Max B - Super Bad Lyrics

Anybody can get it, nobody exempt
All my niggas is rich, but nobody can tempt
All my niggas is thorough, nobody pretends
No trustin' bitches, nobody your friends
Ya see I married the streets but fell in love with the music
Treated my bitch like shit then she got the retribution
See I believe in the justice, restitution
Poo got a life with the 30 minus execution
They gave me 75, got it dropped to a 20
Then got it down to a dozen, nigga, I'm good with the money
Bigga, you good with the bitches, got a way with the ladies
Couple steaks on the grill, I spend the day with the babies
Dipped my toes in the pool, tell him smokin' ain't cool
No playin' hooky today, you fuckers is goin' to school
Never needed the bitch, cheddar cheese on my grits
That wasn't positive music, nigga, neither is this, yeah

I'm super bad, super bad, super bad
Where I'm from you niggas get murdered, super fast
Yeah, I'm super bad, super bad, super bad
Before they rendered the verdict I blew a bag
I'm super bad, super bad, super bad
Told 'em before they went on a lick, use a mask
Yeah, I'm super bad, super bad, super bad
50 million dollars in chips, do the math

Super bad, super bad, super bad
Where I'm from always promised a suit and tag
Super bad, super bad, super bad
Where I'm from we ain't trippin', all we do is laugh

Open your eyes, bring the Uzi and the eyes
'Cause the more you got has to even the odds
My bitch was a demon, had me poppin pills, leanin'
I had myself subpoena, made it through the cracks like a genius
Couldn't see chasin' a box
A nigga MAC-75
Genesis that genocide
The police back to the traps
Why you think I'm drinkin' high
My doe said, "Don't tweak"
'Cause I ain't had no shoes
But he ain't had no feet
They call this a dream, I call this a plan
I call this a theme, they call this a scam

A vision was clearer than my VVS diamond link
Baby, come float the boat, but don't let it sink
You don't know the math, a whole different shoe
And thought about the past, it ain't nothin' new

I'm super bad, super bad, super bad
Where I'm from you niggas get murdered, super fast
Yeah, I'm super bad, super bad, super bad
Before they rendered the verdict I blew a bag
Yeah, I'm super bad, super bad, super bad
Told 'em before they went on a lick, use a mask
Yeah, I'm super bad, super bad, super bad
50 million dollars in chips, do the math

Yeah, do or die, suit and tie
Thousand dollar shoes, Louis on the side
Looking good on the plane, get you good if you blink
All my niggas, they smoke, like a woman who drink
Baby, come bring me some BNB, run it like DMC
Eloquent music genius, don't fuck with that EMG
No tippin' around the spot, they sniffin' around, it's hot
The chopper ain't got a scope
Hit you from down the block
Rock, paper, scissors, break they heart, play the bitches
Got a game at the Garden, Knicks tonight, they play the Clippers
I can eat about seven dogs, do maybe seven bids
Been down the hard road, you maybe never kid
Came at you muthafuckas with all that I could
Four different babies, four different women and all of them good
Where I'm from, only few could last, niggas will shoot ya ass
My brothers, my cousins, even my mother, she super bad, yeah

I'm super bad, super bad, super bad
Where I'm from you niggas get murdered, super fast
Yeah, I'm super bad, super bad, super bad
Before they rendered the verdict I blew a bag
Yeah, I'm super bad, super bad, super bad
Told 'em before they went on a lick, use a mask
I'm super bad, super bad, super bad
50 million dollars in chips, do the math

Montana what's good, I see you, yeah
Motherfucker super bad
Boss Don Biggavel Paul couture
Motherfucker super bad, yea
Negro spirituals baby
Motherfucker super bad
Ain't nothing spiritual about it we riding
Motherfucker super bad

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Max B Super Bad Comments
  1. ArtOfWaveTv

