Maxo Kream - Spice Ln. Lyrics


Fat black, gap tooth, janky than a bitch (Huh)
Always known for hittin' licks
(Robbin' takin' niggas' shit)
On that kick door shit
Talkin' cash money shit
A hunnid Ps, ten keys (Maxo, Maxo)
Talkin' cash money bricks (Maxo, ok)

I ain't gotta use my pipe 'cause I could slap you like a bitch (Bitch)
Old peon ass nigga from the shoulders you ain't stiff (Bitch)
Remember posted on the Spice I had a Carbon and four fifths (Uh huh)
When Reload, J-Bo, and Door Hinges took the plug down for a lick (Ok)
They kicked the door and upped the pints, the pounds and codeine yeah they grabbed it
But they stupid ass forgot he had money in the attic (Stupid)
He sent them back a text message, cryin' that "I'm laughin'" (Haha)
But they still took his 50 pounds so they bagged it down and grammed it (What you do?)
Baggin' down and gram it (Uh huh)
Put it in a sandwich (Goddamn)
Bag with the paper tag, sellin' swag bags (Swag)
TECs with suppressor max, ain't leave Baghdad
Where we act like your friend then take your gas bag
Niggas know I'm janky, wipe your nose Mr. Hanky
Trappin' outta Stone Ridge, sellin' hoes and zones of mid
Where I went I found my plug Matt and took Jimmy's shit
Me and Ike, took ya back, to the trap and fat (Fat, okay)
Now we sellin' whole pounds, we ain't bussin' down (Uh uh)
Ojo got the strap, you make a move, he bust you down (He bust you)
In the trap I'm sleepin' on the floor, my pallet on the ground
I'm like "damn I gotta change that", I started sellin' K packs
Got 'em for the five hunnid, sold 'em for the two
Two a day, fifteen a week, them bitches used to boom (Goddamn)
My walkin' days was over, I copped that matte black Rover (Hey)
And then my bitch got pregnant, goddamn I shoulda kept it just a (I'm just a)

Fat black, gap tooth, janky than a bitch (Huh)
Always known for hittin' licks
(Robbin' takin' niggas' shit)
On that kick door shit
Talkin' cash money shit
A hunnid Ps, ten keys (Maxo, Maxo)
Talkin' cash money bricks (Maxo, ok)

Way back in '05, I knew mama was fed up (What?)
She put me out the house, I had to stay with the damn plug (Okay)
Hit the kitchen, rock whippin', stole a gun from my brother (Hey, hey)
Hit the trenches, Glock grippin', I had corns on my knuckles (Hey, hey)
Niggas know Maxo not for play play (Hell nah)
Dissin' Ed and D, aim broad day with the AK
Beefin' with YM100 man they should've seen it comin'
We caught 'em off Kirkwood, Lil' Jordan started gunnin' (Boom-boom-boom-boom-boom)
Hit 'em up ba-da-bing, we shot up everything
Niggas screamin' "Fuck Kream" they know exactly where we be (Exactly where we be)
Spice Lane, Stone Ridge, by the Mickey D's
On the same block where we lost Baby John and Cheese (Hey)
Bobby sellin' crack, Fredro totin' straps (Crack, straps)
Body bag, toe tags, catch 'em down bad (Catch 'em down bad)
Reload, robbed a nigga, no mask, at the racetrack (Hey, hey)
I hit 'em with the okey-dok and sold his dope back (Hey, hey)
I'm just a

Fat black, gap tooth, janky than a bitch (Huh)
Always known for hittin' licks
(Robbin' takin' niggas' shit)
On that kick door shit
Talkin' cash money shit
A hunnid Ps, ten keys
Talkin' cash money bricks
Fat black, gap tooth, janky than a bitch (Huh)
Always known for hittin' licks
Robbin' takin' niggas' shit
On that kick door shit
Talkin' cash money shit
A hunnid Ps, ten keys
Talkin' cash money bricks

(What you doing around Spice Lane man?
They'll put you in a goddamn casket
And you know what?
I'm never even gonna come to your fuckin' funeral, motherfucker)

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Maxo Kream Spice Ln. Comments
  1. Colin Lawrence

    This song makes my 10s sound like 15s

  2. Aj Josh

    10800 to 10110 🤮


    Loc'z It

  4. Charlie Chiefa

    This nigga rep Alief more than the niggaz that's actually from there.😂

  5. Jay

    Big Maxo Undefeated 🔥

  6. Khalid Hamza


  7. John De Falt

    would be perffect for gta

  8. Mr. J

    I grew up on Kirkwood 🔥🔥🔥



  10. Antonio howell

    Damn I miss chilling on spice lane smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  11. Antonio howell

    Forum park 😎

  12. Samantha Urban

    I just put myself on to Maxo and every song SLAPS

    Fresh Ink

    That's cuz he's a cripstian

  13. jheric0ol

    Man, this shit is just straight fire

  14. Blark

    Maxo, why you self snitch so much dawg? I'm not hating it just seems counter productive.

    Nathan Barnhart

    Honestly best way to connect with the fans


    @Nathan Barnhart yeah probably.

    Chris Mitchell

    Lol you called him dawg.

  15. Gungi Gangigaga

    Damn I think I found my favorite song on the album.. until I listen to another one 🔥

  16. Jakori Dewayne Fruge

    Thats the blocc spice i grew up on spice and went to landis i fw this fashooo 💙💙💙💙

  17. rabid

    Uh suppressor mags aren't a thing lol wtf you can't suppress a magazine


    You can use supressed ammo for supressers. Like subsonic

  18. Brando Banks

    Yea yea yea i know i was there too

  19. liluzivert*

    I really like like the 3d art for every eong

  20. AntGotWings

    Anybody else notice the Faneto sample? ✊🏽

  21. Lie Lie


  22. Carlos Herrera

    This whole album slap 💯

  23. Tony F.

    Kevin Gates and Maxo on a beat like this would be the shit.

