MAX - Boys Of Zummer Medley Lyrics

It's been a long day without you my friend
And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again
We've come a long way from where we began
And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again, yeah
Come on

Hey-ey-ey Hey-ey-ey Hey-ey-ey
Will she remember me for centuries?
Hey-ey-ey Hey-ey-ey Hey-ey-ey
She's left the universe for me

I'm not a rapper just a singer with a game plan
Don't play guitar got to worry 'bout my Drake hand
All about it baby
All about it

She ain't a singer she just rap pretty
So now my fans full of Megan's and Ashley's
All about it baby
All about it

She wants to dance like Uma Thurman and bury me till I confess
She wants to dance like Uma Thurman and I can't get her out of my head

Hey-ey-ey Hey-ey-ey Hey-ey-ey
Will she remember me for centuries?
Hey-ey-ey Hey-ey-ey Hey-ey-ey
She's left the universe for me

So what we get drunk
So what we don't sleep
We're just having fun, we don't care who sees

So what we go out
That's how it's supposed to be
Living young, and wild and free

Dance, dance
We're falling apart to half time
Dance, dance
And these are the lives she'd love to lead
Dance, this is the way we'd love
This how we'd love to lead

Hey-ey-ey Hey-ey-ey Hey-ey-ey
Will she remember me for centuries?
Hey-ey-ey Hey-ey-ey Hey-ey-ey
She's left the universe for me

On the phone, on the phone
In her home, in her home
All alone, all alone
I’ll give it to her, No Interruption
In her house, in her house
On the couch, on the couch
Name the time and the place and the function
and I’ll give it to you, No Interruption

Hey-ey-ey Hey-ey-ey Hey-ey-ey
Will she remember me for centuries?
Hey-ey-ey Hey-ey-ey Hey-ey-ey
She's left the universe for me

Ou shilibo shilibo naow middi middi
Ou shilibo shilibo naow gibberish
Ou shilibo shilibo naow middi middi
Ou shilibo shilibo naow gibberish

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MAX Boys Of Zummer Medley Comments
  1. Zoe Stillwell

    who’s watching in december 2017

    Zoe Stillwell

    remember this from soooo long ago

  2. Alisha Santiago

    All I can think about is that Disney movie he was in

  3. Sabreena Iqbal

    Okay so I heard this cover back in 2015 whilst I was on holiday and completely fell in love with it. I remembered loving it madly a couple of days ago but I had NO CLUE WHAT THE VID WAS CALLED! I kept searching up Schneider brothers thinking it was something along those lines! So happy I found it! I'm so excited but nervous to press play, crazy memories attached to it!

  4. Dom b

    Not gonna lie when he opened up for his wiz didnt really care for him. Glad the next year wiz had Kevin gates open up for him and he was so much better

  5. Heather Smith


  6. Kirsten Dorkin

    this is so great omg

  7. Devonte Davis

    Bae ass

  8. Devonte Davis

    He so fine

  9. esdras nguessan

    MAX has the most interesting voice on earth

  10. BeckahBear

    I wish there was a full version of Uma Thurman... Oh well.

    Miguel Bastidas

    He did it.


    +Miguel Bastidas Yeah I actually ended up finding it a little while after I commented...

  11. Sam Cottrell

    This is absolutely amazing! Please do more FOB medleys <3

  12. The Cat Lady

    Wish I could go back to boys of zummer and see you all again (:. One of the cooliest concerts ever 😭

  13. Sabreena Iqbal

    This doesn't have much views but this is the song that I come back to a thousand times

  14. Aleeza T. Brown

    Deserves more views

  15. Tmr Ys

    Wow Amazing !!

  16. James Brewer

    didn't see them on the boys of zummer but hoping on seeing them on wintour

  17. Annisafira Lintang Lestari

    Hey, Max. I wish you could cover the whole Dance Dance. It must be super awesome!

  18. Gwen Carter

    This. Is. Perfection.

