MAX - Holla Lyrics

Holla holla holla...

I’m not just another man.
C’mon give ya dog a bone, cat lover.
I don’t think you understand.
Ain’t got time for basic.

I could be the best night you never have again
or I could be your long run the one.
I could be your confidant, with some benefits, ooo

Ooo, I wanna do ya’ like a dream come true.
Yes I do.
Ooo, so if I’m something you could get into.
Just holla holla holla
Holla holla holla

Tell me I’m you’re biggest fan.
Cause real deal you’re a bad mother mother.
Good god I want it bad. Kitty power baby

I could be the best night you never have again
or I could be your long run the one.
I could be your confidant, with some benefits, ooo

Ooo, I wanna do ya’ like a dream come true.
Yes I do.
Ooo, so if I’m something you could get into.
Just just holla holla holla
Good God Almighty
Holla holla holla
Good God Almighty

I know you been around the track that girl but, holla holla holla,
If you wanna love me back then holla holla holla
I know you never go this fast oh holla holla holla
But if I get it I’mma give it right back yeah...

Ooo, I wanna do ya’ like a dream come true.
Yes I do.
Ooo, so if I’m something you could get into.
Just holla holla holla
Good God Almighty...
Holla holla holla...

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MAX Holla Comments
  1. Jimmy Skaggs

    Merdix Antwinette brought me here!

  2. IGotBills2187 M’G

    But his hair tho 😢😭😱😰😥 his hair was soo perfect

  3. KTM lover

    Let’s hear it for Fooligan

  4. Diamante Mirabelle

    this dude is severely underrated

  5. N U T

    1:08 1:20

  6. Lupe Aguilar

    I knew that I recognized fooligans intro from somewhere!!!

  7. Carter Chase

    Who else is here because of fooligan lol

  8. Cocoon

    why are the views less than 1mil tho...

  9. jxstprxn 8


  10. LeVeL

    he is best barber

  11. your dad

    the question is:
    who ISNT here from fooligan?

  12. sketchy man


  13. Squishy Ninja338

    1:09 is fooligan intro

  14. ReQS Banana

    Fooligan anybody?

  15. Dj CZ7

    I like your song Max

  16. Dj CZ7

    I am here because the fooligan

  17. Hella Hella

    Fooligan gang

  18. Zenducc _

    Everyone seems to be here cuz of this fooligan game but I heard this in fh3 on the groove music default playlist and I ran out of the subscribtion so i was just tryna look all over the internet and i FINALLY found it jajajajaj

  19. DJ Extremegamer


  20. Mahdi R.

    Came here from Fooligan #Bikelife

  21. AforesaidTiger

    Ayyye GROM squad

  22. Andrei T.


  23. Andrei T.

    grom squadddddddddd lescoooo holla

  24. E .G

    I wish this song had more views

  25. MoreBadTricks


  26. She's Not Afraid

    when I think music is dead and and no one has any talent, there you are! Boom! MAX!
    still a jam, keep pushing forward, glad whoever fooligan is has good music taste🖤

  27. The gasoline Man


  28. Izoo zo0

    1:10 fooligan intro

  29. Earth WormSALLY GET IT RIGHT

    Still watching fooligan 2018!!

  30. Aditya Patnaik

    Grom squad bois

  31. ItsSimplyJames


  32. Sulafa Abdullah


  33. Mini Mellow

    Fooligan for the win haha

  34. DUM DUN

    dubstep punk yeah

  35. - lovelyseok

    ain't no holla back gurl

  36. Vontu's Music Corner

    Max got hit in his beautiful face.

  37. Imagine A World

    1:59 mehh!! xDDDDDD

  38. Imagine A World

    1:24 ive never wanted to be punched in the face so badly... I think im in love >;)

  39. Imagine A World

    1:07 to hear the intro!!!!!

  40. WhosClarence

    are you foolish enough?

  41. Random Ryan

    Am I The Only One That Thinks He Kinda Looks Like The Stradman?

  42. Chloe Couszins

    I hate snake

  43. ATETAM

    fooligan brought me here

  44. Turtle_poop _13

    Max better thank fooligan

  45. Parker M

    so i guess the torch is passed by shaving the next big artist's hair? Like, didn't Mark Hoppus shave Pete's?

  46. Collin Mustico

    I’m here because of Fooligan

  47. Anukul Kedia

    He is so underrated. He is very talented

  48. Andrei T.


  49. pujibur

    tf pete

  50. VINCE.912


  51. Fondos

    Grom Squad

  52. Alysavos15650


  53. 문성연

    this song is amazing

  54. Naomi

    I keep thinking this is by Bruno Mars.

  55. CamJVlogs

    Grom Squad

  56. Cameron Spencer


  57. anonymous

    This has sooooooo good vibe. I hope there will be more type of song like this more.

  58. william hynes

    Over a year later...still listening!!!

  59. Nick Wheeler

    GROM SQUAD!!!!

  60. Zephyerr


  61. Alain Dadourian


  62. Myron Napper

    Fooligan anyone?

  63. Dermatillomaniac

    such a good "get pumped" song!

  64. Robin Håkenrud Edvardsen


  65. Mighty Machines

    I'm here from Fooligan....OGS for life!

  66. Ryoko H

    I may or may not belt "Oooh I wanna do you like a dream come true, yes I do!" at the top of my lungs while driving in my car XD

  67. Angie James

    is that?? pete wentz??? what? its?? going on?? what??? EXPLAIN PLEASE

  68. Joshua Dunn

    Who else knows this from Fooligan

  69. Shaded 13


  70. Marc 20

    13k views = randoms peoples600k views = fooligan fansLOL

  71. Joshua Williams


  72. Digvijay Singh

    oh shit!
    this guy isn't famous,
    he should be a superstar by now,
    god what is happening to taste of music of the youth,
    he's gonna be real big one day

  73. Nick Adeletti - Tech


  74. SonsyWhale

    Fooligan anyone?

  75. RainBow

    Fooligan intro everybody

  76. Hukić

    I came here because of fooligan haha

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    Forza Horizon 3 :)

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    Forza horizon 3 radio be like

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  82. Panic! And join the twenty øne fall out Parade


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    who else got here from fooligan

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  85. Akuma-Fluff

    Grom Squad where you at?? 🙌

  86. Vidya Moni

    I really loved this song! Keep being awesome Max! 😘

  87. Skylar Stokes


  88. Emily Hernandez

    i love you and you so cute and i love your songs so much

  89. FreeSUPREME23

    I came here from Forza Horizon 3

  90. Tallen


  91. 717 Jeepin


  92. Dillan BassBoosted

    anyone want me to bass boost this song?

  93. fernanda Kelly

    Max deserve more,his voice is so good that i'm addicted in every song that he sings

  94. NekoTheDark

    I need friends like max has in this video, I need someone I can trust that much or don't trust that much. I KNOW my friends, even though I still love them with all my heart, would shave a penis into my hair or a curse word or something bad

  95. Hendi Wiedmann

    Omaha Grom Squad

  96. Bunly Heng

    Tbh, I think this song got famous by Fooligan (OGS)