  24. -Sadistik-

    Whenever a rapper says” remember-“ a district attorney is somewhere taking notes

    6lue Already Dead


    John Heffernan


  25. Morgster

    He boutta blow up😳

  26. Destani Bell

    Maxo lit like extendos

    little longsock

    Destani Bell bitch come eat my peepee tf

  27. Rajish Maraj

    Why is this guy not blown up yet wtf is wrong with this world?

    JOHN Smith

    lol dude... this album just dropped. Give it more time to sync into the world you'll see it's just a matter of time until he blows up .

  28. Young †

    bruh maxo really outdid him self mane 🔥🔥🔥🔥😭

  29. D'Sean Neal

    I don’t krip but my potna do imma blood so suwoo but maxo a nigga I’d respect like a real nigga should

  30. David Gill

    Best track

  31. Jorge Maycon

    a q mais gostei do album... d[-_-]b♫

  32. ΔΑΡΚ ΠΣΥ

    Hardest track on the album

    Frederic Reid

    great graph

  33. Alex Benavides


  34. Allen Hinton

    S/o to everyone in SW Houston

    Randy Jimenez


  35. Dready Nisbett

    Homie gave out his damn location for you fuck niggas!!!!

  36. Parra Painting

    Beat is dope hella infectious

  37. Rashad Marshall

    YM 100 Clicc. Maxo know what's up with that 100 clicc.

    Rockets 4L

    Who's them?

    Rafael Rodriguez

    Kream click GANG

  38. Logan Whitcomb

    The side chained 808s on the album take away from ur vox bro


    the mix sounds fine to me. are you listening thru a proper stereo system (left, right, and sub) that's eq'ed to deal with the acoustics of the room its in? try boosting 4 - 6kHz or cutting the lowend 2000Hz and under. that should help.

  39. Roberto VanGross

    Somewhere a state prosecutor smiling cuz maxo cream stay snitching on himself

    3MK NationTv

    atleast he aint 6ixnine or should i say SnitchNine

    Ian Bronk

    No face no case----and does it matter if it was a fat minute ago with no evidence,probably doing shit worse than what he is talking about let's be real. Just gotta know what your saying.


    @3MK NationTv Don't trust anyone that's ever liked 69

    John Heffernan

    Difference is date and times 😭 common sense

    Patrick Reilly

    lol you can be tried on something you did in the past even if he’s talking about it in a song

  40. Leo Smith


  41. Yung Crash Dummy

    ♿♿♿ Retarded!!! Cuh riiiipp!!!

  42. what

    This nigga straight lied about that YM/100 situation. Fiction ! Folks in Houston know the truth 😂😂😂

  43. Santiago Arguelles


  44. Black Caponemuzik


  45. LilMeat Qowe

    Add me in apex mothafucka

  46. RIP Mac Miller, you helped me with a lot

    Got this one on repeat.

  47. Martin Thomas-Nowlin


  48. Martin Thomas-Nowlin

    grew up in spice lane my whole mf childhood not the best place to be around your whole life I’ll tell you that 😂💯

    James R

    Right by the Walmart and FoodTown #BeltWay8UP


    FACTS. LOL. I remember when there was no Walmart, just Auchan and Randall’s on Beechnut, it DEFINITELY wasn’t the greatest place back then 💯💯💯💯💯💯

    Chris Mitchell

    He went to Albright.

  49. mcg okoro

    Alief 😈

  50. Itz Mikkey

    This how many people stay in Alief 👇🏽

    LUH JD



    Beechnut we in this thang!

    Marina Alvarez

    High Star right by elsik🌍🎲

    xASAPx *

    Spice Lane in this hoe you already know

  51. Rico

    The Fuck U Doing Around Spice Lane ? They’ll Put U in A Casket And Im Not Going To The Funeral Mother Fucker 💯

  52. OTF Scoot

    This that old Gucci Inspiration right here!!#!

  53. Brian Glaude

    Dat boi say trapn outta stone ridge


    Brian Glaude 405 shii🐍

  54. Pertti Perälä

    Diamond 🔥 🔥 🔥

  55. EAST

    Hit the cut down Beechnut

    El Cocaino

    Bust a beechnut

  56. supreme angel

    LOC for life♿💙

  57. bru bru lani

    Maxo kream and j.i.d are the best in the world at the moment


    bru bru lani you woke ash


    the actual fuck lol..

  58. Beats By Julius


  59. Matt fernando

    Whole album is fire damnnn

    Malcolm Battle

    Matt fernando
    this is true

  60. -DE-HowToTalk


    Pillow Theif

    07 thuggin vibes

    Mason Kent

    Ayyyyyyy Zezima type beat ^^^^^

  61. 1,000 Subs With One Video?

    Who ever is reading this I hope you accomplish your dreams this year 🙏🏽🙏🏽

    Parra Painting

    1,000 Subs With One Video? I hope maxi reads this... he needs it


    @Parra Painting he needs a different life, no followers on yt



  63. Lestad Defrence

    Cuh Rip Rollin 20 my barber 60's and he still fucc with his music cuh on crip

  64. Yurhomi 24

    Old peon ass nigga from the shoulders you ain’t stiff 😂

  65. Eddie Thegreatestofthemall


  66. BummyMike 444



    Talbout that Southwest Alief hoe 🤘💪♿