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It's 2 am inside my room
I lie awake, still making moves
Oh, where will I lie next year?
Who will lay here next to you?
It's 5 am, I'm still in bed
No sleep, I wrote this song instead
Can't plan it all, ain't got the truth
Knew it all 'fore I knew you

She said, "Look at me, baby
Do you wanna have this baby?"
Will she still be my baby if I say no?

And darling, where do we go?
Do we make this a home?
Do you think that we're grown enough to make this a home?
Darling, where do we go
Do we make this a home
Do you think that we're grown enough to make this a home?

It's 9 am, I'm picking names
A boy or girl, it's all the same, yeah
She'll stay here or move away
Little house for just us three
It's 10 am, go grab that test
Walk through the drug store, she's a mess
She's scared as hell, is it too late?
Are we ready now or should we wait?

I said, "Look at me, baby
Do you wanna have this baby?
I'll still be your baby if you say no"

And darling, where do we go?
Do we make this a home?
Do you think that we're grown enough to make this a home?
Darling, where do we go
Do we make this a home
Do you think that we're grown enough to make this a home?
Won't you sing it out

I may not be the best father
But I'll try my hardest
You can grab my hand harder
I promise I won't let go

And darling, where do we go?
Do we make this a home?
Do you think that we're grown enough to make this a home?
Darling, where do we go
Do we make this a home
Do you think that we're grown enough to make this a home?

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MAX Home Comments
  1. Dualos

    came here bcs acid dreams

  2. Chase Harrelson


  3. Anna Julia

    Tururu ;-;

  4. Nolene Ge

    Why do I feel like his voice sounds like a mix of Nick and Joe Jonas on some parts?

    Just me? Ok

  5. Bassant Medhat

    This album i can't stop listening

  6. SpongebobLogan channel Network

    Jack Dorethy outro Song

  7. Albert Martinez


  8. alpha moon

    Here's the shop of replays
    0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 hope you take some

  9. B3llet Truth

    Love this!

  10. TheBoomPhantom

    When the remix has more views than the original...


  11. FFA Games jogos

    cadê o br

  12. Jiyeon Park

    Goals like these 😍😍😍

  13. Jiyeon Park

    This song is soo underrated... 😕😕 Such an amazing song

  14. *-TheXboxAndFortniteKidd55-*

    I can’t even think of Max commuting that cycle. Eewww. But I love this song

  15. grey neko


  16. *-TheXboxAndFortniteKidd55-*

    This is jack Doherty’s outro

  17. kyleigh cassidy

    ugly haircut

  18. Tanaya Myer

    Who’s heard the remix? (max-home -it’s a different remix) go check it out

  19. Taylor Snider

    So proud of Jack and Ryan (AJR) for writing this❤️

  20. Claire Burgess

    These are some deep lyrics. Love it 💜

  21. Guy Bates

    Your the Best singer ever and we wish the Best for you a very very happy nice guy wish the Best🤗🤗🤗😘👍👍👌👌👌💓💓💖💎 max

  22. Saurav Kalal

    What's name of this song I searched for it on Google but didn't got it somebody pls tell me name of this song


    Drake - 5AM in New York

  23. Xquavius Ellison

    Dang these lyrics tho. Rare to hear a up beat pop sort of trap song with these deep lyrics. I like it. It's unique.

  24. Jaylan Morkovsky


  25. Debbreona Williams

    I love his music so much and he is my favorite first male singer that I have heard about he is so cute and I love his voice so much to were I would want to have his voice to sing instead of mine he is so amazing and I will never stop loving him.

  26. Jaylan Morkovsky

    i listen to this song everyday after school when im doing homework

  27. Wiktoria

    I was here 2 years ago and 5 years ago. No because snapchat lol

  28. clare

    The lyrics of this are so perfect to me for some odd reason. They’re so different from the rest of the songs in his album and they have such an interesting story behind them.

  29. Jarno Van Tuil

    Already loved the song, then payed attention to the lyrics, then loved it even more...

  30. dani plascencia


  31. Bridget C

    1st listen: wow this song is legit I’m gonna listen to it again and again
    2nd: “it’s 10am go grab that test...” wth is this wait let me replay it.
    3rd: holy shi.... it’s about someone being pregnant hold up

  32. David Middleton

    So good!!

  33. einzigalex

    Fast zwei Jahre später und ich höre diesen Song immer noch. Einfach ein perfektes Lied: Gefühlvoll, hammer Beat und tiefgründiger Text. Max ist so mit der unterschätzteste Künstler unserer Zeit.

  34. Missy Moser

    Truly amazing

  35. Awesomeness Monster

    Damn, when he said "and darling where do we go", I thought Bruno Mars was here. Anybody else?

  36. amelie

    I'M HERE

  37. Gabryela Paloma

    fucking amazing <3 I love you Max

  38. Marisha Holloway

    This songs lit

  39. fleurie yle

    Damn you're great ❤

  40. 안준서

    Wow!! Max voice good
    I like this song

  41. Aimee Mustafa

    who is here in 2017 and still loves this song??? x

    Chris Grissom

    Aimee Mustafa lol I'm in 2018 bumping this

  42. Beatrix M.


  43. Jojo Blanks

    This song is so amazing. It's so true when you listen to the lyrics

  44. Jeboysevo

    Sweet tunes. I used it for my intro!!


