Maxi Priest - Try Lyrics

Don't rush the move you gotta make
Don't give it all before you take
Just step aside and watch a while
Be prepared to walk an extra mile
Flip the switch and check the groove
And now's the time to stop talk and move
Education is the only way
To learn to live to fight another day

We can make it if we try try try
Who's the mathematician Jah Jah on a mission try try try

Don't get caught in no desperation
Use your skill from your ghetto irration
Feel the vibration
Some people see it astrologically
But I didn't get that from my triga knowledgy

What a friend who would deceive
Use your faith when you believe
Thought he was a friend
The human love we thought was real
So off and on so what's the deal
Thought he was a friend yeah

We can make it if we try try try
Who's the mathematician Jah Jah on a mission try try try

Now tell me
Who's the mathematician
Jah Jah on a mission
Trying to find a way in this world of attrition
Jah Jah on a mission
Work it out,work it out

Keep it real

We gotta find a sanctuary
Flip into the 21st century
Keep it real and lose the fakes
Learn all your lessons from your own mistakes
Children now will come of age
Let's keep the love as we set the stage
Justice for all we can stand tall
No more comin' from back against the wall hey

We can make it if we try try try
Who's the mathematician
Jah Jah on a mission

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Maxi Priest Try Comments
  1. rose bud

    Just Awsome bless up Maxi Priest one love🎼🎼❤💛💚

  2. C Flo

    SING GWEN GUTHRIE (background!!) Love this.....

  3. Cathy Glitsch

    love this song sexy smooth and simply beautiful Maxi

  4. Irene Wakefield

    Memories of me and lost love.thank you for all you did for me.xx

  5. Arief Sheik

    My maxi da bomb

    kez cortez

    you know this

  6. Rotimi Rogesin

    up maxiiiiiiiiiii

  7. Danita Oates

    Ahh Trini

  8. whitneyyvette dross


  9. Michael Wiggan

    Maxi Priest blends R&B and Lover's Rock Reggae so Smoothly ...They just don't make it like this anymore!!!


    Maxi Priest, you strike me like a nubian !

  11. Carol Dhanoolal

    The son sounds just like dad! The young Priest! Sing on baby boy!

  12. Carol Dhanoolal

    My man ! Mr. Maxi Priest. Keep singing those classic songs. ! Hats off!

  13. Eric Grobri

    Excellent sound. Love Maxi.

  14. LuizBatista Lula

    Lula Malé

  15. Elfreda Ware

    wow yes I love you 😘😘😘😍😍😍💖❤️💘❤💖💗💗💞💕💋💋💋👍👍

  16. Elfreda Ware


  17. Elfreda Ware

    love you 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘💖❤💘❤💖💗💗💞💕💋💋💋👍👍

  18. Elfreda Ware


  19. Elfreda Ware

    love you 😍😍😍😘😘😘💖❤💘❤💖💞💕👍

  20. Elfreda Ware


  21. Elfreda Ware

    yes i love you 😍😍😍😘😘😘💖❤💘❤💖💞💕👄💋👄💋👄👍👍

  22. Elfreda Ware

    wow love u 😍😍😍💖❤💘❤💖💞💕👍

  23. Brooklyn Six

    Still love this 1992 hit by Maxi Priest!

  24. Sadique Munian

    I remember writing a letter to this girl that I broke up with and I used these lyrics she was impressed

    louis maloma

    hahahahahah bullshit

    George George

    impressed despite dumping her? wow, the lyrics must have been laced with a portion of heartbreak soothing lotion. lol

  25. Dennis Silifaiva

    Old school!

  26. Bilkisu Iliyasu Ibrahim

    An excellent love songs keep it up

  27. Beverley Buchanan

    Respect to Maxi Priest and all the Oriiginal Reggae Super Stars, those that Facebook before and the Best of What is left behind to carry on Reggae Culture

  28. svg571

    The BEST ....

  29. Martin Torres

    Overrated, mannn!

  30. Benjamin Adjaye

    One of the best of Maxi priest...too good an Oldie....bravo Maxi.

  31. penta2go

    The impressive hi-hat was played by Sly Dunbar, I feel.

  32. Arvin Starr

    Why is this unavailable every time I want to lesson to this

    Cheikh Tidiane NDAO

    +Arvin Starr u can listen to this my friend! why not?bless:)

  33. Rita Singh

    Loving this song maxi priest he just keeping it real.

  34. Serge Jean

    Nuff respect to the man call Maxi  .

    Cheikh Tidiane NDAO

    @Serge Jean Good thanks

  35. pauline albert

    Lovely song. Right from the soul!! Respect

    Benjamin Adjaye

    Yes Pauline...real lovely and very appealing to the ears. Bravo to Maxi Priest.

  36. Dica Jr.

    Great voice and stage presence, I was privileged to see him sing in acoustic shell Teatro Castro Alves in Salvador Bahia, Brazil. 
    Very charismatic he called some girls to dance onstage with him, including my wife Nancy Guimarães. 
    A fantastic band and 2 women and a guy in doing Backs 
    a wonderful harmony.

    Dica Guimarães Jr

    Cheikh Tidiane NDAO

    Big up Brazilia, a land of reggae music. Give thanks for your support. Reggae is life and Maxi Priest is quite awesome.Much Love and Respect.Irie!

    Dica Jr.

    Eu escuto One more chance dezenas de vezes no MP3, the backssensual  sweet !
    The woman in you amazing song;Maxie Priest
    mescla Soul & Reggae Wonderfull idea.
    Eu sou fan  dos mega Produtores Jimmy Jam &Terry Lewis e vi que Maxie Priest é acima de tudo um SoulReggae man e tem know how.

    Dica Guimarães Jr,Salvador,Bahia-Brasil

    Dica Jr.

    +Cheikh Tidiane NDAO - #WoodinTheMachine Salvador,Bahia-Brasil. DGjr.
    I saw Maxi Priest Performing here in Salvador, Maxie danced with several girls and my wife was the first lady chosen him
    to the stage, he is very talented and charismatic ..
    Amazing: Band & back vocals too.

    Cheikh Tidiane NDAO

    Morning @Dica Guimarães Jr
    Love ur comment. Big thanks!!!
    Maxi is great and got a nice voice. Glad that we share the same feelings.
    Greetings from Strasburg (France)

  37. C Flo

    I love this! I hear the late Gwen Guthrie on this.

    Cheikh Tidiane NDAO


    Sharlena Teresko

    TO THE MAX!!!!!

  38. Dica Jr.

    Eu vi um Show do Maxie Priest ele canta muito bem e a performance tão perfeita qe  parece o CD rolando num sonzão, a banda era um espetáculo a parte, nos vocais 2 mulheres e um homem eles fizeram um arraso.
    Em Salvador na Concha acústica do Teatro Castro Alves, foi na época do hit the woman in you.
    Dica Guimarães Jr, One more chance é uma balada reggae,Soul.
    Salvado,Bahia-Brasil 11:05 26/02/2014

  39. Luve Apostle

    my best track from MAX mAN