Max B - Tattoo's On Her Ass Lyrics

Tatoos on her ass
Take one
Dame Grease, we got 'em baby
Got these niggaz
Got the whole game tryna take us down Al Pac
You know it's Vigilante Season man
Fuck this shit
So I'll just give you that wave
Shout to the Four Horsemen
Let's get 'em, uh

Them Gain Greene boys, they too advanced
(Too advanced)
How Jimmy let the game slip through his hands
(Fuck you do that, fucked up now)
When my songs come on, they do the dance
(Do the dance)
Bitches tattoo my name on they ass

[Verse 1:]
The Vigilante Season is here, so buckle up
The Milli Vinilli killer, Chrissy, pucker up
Get ya lips wet, take ya dentures out, let me feel the gums
My DVDs be in the slums
Lookin' all good in my three-piece, got you niggaz speech weak
You bitch niggaz couldn't see me like cheap seats
Ridin' that white horse, slippin' that caine, need twelve steps
Squeeze at you niggaz till no shells left
Stop it son you not the shit, I'll pop a clip
Seen him on YouTube swappin' spit
What the fuck is that, that's some homo shit
I noticed it, did the Domain on some promo shit
That ain't even one third of the wave, I possess the fury
Send some wolves to get you for your jewelry
Ask 'em 'bout the boy, I'm a nuke myself
Played with the biscuits as a boy, and I never tried to shoot myself
Nigga that coke you sniffin' got you skimpy, come and get me
They gon' find ya like Pimp C
I don't give a fuck about your bullshit, best to show me where the money be
Nigga your only 23

Got a foreign car, the new Coupe is black
(Coupe is black)
And I'm never too old, we movin' the cash
Plus I piped your broad, how cool is that
She wanna tattoo my name on her ass

[Verse 2:]
Nigga I ain't trippin' off this shit
I'm a tool up, vroom up, time to hit tools up (Tools up?)
Yeah, time to hit Ben Bitty
The 2010 Biggie
Need another swiggy, just pour me some Grand Cru
Got the Codeine, sour make the whores leave
More fiend, that's that shit I be slingin' out the back of the spaceship
Taste it, get you niggaz facelifts
Get you niggaz wasted, Bigga the better spar
Pay for your funeral on my debit card
Cop a pine box, you don't want that, baby
Niggaz on my dick, screamin' "Wavy"
Try to do a splash, now cyclones
They told me Batista, you Roddy Rowdy Piper, E's got you hyper
Nigga stop poppin' those percocets, make me hurt the set
They make me wanna squirt the Tech

Well she touched in Miami, while you was doin' tracks
(Doin' tracks)
She even gave me couple bucks out ya stash
She said it taste like pastry, what type of fruits is that
(What type fruits is that)
She wanna tattoo my name on her ass
Them Gain Greene boys, they too advanced
(Too advanced)
How Jimmy let the game slip through his hands
(Fuck you do that)
When my songs come on, they do the dance
(Do the dance)
Bitches tattoo my name on they ass
Got a foreign car, the new Coupe is black
(Coupe is black)
And I'm never too old, we movin' the cash
Plus I piped your broad, how cool is that
She wanna tattoo my name on her ass

Freaky bitch, yeah
Need a nice outro for this one
Ain't gotta say much
Vigilante Season, ya know
Boss Don Biggavel'
Dame Grease
Four Horsemen baby, yeah
Got bottles of that Grand Cru
Ya know the industry, comin' for my head
All these niggaz talkin' greasy 'bout the boy
Let's let the music speak for itself, ya know
Lil' coke head niggaz runnin' round the game
Poppin' them percs, shrooms
Fuck with' ya boy bitch
The Boss Don, oww
Gotta love it
Gain Greene, yeah
That's it, huh
[Max B laughs]

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Max B Tattoo's On Her Ass Comments
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    Too advanced 2020!!!

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    This shit right here super savage wavy as a MF

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    I been a max b fan over 10 yrs and neva heard this. Damn!!! Free da wave god max bigga!!!!🔥🔥🔥

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    It's funny the people who are not the artists post it and get's more views then Max

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    G Hix

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    Yoo the hook sounds like noreagas superthug

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  27. Long Diznack Ya Mother

    There’s no way Max B and Jim Jones could ever be friends...Not after tracks like this was made...Biggaveli was relentless 😂


    When you're Boss Don Biggavel who'd care?? Chrissy touched it in Miami.

  28. andrew justin

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    I love max but he better not ever mention pimp c death in this manner again tf lil nigga

  38. 999a0s

    Max B was singlehandedly carrying NYC hip hop (and hip hop as a whole) into the future. sad to say, but NY having an authentic and organic sound of its own ended with Max's incarceration. this shit still sounds as fresh as it did 10 years ago.

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  48. smokythecameraman

    I always thought he was also going at wayne on this - they age fits for when it was released (you're only 23) and the whole swapping spit (kissing) and shooting himself as a kid (wayne now says he was playing with a gun but used to admit he actually tried to kill himself).

    Max didn't just dislike jim, he hated all the bitches niggas in the game


    smokythecameraman he was dissing him. Wayne and julez were tight and supposed to put out that album so max clapped at him to lol

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