the dumps, empty liquor bottle, 'cause I'm drinkin' away my sorrows, kind of tracks. The first time I heard it, I pictured the seen from the movie "There's Something About Mary," when Cameron Diaz' character, dumps Ben Stiller's for Bret Farve, and he leaves the house cryin'. But I love the track!

    Kwame Johnson

    @ismail troxler​ 😂😂

    ismail troxler

    +Kwame Johnson 😁

    Briana Kelley

    haha jeez @ismail troxler 

    ismail troxler

    +kelley briana 😆

  66. Rama Diallo

    Maxwell the maestro of the soul!😍💖👏🌹

  67. Maurice Smith

    love it. so smoothing

  68. Mrmufakk


  69. Vanja Ok

    Can't wait for this album!!!

  70. lhues

    I love everything I've heard so far! Mm Max is bringing us another classic album!

  71. Donnie Moreland

    With all the worlds troubles bearing down upon us, this is much needed! Thank you, Maxwell, for shining a light on our bruised souls.

  72. Mista Miggs

    Max keeps dropping Gems. #realmusic #maxwell #neosoul

  73. Dana D. Tomlin

    I ❤ it....M. You've done it again.💞

  74. Ashley Williams

    This is impeccable!! I'm in love!

  75. LaPFT

    This was really amazing!