MAX - Christina's Song Lyrics

I sit in this kitchen
Staring at your name
The headline won't sink in
Just saw you yesterday
Left you a message
I guess it never came
Can you hear. Can you hear. Can you hear.
But I don't understand
Read it again
Can't catch my breath

Turn off the news it must be wrong
This can't be true, can't believe you're gone
How can they say, you're where you belong
You should be here, and I shouldn't be singing this song

I look at this picture
From the day we first met
It's like I've known you forever
That's what we both said
Rain on that Sunday
3 words in that text
Did you hear. Did you hear. Did you hear.
Cause I don't understand
Read it again
Can't catch my breath

Turn off the news it must be wrong
This can't be true
Can't believe that you're gone
How can they say, you're where you belong
You should be here, and I shouldn't be singing this song

How do I wake up
And start this day again
Tell you to stay home
Just don't get out of bed

Turn off the news it must be wrong
This can't be true, can't believe that you're gone
How can they say, you're where you belong
You should be here, and I shouldn't be singing this song

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MAX Christina's Song Comments
  1. Klaudia Rabenda

    still not over this song 💔😥

  2. Cathleen861

    Wonderful tribute. Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. Robyn Carswell

    Don't ever stop making music because you are amazing just amazing

  4. Ray Eilish

    I miss her so much😞

  5. HA M

    3years later and im still listening and missing her

  6. paul armstrong

    Still hits home 2 years later

  7. AMZII Official

    No Matter How Long It's Been It's Always Going To Hurt..

  8. Scotty Brunette

    "How do I wake up?
    and start this day again?
    Tell you to stay home,
    just don't get out of bed."

    That part got me. I wish you were able to do that.

  9. Melon 321

    I don’t respect people who dislike this song, you’re really sick

  10. Diva Srivastava

    Chills... even after 2 years.

    גל מרנשטיין

    Ugh ikr

  11. Julian the random person

    Rot in hell Kevin James Loibl

  12. Influencer Update

    I just found this song yesterday and it's crazy how this monstrosity still hurts as if it happened yesterday. We're twenty-two days away from 2019 and I guess depression's following me into it.

  13. Sebastian Bartolo

    Max singing this song in live??

  14. Sebastian Bartolo

    Max christina song live!!

  15. Latrash101

    2018!!! Still here. Rip Christina

  16. Eris Echo

    This song still hits

  17. Zoey Mafnas

    Its still heartbreaking. 2018 and I'm still in tears every time I hear this song

  18. Heart & Sage

    Man this song is so heartbreaking 😭💚 here I am 2 years later listening to it again.

  19. Onitxx

    I lost my friend just today when I heard the news from another friend. She was just 18 and I think she's got her whole life ahead of her.

  20. Captianmarshmallow

    I typically dont like songs with instrumentals like this, but this is great. Honestly it is

  21. Luccas silva

    I miss Christina so much 💔😭❤

  22. 44dav44

    2 years later and I still bawl my eyes out to this song. It’s hits so many feelings.

  23. Svetlana

    I haven't heard this song in a while but it came up on the suggestions. I had that moment of "Should I even listen to it?" as I knew how I'd feel, even a year and a half later. Every time I hear Christina's name, her hear voice or see some tribute to her, I feel this overwhelming sense of sadness. It's kind of ridiculous, how you can feel yourself grieving for someone you didn't even really know but when you touch souls the way that Christina did... then it doesn't really matter. I wish this song didn't exist but it's the most wonderful and soothing thing to listen to. Thank you Max

  24. Evil Little Tiger

    been almost a year and still listens to this song :( R.I.P Christina u will be missed forever

  25. Luciana Boss

    it made me cry a lot

  26. Melissa Asila

    Still crying when I hear this song it's so sad

  27. Luciana Boss

    It made me cry... A lot. For sure it describes exactly what we all feel when we think about this atrocity. LOVE YU FOREVER CHRISTINA 💚

  28. RimerArts0

    Wonderful max!

  29. Alex Seriyo

    After one year and it is so unreal

  30. PrankGirl100 xo

    Ever since she died my life has been so messed up like everyone is bailing on me everyone is keeping something I've been doing bad things and it's because she died I turned bad why did she have to die why now 😟

  31. Madeline Tavárez

    This is so amazing...

  32. XxMelodyRosexX

    this is art. wow.

  33. Ian Fredrick's

    How does someone dislike this video? Honestly?

  34. PistachioBeef75

    the lyrics are so deep "You should be here, and I shouldn't be singing this song" 😢😢😢😢😢

  35. Lily Lancaster

    This is so special I can't stop cryingg

  36. gotmilk

    I really miss christina & sometimes i turn on this song. its so sad we had to deal with her death, she should still be here.

  37. Persoon Joejoe

    I miss her

    Water fall

    I miss her too. So much.

  38. Yesmeira Lian

    I know its been a year since Christina Grimmie was killed but I still cant believe she is gone

  39. Anna Buch

    Beautiful, man. This song goes through my heart.

  40. احمد الغريب

    You will remain in our hearts, Christina, in peace

  41. lil Owl11

    #morepeoplelikemaxandchristina R.I.P Christina.v.grimmie

  42. Sarah sc

    I can't believe it's been a year without her...

  43. Awakening Yoga

    Thank you, Max for sharing your heart out in this:' It's been almost a year, still processing how dark this world is. We need more lights like you...thanks for the legacy Christina left for us. Rest in Prince of Peace, our dear Christina Grimmie 🦋❤️🦋

  44. Abbi North

    ive been crying to this song for the past ten minutes😭

  45. Jacob Gutierrez

    ik its a bit late @MAX but im sorry you had to go through this ik this type of shit is not easy at all, and music has literally been the only thing in my whole life to helo me cope with anything, but what are you supposed to do, when writing doesnt do a damn thing anymore and all you are left with are thoughts and screwed emotions?

