Maxwell - Help Somebody Lyrics

There's a moving inner peace that I love to see
Gotta raise my soul to tell you how I feel
Gotta listen to the tears that people cry for me
In a world that's so wild fear creeps

'Cause when I get up to hear you tears just fill my eyes
Now I know I got to let the selfishness subside
Tell 'em y'all

Help somebody, help somebody
Show them what it is, give a little bit more
Help somebody, help somebody
Show them what it is, let 'em know

If you see the future ask it if I'm there
Ask it if I'm there

Ask it to tell you did I ever make a stand
Ask if you may care to mention, did I learn from everything?
And even if it takes a sea of eternity to know
I'll wait a century, a buried mess of bones, help me

Help me to give myself the way that you've given you
Help me to be the helping hand that makes a dream come true
Choir sing

Help somebody, help somebody
Show them what it is, give a little bit more
Help somebody, help somebody
Show them what it is, let 'em know

If I'm there, tell me if I'm there
Do you see me there?

Help somebody, help somebody
Show them what it is, give a little bit more
Help somebody, help somebody
Show them what it is, let 'em know

If you see the future ask it if I'm there
Ask it if I'm there

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Maxwell Help Somebody Comments
  1. XxStrattaGxX

    This should have 100 million views!!!

  2. CoCo VERNON

    Wow he does everything with the spirit of EXCELLENCE......I MEAN EVERYTHING. I adore him ❤💋


    Maxwell is so underrated

  4. Betsy Rubin

    WORDS FOR TODAY: If you see the future, ask it if I'm there. Ask it to tell you did I ever make a stand.

  5. 板倉由紀子

    The ultimate message for the universe☆Maxwell,thank you....From Ms Yukiko Itakura

  6. Dee Gold

    Very positive song great message and it touch your soul

  7. Kubale Nyaundi

    Published on Jan 21 2010

  8. Joe Lewis Band

    This my jam y'all...real music real message..

  9. Man of God

    🕎🕋🕎🕋📿 World Peace 🎶⚘🎼🌼🎶🌻🎼🌺⚘🎶💜🎵💗🎼🌼🌷🎼🎵💗🎶🌻

  10. Michael Mayes

    My song that i believe.

  11. Dianna De La O

    Que barbaro este señor

  12. kevseb66

    I can so see a collab with Maxwell, Eric Benet & Lenny Kravits.

    Jane Doe

    +kevseb66 should check out a song by Miguel and Lenny Kravitz called 'Face the Sun'. Its great!

  13. kevseb66

    I heard this piece in the supermarket of all places & forgot how astounding this album is.  This piece in particular didn't get the air play but is truly "inspired" to piggy back on another Y.T's comment  from the lyric to the killer arrangement Those horns just slay me. I've always loved Maxwell's vocal styling. I'm a very reluctant, shy singer but I connect with this man musically & he definitely inspires the singer in me. It hurts my heart that real (soul) music is no longer "in style".

  14. arleigh921


  15. Gabriel Bartolomei

    Chris Dave. Yea, buddy.

  16. Neil Batiste

    Can someone Please put Maxwell & Leela James in the same Studio

  17. deerose81

    ...those horns baby! those horns! Wheeew Lawd!!
    forever taking us to the MAX thru song...

    Rhonda Hines

    as a former Saxophone player, Yessssssssss.. to the horns


    @Rhonda Hines . .amazing!

  18. Tyson Ngubeni

    He's coming to South Africa in December.... and I can't WAIT!
    As for this song...
    Unbelievably crisp and detailed. Phenomenal

  19. Tiara Epps

    Love it

  20. freddy333ful

    Whats the logic of coming to a song just to dislike it? I guess you just dont like yourself...tss tss tss these low self esteem people.

  21. lotsofgreendrums

    Chris Dave! Uh! The breakdown at 3:00, the fill at 3:09, and the epic trips at 3:30!!!

  22. Ben Sztek Miller

    Chris Daddy Fuckin' Dave.

  23. nikkicole54321

    woo-hoo! 0 dislikes. :)

  24. ImSoFrenchy

    <3 Love u Maxwell ur awesome <3

  25. LeahAxkhan

    Lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve this Song

  26. altaria de LionCourt

    Maxwell is still awesome, even after all these years! No one compares to him!