  19. Jorge Estrada

    very talented. but still... I want to punch you in the face... I don't know why, you just have a very punchable face.

  20. Trunks Senpai

    True originality right here. No one can EVER sound like MAX

  21. Rebecca Barker

    I love you

  22. dilan kocyilmaz

    max you sing this so good

  23. Caroline Ribeiro

    Put this on spotify plz 🙏

  24. Natsu La Smileuse

    Does somebody know who is the pianist?

  25. ElianeRegina Regina


  26. *Shadow843*

    Can You Make This So We Can Buy It

  27. NYRangers0623

    First one see you again


    But the fourth one is uma Thurman


    Fifth is centuries again


    I don't know the sixth


    +Cameron Deutsch It's In The Description, The Last One Literally Is His Own Song Gibberish Soooooo, Might Want To Delete Your Comment.

    Rizqia Y

    +Cameron Deutsch See the desc

  28. Ruth Maycock

    Does anyone know who the other guy is?

  29. Ruth Maycock

    I think this is the most amazing thing I've ever heard!!!

  30. steph

    Please come to the Philippines!

  31. Kai

    OMG This is AWESOME! I listen to it non stop!

  32. Jay

    His little dance❤️😍

  33. Princess0fAwkward

    love this

  34. Anna Pinnow

    I'm not sure how many times I look at this video already have looked at but I think so, at least 10,000 times, it's just so incredibly great, Max has such a talent

  35. Dorian Johnson


  36. Anna Pinnow

    MAX move your ass to GERMANY!! with HOODIE

  37. Lou-Lou

    OMG This is how a mash up is done right!

  38. Storm Shaker

    Max do some country music stuff like George Jones, George strait, Merle Haggard, Lefty frizzell,Conway Twitty, Alan Jackson, Guys like that

  39. Le yta

    omg ths is so hot song 😍😍

  40. KritCat

    Need on iTunes, ASAP!

  41. TheKeyOfReason

    Seeing you live was awesome and my friends immediately searched your music up because of that. It was fun to be the person knowing all the words to a song for once. Absolutely fantastic!

  42. Pitzer


  43. 23bigtimerush

    Brilliant! :D

  44. Sarah Ramirez

    Everybody is saying he sings 2 songs on The Boys of Zummer tour . I know he is singing gibberish but does anybody else know what other song he will be singing ?

  45. Ashley Butler

    Can't wait to see you July 24 in The Woodlands :))) 
    the concert is on my birthday :DD

  46. Jaime Mull

    met him last night after hoodie performed, he was so sweet and was amazing live! cant wait til i see you again max :-)))

  47. Diah Novianti

    i realy love every cover of u ❤❤❤

  48. AIDEN_js

    So good to see someone covering some Hoodie Allen, he deserves so much more attention in the music industry, just like this guy :)

  49. Can We be Friends?

    yay! its max!

  50. Eric Wertz

    Black and Yellow is at 0:59 in the background.

  51. Susan Buice

    Yo can someone tell me the order that they go in for the concert? Does FOB go first or like what

  52. Dandy Lion

    I don't know if you'll actually read this, but if you do, you should do a cover of one of my favorite songs.....
    What a Buzz by Olly Murs

  53. pinkpal1234

    Im sooo excited to see you on july 11 2015

  54. Jessica Carey

    Hot damn where've you been hiding?

  55. Indri Iriana

    i  cant hear black and yellow. can you tell me which minute?

  56. em jackson

    love this<3

  57. Jane Zoë

    I'm going to see you in concert twice in one week

  58. mosabil

    plz make cover (one direction - better than words)

  59. Danii Quintana

    i love you Max

  60. GooofyTv

    Auto tune

  61. Nikki Nikki

    Love the part from ''See You Again'' soo much ♥

  62. Nikki Nikki

    soo freakin good! I don't know how often i have whatched this! I love it soo much ♥♥

  63. kimbalucy

    I have a feeling Patrick Stump would be proud because this sounds like a track that could have been on Soul Punk. Great job.