  46. Michel D'souza

    This is a great tribute song .I bet she is listening to it from heaven.Singing is what she loved the most and giving her a tribute by singing a song is one of the best way of honouring her.She had a great talent and an angelic voice.She never let her fame get over her talent.She cared for her fans.May God bless her beautiful soul and her family members.

  47. christina Phillips

    love it

  48. Cabello Canary

    I still can't believe she's gonne

  49. Calvin Jeremy

    Still crying

  50. Mya Angelou !

    I can't listen to this because it makes me cry

  51. Pavlina

    Christina will never be forgotten. Some people may forget about her but as long as I'm still breathing, I will never let her memory sink in oblivion.

  52. KoPehal Madafaka

    Somebody need to make instrumental version

  53. Alessandra Leigh

    This song makes me break everytime.

  54. neil johnson

    I have acute bipolar disorder and go in and out of reality, often not getting 'involved' in the world for long periods of time. it has been a while since I was on youtube, and today I  learnt from Kurt's page about Christina. You, Sam and Kurt did some amazing music with her, God, I am so sad. Max, this is an amazing tribute to her, xxx

  55. doris edwards

    I'm still completely heartbroken that she's gone..

  56. ImagineAnimeStudios Becca

    6 months and it still hurts. I miss you Christina

  57. xxNinjaTurtsxSonicxx

    this song makes me cry everytime.

  58. xxNinjaTurtsxSonicxx

    this song makes me cry everytime.

  59. Jaylin Young

    they found out shot her I was they should rot in .....

  60. Marisha Toa

    Christina :'(

  61. its_livvyb

    This song hits home wih me. Two nights ago my friend committed suicide. Im hurting and i feel like its on me. I shouldve called like i was suppost to. I really wish i wouldve....

  62. Christina

    Love this Song 😍

  63. Marcilen_ Stone

    I'm in love with this song so much. Stay strong Max, I trying to be also.

  64. deepanddangerous

    Love it Max

  65. Riker Lynch

    I don't get why I always end up here and crying. I guess I'm not yet over it.

  66. okokjustkhadija

    35 heartless motherfuckers

  67. Katrina Chan

    Out of curiosity, are you and KHS brothers?

    Rohan Rahinwal

    No, they aren't. They just happen to be friends with the same surnames.

  68. Chey

    3 months later and I'm still an emotional wreck every time I see her name. RIP Christina <3

    Michel D'souza

    Chey she will be greatly missed by us forever.Her charisma has touched our souls.She will always remain alive within our hearts forever.May God bless her beautiful soul and her family members.

  69. Jessica Delgado

    I do strongly miss Christina but also want to dedicate this song to a young senior from Colorado who died in a car accident we will miss you

  70. asdsa adasdas

    & we shouldn't be listening to this song.

  71. Hannah Kim

    This song is amazing... It never fails to make my heart hurt every time I listen to it.. Christina was not just an ordinary singer but a person who was a role model for her fans like me. She was a person of love and passion. Her love for music was truly an inspiration.. I'm thankful that I had the chance to be a fan of a artist like Christina.. Thank you..

  72. lindsay martin

    This song shouldn't still hurt so much...but it's reopened a healing wound. Miss you, Christina. 😔❤️

  73. HK City Rungbuzz

    song nice bro

  74. Natalia Martinez

    We miss you Christina and may your angel soul rest in peace #RipChristina💖💖💔

  75. Natalia Martinez


  76. Myesha Zaman


  77. Nia Elizabeth McGowan

    my friend just passed away yesterday. she had such a beautiful & cheery heart & spirit. she was only just entering the 8th grade. she was just walking home with her friend. her friend & her were shot for just walking home. the other girl is in stable condition, but my friend is dead. because some crazy man decided to take some lives today. always remind your loved ones how much you love them. because you never know when their last breath will be taken.

  78. Infamous User

    i guess the news was legit. we miss her too. it has been months after she died but it feels like she's here, with us.

  79. Aleks Monkey

    Ya' Know..i'm crying! This song is so emotional, you're a good guy, MAX! #morepeoplelikemax #ripchristinagrimmie 🙏🏻☁️

  80. Dan Baker

    You 34 people are fucktards for disliking this..I didn't know the girl before the news..Good on ya Max..From a father of two..Good on ya..Sorry for the loss

  81. Jordan Hutchinson

    This is so beautiful and heartbreaking...

  82. Hafiy DHS

    shit im crying

  83. Catheleine Hoek

    this is such a beautiful song, I'm sure she loves it <3
    r.i.p Christina

  84. Mundo da Fama

    oiee😂😂 ninguém mi entende aqui né?? tem alguém do Br aquiiii kkkk

    John Boyer

    I didn't catch anyo of that say it again I was too sad of Christina Grimmie Dying😢😢😢😢

  85. Miranda

    Oh my god :(

  86. Fee Ton

    I miss her so much

  87. Mic Mic

    do a song about me

    John Boyer

    only if he knows you and you die.... this is serious Christina Grimmie is dead

  88. Tori Hernandez

    I still can't believe she's gone...

  89. QuayHollywood

    This song is beautiful. Makes heart twinge with so much sadness.

  90. Laur

    😢 it's August and I still can't believe it


    KimberKat it’s more than a year later and I still can’t believe it