    I liked in the remix trap nation

  46. muna abdu

    This song is SOO dope love it 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

  47. Antonia's Adventures

    Still love the song with all of my heart... Awesome work, MAX!

  48. MGKBoss 99

    So Max was at a Basement Party he took a Mugshot and got drunk with 10 Victoria's Secret Models and later on Lost His Way Home and ended up at some place called Hell's Kitchen Angel XD sorry! I couldn't help myself lol

    Sarah Hadiii


    Sarah Hadiii


  49. Jeremy Behling

    how can someone not like this song?

  50. maria qad

    Omg I love max this is my favorite song
    He should be known more

  51. Megan Youngblood

    makes u realize what couples truly go through in this scenario

  52. brian law

    how come he's little known ???? I think he 's got talent

  53. Nella Babe

    Woow! Who is this guy?? it's amazing

  54. J K

    who else came from the "it's different remix"?

  55. Crash

    That voice. Inspiring.

  56. Mario Susanto

    only 379k viewers? don't worry Max, I'll helps you promoting.

  57. Celest Gray

    Anyone notice it has less views than likes?

  58. MrBAnZ

    It's weird cause.when he hits the part when he says "Darling where do we go" he sounds like Bruno.but the rest he sounds like The Weekend and JB.or is it just me

  59. Sofie Locati

    Amazing tbh, all the feels

  60. Stryng Cash-junky

    love it

  61. Mike Falciglia

    Yo! Dude is talented! So glad I bumped into his stuff! Got us moving over here.

  62. jenarin

    still freaking addicted to this song ❤❤❤

    Gustavo Alamilla

    jenarin Same😂 ✌

  63. Joe Dorben

    I saw how little attention this song got so I thought it wouldnt be that good but it's actually dope

  64. Gabby B

    Holy crap he is amazing!!!!

  65. Katrina Kroeze

    Beautiful 💕🎶

  66. Wolfpack Kate

    Feb. 2017 anyone

  67. EggsandMayo

    hit and shook. some really powerful lyrics my goodness

  68. lar_VFX

    Can I use this in a montage?

  69. Blin

    try 1.25 speed , thank me later ;)

  70. J. Free

    who's here from instagram?

  71. Kenny Meyer

    can i use this in my video

  72. khoa

    Why doesn't she buy a Plan B?

  73. Noella Clarke

    why am i just finding this ...oh my xmas presenr

  74. HIPZTER◬

    lol... i didn't know that this is the dude from nickelodeon xD

  75. Rupi H

    Cool the remix me trap nation is better

  76. Huy Huy

    light down low ^^

  77. NarKozZ N-C

    Better than the remix from Trap Nation in my opinion

    tina wadhawa

    Mr HYDE KTO exactly!

    Dan Wheeler

    Mr HYDE KTO depends

  78. Roxana T.


  79. Mahi Ali

    He got married a few months ago. It was one of the couple of beautiful things to happen in this hell hole of a year. <3

    Ellie Dudgeon

    someone called Emily i think,

  80. CoC Inspector

    Who's here from Trap Nation?


    GlossyNyds my mom

    Queen Fashion16

    GlossyNyds me



  81. beebo

    Who's here from the new remix :D

    NarKozZ N-C

    Me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey !


    Mr HYDE KTO ayyyyy

    Evan Cogdill

    DJ_COW5 me man

    Jay 212006

    DJ_COW5 me

  82. Mallia Marshae

    You and your music are beyond inspiring! I just discovered your music & Rags today an I'm absolutely in love! You have such an amazing voice and today it took me to a safe haven in my mind that I haven't visited in some time due to my recent disability. I just want you to know that your music is touching lives, keep being amazing!

  83. Pathana Pathana

    This song is soooo good.. the lyrics and all

  84. junglejim4322

    this song is so underrated. Here before it blows up

  85. MrTyco33

    how am i just finding about you? there's not a single song i don't like

  86. MonochromeThunder

    Guys singing about popping pussy and getting high and then we have Max, singing about teen pregnancy and the struggle. <3 real music right here.


    Yeah, I know, but it's a nice way of saying, "I got this bitch pregnant" yknow?

    Gustavo Alamilla

    MonochromeThunder You right u right

  87. mel !!

    holy shit, this one is still one of my absolute faves. it's amazing

  88. Brooke Whittemore

    He really has a talent. Ive only heard one of his songs on the radio which is absolutely insane. It was gibberish btw. Go watch it. Please.........

  89. ashlyn taylord

    it gave me chills when the beat first dropped

  90. Darrian Cauley

    Damn his high notes give me chills everytime I listen to this song!

  91. Milly Therson

    I heard this song at a store and I quickly ran to the cashier and asked her what this song is called and she wrote it down for me!!! I love this song so much

  92. Vaekoo #17

    i just love this!

  93. MDGN

    Lol found this guy when he was doing covers because of the Nickelodeon movie he was in (main character), did anyone else watch 'Rags'??????


    @Evah K haha

    Aliyyah Jackhan

    I found him from how to rock and have been watching him since


    omg the memories


    MDGN God, me too, he's being groing a lot and doing awesome music

    Alina K

    Three times) I love this movie!

  94. Ellen Keane

    help me omg this is gold


    i have a video of me singing this song max, please check it out!!

  96. Kay J

    He's sooooo good! I never heard of him but he's so so good seriously ,youre my fav in this moment 👏🏻 good job