    Nash M

    I was thinking that too and it does have a good repitition of Centuries for like the choirs and I love the way he has turn it into a mashup.

  64. PaulJozwikOfficial

    I've been following you for a few years now and I could not stop listening to how dope this medley is. Check out my cover of it! Video will be coming out soon!

    - Much love

  65. funkycircusmonkey

    This was amazing. But I think I completely missed black&yellow

  66. Spacey_cats

    luv you <3

  67. Taaj Jones

    How on earth does this medley pop into someones mind? Like this was amazing I wish I could see the thought process that went into creating this!

  68. liza pena

    fucking love this

  69. rasmus061

    Love this MAX ! <3

  70. megan catron

    Do a full cover of centuries please!!! I love you!!💙

  71. Aletia French

    you are literally a musical genius, you have no idea how amazing I think you are, am I'm speaking strictly musically, I've tried to write songs, I've tried to compose/play song and I cant seem to to get it any where near anything you do x

  72. Laatip

    cool awesome and perfect

  73. Jaylin Wong

    This deserves more views

  74. JSweetbassplayer

    Im just really going to see you and fall out boy I been listening. To you for a few years now and one of the best singers out there is you

  75. Alexis Johnson

    Catchiest, greatest thing I've heard in a very long time. I love it. So good.

  76. aylin navarro

    I can't wait ! Its gunna be epic 🙏🏻☺️

  77. Melissa B.

    Please come to Germany ( Hamburg ) 💗 we love you and your music
    ~ Kiss German Fans

  78. Melissa

    This is awesome, I'm always impressed by how you can make every song sound unique and do it in your own version :) <3

  79. 2010penguinluver

    My only problem with this video is that it only has almost 226,000 views and it should have over 10 million. Pure perfection Max.

  80. Angel Alice

    I LOVE YOUR SONG/COVERS! !! only thing is, is you're beginning to sound more auto tuned... :( I still love them tho. I just noticed it... but i still love your music and you as person, just wanted to make it clear this wasn't a hate comment :)

  81. Audrey Diolata

    Many artists really deserve more love. MAX is one of em. And for a gal who has no money and stuff, I can only do so much as support them watch their videos.

    So people! Give these artists your love and support!

  82. Chelsey K

    This is so good omg!!!! Max you are amaxing !!!!! <3 come to Australia :)

  83. Darian Taylor

    This is hands down the best medley I've heard Max, it's just gold. Your voice is incredible, your falsetto is perfect. And you're totally gorgeous. Congrats of the BoZ tour :)

  84. Serekinz

    Damn, one of my favourites yet!

  85. Amélie

    Does he have a label ? Cuz if not, SCOOTER BRAUN WHAT ARE U DOING?

  86. Caitlin

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the way you did Centuries! I wish you did a cover of it that was upbeat like that it's amazing! It makes me so happy!! :D

  87. Karen Juarez

    te amo 
    i love you 
    i like you music

  88. Elianne regina

    Dançar um poukinho eh bomm!! Neh? Kkk:)

  89. Ashleyy123

    Omg I love this! The songs blend so well.

  90. pinkpal1234


  91. Marley Sanchez

    Can I download this some how

  92. jasmin copeland

    This is wonderful😍

  93. daicydisaster

    I cannot get over this medley! Listen to it multiple times a day, can't wait for Boys of Zummer!

  94. msmusik2

    Wow your awesome! I have to ask, how were you offered the gig? I'm an aspiring musician and I hope to tour or compose for film and TV. Music is my greatest passion and I've been told I'm getting pretty good at songwriting. I host a local music show for my area and I'm going to film school....but something keeps pulling me back to music. Any suggestions? I'd really appreciate it:)

  95. Caitlin Sullivan

    So Awesome

  96. Ethel Grace

    AMAZING 😍😍😍😍😍😍