  27. nwele

    @Congopartenariat vaux mieux tard que jamais! Son album dechire :)

  28. dilenspeaks

    So mad that I'm like way late on getting this album been so upset with music on the radio makes you not even want to listen to music anymore.

  29. Chris L

    it's good to see artists mature and grow over the years. when he came on the scene in the early 90's with "Ascension" he was obviously talented but this album shows that he's honed his craft.

  30. scb083

    @primec2004 i agree 100%

  31. isa28041966

    ;-)) !

  32. semiblow

    I love this song with an passion. The vibe the instruments the soul the lyrics it all comes together I love this song

  33. Tamara Lilly

    Wow! Whatever he does, it always sounds wonderful! Love his style :)

  34. Bobby Washington

    True R and B Lovers Come by my page.

  35. situationofchaos

    i agree but why in the hell would you take a 8 year abscence from music but then your comeback album you only put 9 songs on an album with a half ass interlude at the end!!!

  36. Linda Sentso

    this is just AMAZING.

  37. Thefunksoulbro

    @escapedlabmonkey7053 im jealous now

  38. serenadesilhout

    @amcjs biggest event for the music industry in 2008/2009

  39. escapedlabmonkey7053

    I can't wait for the Maxwell and Jill Scott tour. Nothing but good music.

  40. Michelle B.

    Damn! Really?
    I'm still trying to get his CD.

  41. DEMETRE Phipps

    I so Love Maxwell... My talk show coming out soon has his music as theme...

  42. Albert

    Wow! Maxwell is an American treasure.

  43. Joon

    @cutie21able, those words of sentiment are truly appreciated

  44. cutie21able

    this song is so right on about what we should do in wake of the earthquake in haiti so lets help haiti in there time of need.

  45. theselecterdjkirk

    What would Martin do?
    During MLK week and now in light of the Haitian Earthquake...we all need to helpsomebody.
    Vega-Special Xtra-Sweaterfunk
    San Francisco

  46. Manny0031

    this cd stay with me @ all times

  47. buffalobillsfan48

    Dedicated to Buffalo Detriot and all ather forgoten people

  48. Anthony Anderson

    the song got to me in a very good way

  49. Mahk Man

    absolutly 5star musician

  50. Mahk Man

    sirpasses exceptional!!!

  51. Ashelia87


  52. ursulaDR

    I just saw him perform on CNN's heroes. One word-AMAZING!!!!!
    Definitely 5stars!

  53. Cynthia Carlisle Fields

    I love the lyrics to this song. It is truly a challenge to us all to make a difference. "If you see the future ask it if I'm there." Wow, so deep, an honor to experience Maxwell's musical genius and committment to keeping it real! I saw the future, and you were there...

  54. Awillii



    This guy is amazing,a true artist and you gotta love him x

  56. hawie55

    5 stars baby!

  57. Marcia Padmore

    <3 u like da peppers on me PIZZA!!! xx

  58. PeekaPeep

    You'll get no rebuttals from me on this one, lol.

  59. QueenyKay

    you're absolutely right. He's doing very great music ! REAL MUSIC. You don't have to be sorry

  60. Randall Washngto

    I love this song! His whole cd is bangin!

  61. Stacee Lea A

    The is the best track on the cd and my favorite. His band is the best out there right now. Kudos to Maxwell for allowing his band to shine. That horn section is fire and the!

    Kiona McNutt

    Stacee Lea A If it ain't good, Maxwell ain't messin with it.

  62. Lucky Trinity

    Mr. Maxwell, you are doing wonderful work...seen and unseen. Thank you so much for the inspiring examples.

  63. Lucky Trinity

    Did he say "...if you see the future ask it if I'm there, ask it if I'm there"...? " and " me to give myself the way that you've given you, help me to be the helping hand that makes a dream come true."?

  64. ecee77

    Now if somebody can get "Fist Full of Tears" done up, that would be awesome. This whole CD is the business, but that track is something special...

  65. Didi Voigt

    This track is on fire...I love...keep on!

  66. PeekaPeep

    Man, this track is ON FIRE!!! Then again, this IS Maxwell we're talkin' here so I should've at least expected as much, lol...

  67. 5355903dee

    This song is awesome, thanks!