MAX - Just Maybe Lyrics

I live on the west side,
In this quiet little loft.
5000 square feet,
Maybe little's a little off.
But it's still cozy,
Having parties all the time.
Friends waiting in line to get in.

She live on the east side,
In this gigantic studio.
300 square feet,
Ok it's small but it's still a place to go.
And we'll meet up in the middle for coffee
Ok I'll get a protein shake, she'll have a coffee cake

And maybe she's quirky
Maybe she's great
Maybe I like her
And maybe it's fate.
Just maybe
Just maybe

And her schools down town,
Private and pretentious.
Mines uptown,
Public and contentious.
But we'll meet up in the middle,
For dinner
She'll get something an franca I'll get a PB&J

And maybe she's perfect
And maybe she's strange
Maybe I love her
But maybe that'll change
Just maybe
Just maybe

The cliché will set in
And she'll say it's not you it's me
And the tribe will relapse
And your love will collapse
Without a second to see
What happened
What happened
And maybe it's over
And maybe she's through
Maybe she moved on
But you can't say the same for you
Just maybe
Just maybe...

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MAX Just Maybe Comments
  1. Shelby Mazo

    I just got transported back to the ninth grade, wow this song is still so moving!

  2. Robyn Carswell


  3. Talisa N.

    your eyes brows 😦😂❤️

    edit: this MAX is a legend❤️

  4. Jessica Laz

    When it’s 2018 i keep coming back to watch this video

  5. Frickle Frackle

    I can’t believe how far this man has come. I was like 9 years old when I saw him on Nickelodeon. I was obsessed with him for like 2 years, I had a twitter dedicated to him, I watched his YouTube videos RELIGIOUSLY, especially this one. This one was my favorite. Look at him now. He’s on the friggin RADIO. I love ya Max, keep doing what ur doing.

  6. Sib

    Disney vibes haha

  7. Riverdale_fan_13

    First note of the song
    Me: *dumbstruck and has mouth open*
    Song: *keeps playing*
    Me: Oh. My. God. This is freaking amazing!

  8. cassandra santner

    @MAX seven years later, where is the musical!!!

  9. Frickle Frackle

    2010 feels like it happened a year ago ):

  10. Everardo Chavez

    you should definitely record this again with better quality! it's a great song and I would love to hear what you could do with it now

  11. Denny

    can you please record this song again? it's my favorite song if yours and I'd love to hear it with better quality.

    Everardo Chavez

    Denny same

  12. Lia Jackson

    It's 2017💖💖💖 this doesn't seem that long ago lol I feel old! But I'm so happy for how far he has come💕 love ya Max

  13. Olivia Pruitt


  14. Julia M.

    I need to stop watching these old videos, i'm getting emotional

    Crystal Christine

    Julia M. Same 😭😭

  15. Mia Murray

    This is song is so cute and it's perfect ILYSM 💖❤️

  16. CosmicAngel16

    Does anyone hear The Last Five Years soundtrack in this song? No? Just me? XD

  17. Fangirl7474

    I keep coming back to this omg I love it so much one of my favorite songs

  18. Winky W

    That song is PERFECT!!!! I´ve loved it since the first time I heard it (and that doesn´t happen very often :D)

  19. Elex Hill

    Please write this musical, haha.

  20. Zoe Mills

    check out my covers please 

  21. owl

    This is actually one of my favorite songs (and believe me I listen to a lot of music) I get it stuck in my head as well <3 

  22. emily409673

    Max i  don't  think  you'll  see  this  but  it  would  be  awesome if  you  could  make a  studio  version of this  don't get  me  wrong  but  i am the type of person that likes to  have  good songs  in more than one version

  23. Tearza Couture

    Every time I hear his angelic voice, and or see his handsome face i get butterflies in my stomach and shivers. oh my lord. Wish I could do a cover with him!

  24. Morgan Vizzini

    This was amazing! SO true and emotional! Had me crying at the end there. You're so amazingly gorgeous in a hot guy way lol and you have the perfect voice. I loved this so much, you're very talented

  25. Joelle Krakower

    this is amazing. and i think ive watched it at least 15 times- PLEASE WRITE MORE LIKE THIS FOR US <3

  26. Fangirl7474

    Haha I love his head bob at 1:09 <3

  27. Chantae Lawrence

    I have watched this about five times already. Time to watch it some more. You should do more songs like this

  28. Winchester

    This is so cute. 

  29. me, myself & i

    you're very beautiful and your voice uf..

  30. Emma Spyker

    i had such a hard time finding this song again and YAY i found it!

  31. StayDay

    Whoever disliked this, doesn't know music nor do you have a soul

  32. nia Lewis

    You werre so young now look at you

  33. John Michael Garrido

    He is so different here :)

  34. Chloe Makayla

    I love the way he sings this :)

  35. Madison Lipka

    1:38 fav part

  36. JustLiving7898


  37. Ava Bartolome

    This is amazing. Your voice would be perfect for a musical or voice over!

