Maxwell - Fingers Crossed Lyrics

Cross your fingers, babe
Take ya time, don't stress about the minor things
If it wasn't meant to be

Maybe your love is just a big mistake
Maybe our love was just a world away
If you get the courage baby
One day, someday, probably, maybe
You'll be mine, all mine
Let me love you right, all night
All night, oh, oh

Cross your fingers, babe
I know sometimes, your love is pessimistic
Oh, baby, baby

Maybe your love is just a big mistake
Maybe your love is what you fabricated
If you get the courage, baby
Someday, maybe, probably, maybe
You'll be mine, all mine
Oh, you'll be mine, mine, mine

But you're not the kind
You have no time
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh

Cross your fingers, babe
I know sometimes, your love will only trick me
Oh, why would you let this go by?

They can tell you anything to change your mind
There's no mystery and you're not blind
Fingers crossed, you'll make the choice to make you mine
Make you mine, oh
Someday, maybe, probably baby
You can do it
Baby, you will be mine
All mine, all mine, all mine, all mine
Maybe you'll let me be your kind
Someday, maybe, probably, maybe
Maybe, someday, probably, baby
If you get the courage, lady
You, you, you

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Maxwell Fingers Crossed Comments
  1. danny kee

    The layered vocals @1:24 is oh toooo smooth

  2. Brodus Crowell

    You can rap to Maxwell songs

  3. QtyPie7

    Awesome song, I love the beat.

  4. Jackson Azevedo

    Love It

  5. stylecollective

    Love the horn arrangements.

  6. Andres Stanley


  7. Zoe Alexa

    You SIr....are a genius and a true artist.....oh, and that band<

  8. Quanda Bee


  9. Rossy R.

    love Song 😍😘

  10. Torsha Lane

    im looking for you

  11. TDG

    Hey Maxwell... We are glad for your success. Congratulatiions and so much success!!! Hugs from Brazil! by TDG-TeorDoGroove

  12. CarrieBrooks

    i want to like it but sadly👎


    Play it 5 times... Take a week or two break.. Then play it again.... And you'll love it!!!

  13. Nahem Award

    Magnifique chanson quelle belle voix

  14. Maine02

    He still makes music ?

  15. Rossy Ricciarelli

    best song album <3

  16. Pan Con Peo

    God Bless you Maxwell

  17. Huni Brown

    love the tone of his voice.

  18. Dough Haitian

    Congratulations Maxwell. I actually buy his albums while everyone else's albums get illegally downloaded and subsequently deleted from trash lyrics and sounds minus Solange!

  19. Charon Young

    He has an incredible ban. The horns are magical

  20. Barbara Christie

    Classic hit ....greatest of all times

  21. T axr

    You better sang this song! Someday, one day, probably maybe!! Yas! Come through horns and drums!! Can't help but shake it down!

  22. Keana Johnson

    My husband

  23. Melissa Baird

    me right now...😌

  24. Jovans Lorquet

    AMAZING Singer!! Love from a fellow Haitian :)

  25. LULU

    The horns are my favorite part of the song

    Quanda Bee

    Lu32ishLu ...I know right

  26. Roxan

    B E A U T I F U L

  27. Teksis

    Keep making the best music you can dude. You have reached GREAT status in my book since UHS.

    shirl williams

    Yesssss,Once Again Maxwell, Love You

  28. Martha Ibarra1965

    love the song the music, amazing job

    Ms Money

    Martha Ibarra Maxwell has always laid back vibe

  29. Asia Peterkin

    My new favorite song!


    Asia Peterkin new favorite?! Everything this man presents should be your favorite 😂😂