MAX - Baby Medley Lyrics

Oh baby baby, how was I supposed to know
That something wasn't right here
Oh baby baby, I shouldn't have let you go
And now you're out of sight yeah
Show me, how you want it to be
Tell me baby cause I need to know now all because

Baby baby baby no
I'm like baby baby baby no [x2]
I thought you'd always be mine, mine

Come on over, come on over baby [x4]

You really can't stay but baby it's cold outside
You have to go away but baby it's cold outside
This evening has been so very nice
But baby it's cold out

Ice ice baby [x2]

Baby come back, any kind of fool could see
There was something and everything about you
Baby come back, uh, you can blame it all on me
I was wrong and I just can't live without you

I want my baby back [x13]

My loneliness is killing me (and I)
I must confess, I still believe (Still believe)
When I'm not with you I lose my mind
Give me a sign
Hit me baby one more time

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MAX Baby Medley Comments
  1. this is me

    48 adults disliked this

  2. Parvati Mohan

    I loved it!!!

  3. alina omanovic

    why is the Gitarrist so happy😅?

  4. I'maTalkingPotato

    MAX <3 <3

  5. Carllzz Love

    still listening to this since 2013

  6. mecca watterman

    slay max slay

  7. Emm N

    He's so good. He deserves more :)

  8. singaboutpizza

    Just about flipped when he started singing Christina (come on over)

  9. Som

    He looks like a young version of Nick Jonas 

  10. lilliana beatrize evangelista


  11. don turner

    Max is so on point all the time

  12. Yenie Maria

    so adorable >.<

  13. Gewoon Me

    OH SNAP!

  14. Rachel Juliana

    Love it

  15. maekayla

    why doesn't this have more views omg 

  16. Elizabeth T.

    He's one hot piece of cake .....i'd eat him :))lol

  17. swvg_19

    This should be on itunes damn

  18. Dextervids 89

    omg he is sooooo great

  19. Amy Mashteare

    I wish u were my age

    Nathaniel Fernandez

    ya say so about everyone ya like

  20. sabia salam


    Ravita L.

    LOVE IT!!!

    Ravita L.

    LOVE HIM!!!

  21. Scythe V

    OMG! <3 Max Schneider ftw oh yes yesss!!!

  22. erin cristina garcia hernandez

    I <3 Max Schneider .

  23. Michelle , mi shuet Chin

    max is so cute to the max !!!!

  24. Mai-Lin B.

    Spicy brown?!

  25. Sophie B

    Love it!

  26. Xander521

    damnnnnnnnn, they're good

  27. Natalie A

    he loves the word baby

  28. Naomi Akin

    This guy can saang!!

  29. Naomi Akin

    This guy can saang!!

  30. Gina Wiedemann

    challenge accepted: 39 "baby's"

    Talisa N.

    Max TheMonkey HAHAHHAHA

  31. Just

    someone have to count the 'baby`s'

  32. Maria

    Every song he added to this one song I love so perfect!!!

  33. Maria

    OMG perfect song!! :D

  34. claudine haliman

    pour my love to you

  35. RidinWithTheWind

    This was awesome!

  36. xXbUbBlez98Xx

    I'd love to hear him do a full version of baby it's could outside <3

  37. Rachel Rose

    There all cute!

  38. Heiko Meier

    Whats this awesome shirt of Max ?

  39. Jazmyn.Timberlake

    I don't like Justin beiber but he made him sound better

  40. Carina YSinger

    He has so much fun to do this! It's fun to watch this video :))

  41. Malorie Warner

    he called me baby ;)

  42. Nana Koul

    I like the ice ice baby!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥x)

  43. Sarah Kennedy

    I love the Christmas song randomly in this!!!!!!!! And great voice Max!

  44. Dwi Destrya Sofiana


  45. Da'Ja Watson

    eww Justin bieber and I think it was the second baby song!

  46. Da'Ja Watson

    didn't like the Justin bieber part though

  47. Da'Ja Watson

    you mean his ukulele? yeah I know he takes it EVERYWHERE with him, gotta love Max!!!!

  48. Da'Ja Watson

    omg he was oh snap... ice ice baby I love him!!!
    I didn't like the Justin bieber part ewww but he killed it LIKE ALWAYS!!!

  49. Maria Ruiz Oliveras

    ohhhh myyyyyyyy goshh!

  50. Helen B

    I love this

  51. Serena Pascal

    "Whats up, baby" le dies

  52. Lisa Meems

    he is so amazing

  53. Khamiya Terrell

    Love it


    can justin sing like that no------ohhhh hahaha!

  55. crazymonkey

    you should do a version of fields of gold by sting

  56. Shaunice Mohammed

    no spicy :'(

  57. Nicole Chaverri

    He's a shot of pure talent lol haha he has such a strong voice and I love his passion. Loved the "Ohhh" after the Baby Back <3 Amazing medley!


    He’s a shot of pure gold

  58. Hanah Kim

    My god he is awsome!! I luv u max!!

  59. Emma Kelaleche

    I fell in love :O

  60. JustAnOrdinaryJellyfish

    How many times did they say baby in this song omg !

  61. Chloe The Greatest

    His guitar player is kinda cute

  62. Yilan121

    What are all the songs called?

  63. Poppy x

    The boy on the left is called Beau Evans

  64. 19emeke97

    Who is that boy on the left?
    and great medley

  65. Rachel Rose

    He would be amazing on glee

  66. Jazmyn.Timberlake

    Ive listen to this several times 3

  67. emily p

    So good and SO HOT

  68. Ashley Leffert

    You are perfection! :)

  69. Syd Lauricella

    so good

  70. 786lilmizzsunshine


  71. Leonie B

    To much songs are called ''Baby''

  72. elliba18

    Your Voice let´s me smile. :) I love you and your voice.

  73. ashy

    his voice rocks

  74. Febe Fonce

    Omg, max schneider just calles me baby :o
    Brb dying :)

  75. Adrina Blunt

    Max Schneider

  76. Gisselle Jaramillo

    I love u

  77. Raya Bajali

    and his medleys are amazing

  78. Jessica

    Oh my gosh, I'm in love. His voice makes me smile

  79. Siobhan Flynn

    You can tell that he gets his eyebrows done. Its very distracting. So are his biceps...

  80. William Ovalle

    Esa cancion es buena solo con Max Schneder

  81. S H

    you have a talent there but the attitude thing. i don't like being called baby. i'm not your baby.

  82. Elise Pairon

    Baby back, baby back, baby back..... How can he do that?!

  83. Atila Balogh

    Where's Spicy??? the backing vocals is not the same without him >:

  84. beautybybroooke

    This guy is pure talent!

  85. zoey smith

    His sing make me smile

  86. MCAdventure10

    What you mean is that he played the melody and you recognised it.

  87. Jessie Mac

    amazing goosebumps xxx

  88. Faby De La Barra

    Your awesomeeeeeee xD

  89. Felicia Angela

    Omg hes so freaking good and HOT and when he sang ice ice baby omg hilarious

  90. TheHappyLittleElmsTree’sWife

    Whooo!! Chilly! ;) LOL!

  91. NamiMusic


  92. iDreamMusic

    Lolol. That was great!

  93. Tierney Dornan

    This is way better than radio active

  94. Rachel Rose

    Best thing ever!

  95. Liting Ng

    He looks a lil like James Franco