  38. Tara H

    Please write a musical….

  39. Khym12

    I just randomly found him on you tube and I am in love with him now.

  40. Josie Rimmer

    i cry everytime....

  41. Shelby Mazo

    I found this song about to years ago and I'm so glad I did it's still one of my top songs by u

  42. adele davis

    This is fantastic :D

  43. Sarah Parr

    This song started my obsession a little over a year ago. I have loved you ever since you opened your mouth and sang a note. You are perfect and always have been and I love you!!! Please come to Texas on your tour I want to see you live so bad!!!

  44. Jackie Meade

    this will forever my video by you

  45. amanda amaro

    Still watching in 2013<3

  46. Christa Beriswill

    Oh my goodness! This needs to be a musical :) It really does have that vibe!

  47. misshay18

    I though Max was American... he sounds so British♥

  48. Sadey Rodriguez

    i know you have probably heard this many times but dude, you have something special, that nobody else has. no matter how much auto tune is used or how many signinng lessons someone takes they can never recreated the originality you bring. you should do a new original because i really miss it. i love the authetic sound that i hear in your voice without voicing over or using all that technology to record it. keep going strong, your amazng

  49. Daisy Shephard

    this is one of my favs of his original songs x its amazing!

  50. Froukje -

    wow, please write a musical:P

  51. catherine francis

    haha cute!!

  52. LoveGlitterCasey

    This has to be the best song ever written.

  53. cristil deni

    Where can we get your CD?

  54. Alexis Tejeda

    You're perfection

  55. Will Stale

    PUT THIS ON ITUNES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Laurie Bernadel

    can i buy this one day?

  57. Fatma Arikan

    cute ;) and i love you (( a lot!!

  58. Allanah Espinosa

    i love you max....

  59. McKayAllison

    Just showed this amazing song to my friend and we are sitting here about to cry because of the raw emotion that was put in this beautiful song. Love you baby!

  60. Rarissa Farias

    Max eu te amo <3 muito eu quero casar com você aceita :DDD

  61. Ashley Odriozola

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this song...I could totally see the story playing out in my mind and could relate to the emotions of this song!!!! I listened to this song like 5 times in a row and put it in a playlist!!!

  62. Julia M.

    this song is amazing *o*
    I always push at the end of the video the replay button, can hear this song all the time.

  63. mochi chimchim

    He's so good..... Looks like a singing vampire he has like fangs lol

  64. Alyssa .Koconis

    I love it so much!!! I just added it to my playlist on here

  65. Alejandra Victoria

    jaja I love it ! jaja <3

  66. Shayleen Smith

    Finally, a unique song. The melody was constantly surprising me. Great job!

  67. Liberty Mcrobbie

    lol this is adorable

  68. Line Horn

    Beautiful song Max! i would love to sing with you ;) but I live in Denmark... )':

  69. drew stwart

    AWESOME dude!!!!!!!!!!

  70. will harmer

    put them up, just try, you might be surprised. :)

  71. PartyGirl252

    That was amazing!!

  72. Natalie Moran

    youre pretty freakin awesome max ♥

  73. 3Glimpse3

    0:07 "Weird Gremlin Moment",
    how adorable :)

  74. 3Glimpse3

    when did you?

  75. Bradley Bevins

    Yep. I'd like to see/hear you write a musical.

  76. dener pereira

    like love

  77. Brigette Wolf

    I love your voice I wish you were noticed more often

  78. Joy

    That was soo beautiful great job

  79. Chupanzee Choo

    OOmigod!!!! I absolutely loved that part!!!!!

  80. pj de leon

    hello future Roger of "Rent"! :)

  81. Patriana-Dae Griffiths

    He's so cute.

  82. sunrisAFILavenue

    haha yeah but i cried...

  83. Lilian Lee

    omg he said pb&j his fav snack!!!

  84. Tara H

    i can see the story unraveling ... please write a musical to this. It would be perfect.

  85. Stacy Hernandez

    At 1:58 he got so into the song i though he was going to break down and cry!!

  86. Tami B

    Let me love you....please??(:

  87. Christina Barron

    I love this song its so pretty I can see this in a play or something

  88. brig

    hes flirting with his camera:o oh god i wish i was that camera<3

  89. Sheyla Elyse

    I'm in love. This is the best song ever.

  90. Elexis Schneider

    Best song ever!

  91. Zo Sess

    god hes cute

  92. Sharina Zitterich

    Maybe ..
    Forever alone :-(

  93. Kelsey Jeffs

    His vibrato when he sings "studio" at 0:40 melts my heart. :)) ❤

  94. Katie Rose

    I love how much emotion he puts in his songs <3 it's beautiful

  95. Cassandra Coelho

    im in love . omg.

  96. Anna Menzel

    you're just beautifull.

  97. Shavonté Michaela Dill

    i love the way you are so focused into your music when you sing and the emotion you show through your eyes and expressions...your amazing!

  98. Kate Bain B

    I keep coming back to this video :) i simply love it <3