    This jawn wavy fr

  2. John Santiago

    Free my son Max Biggaveli baby

  3. Goharey


  4. Mr Williams

    My top 5: 50 cent/Sean Price/Prodigy/Max B/Thirstin Howl da 3rd


    That track GABBAGE. 🤮

  6. Isaac Sanchez

    Couldnt see Chinx in a box
    Nd they Max seven five
    Genesis that genocide
    Deport us after the trials
    .. why you think im drinkin higghhhhh 🔥🔥🔥

  7. Kevin Mincy

    What did bra say after " never needed the bitch cheddar cheesing my grits"

  8. Brandon Mclean

    Shamar max b beamon and tracy grayling Hawkins and wingates and beamon Gordon Eaton Fitzpatrick boyz mission street wvgc owwwmarch 16 shamar birthday 1983 2020 Sox cmg 4 ward 6 deep fresh hunnits

  9. Villelife Tube

    Max b came in this track crazy nobody fukin with dawg he really sound like 2pac/BIG/JAYZ all in 1

  10. Lyndon Simmons

    The wave is back they was trying keep a real one down they couldn’t

  11. Warrick Wilson

    Tha wave is back max b Louisiana business bitch respect thiz dawg FREE tha wave king

  12. Mario Jean

    "No playing hooky today, you fuckers is going to school." 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. 100DCA

    Phenomenal. Whole track should have just been Max.

  14. Joshua Talton

    Ayo Max much love you get. You and Freanch REALLY REALLY should recreate this Superbad photo in real life. Bring posters back.

  15. Danny Hargrove

    Free dat nigga max b he official

  16. tony pain

    That’s my God

  17. tony pain

    Always been max b fanatics. Oowww

  18. Ze Leon

    FREE MAX B!!!


    This is the dopest shit that dropped this year max fucking killed that verse
    FREE MAX B!!!

  20. FonzGDollas Beats

    My opinion He ain’t even Deserve that Time he’s almost done with, we seen all these Chicago Artist, Even Philadelphia guys do some shit that was way worse than what they accused Max of doing & get out way sooner..The System is messed up they was tryna Contain the Wave But they can’t keep a real one down! Facts!!!! His Story is an Amazing one, He’s one of the Greats 👏🏻ain’t No Jim Jones, Court System that Can Hold Max B back from being who God put him here to be! Glad He’s Coming home!

  21. Nigel L

    #TheJoeBuddenPodcast brought me here... 🔥🔥🔥


    The way French started his part off is 🔥 wit the melodies


    This wat the game need right now and max always had hood melodies and vibes


    Max B is lowkey the King of CT ❌🧢

  25. Rambo Savage


  26. TKRDRJ

    Supa fast 🔥🔥

  27. John Doe

    Yeah this slap - Cali

  28. nahshon white

    I walk the streets alone

  29. Hold This L. Debarge

    max B the real KONY according to the streets

  30. SavageKE


  31. Rambo Savage

    Silver 🏄 #freemax #ganggreen

  32. 2o8o * ANY 1's PlaneT

    She be Mac luvin. She super bad/dirty dancin/onda rag

  33. Nili Aka Nahnah Viarruel

    Yes daddy home!!

  34. Luis Capestani

    Classical wave

  35. NPC Hova

    Maxbigavell the greatest

  36. Chaotic Crypto


  37. Elvis Aguilar

    That goon muzik

  38. Demetrius Bey

    Max B my dog

  39. Jay Rockk

    Yeaaa bigga back #wavycrocker #eastcoast-silversurfer

  40. Furious Stylez

    Look lik french step his game up so he can be ready for max to come out


    Kk LL 💯💯 I hear it too. I been observing that. Max been coaching him!

  41. Harlem Jordan

    FREE THE 🌊 🌊 🌊🌊🌊 💯

  42. D. Solomon

    She sucked my dick in Miami😭😭😭😭😅...if u know u know😁Stay up bruh stay safe when u touchdown fam✊

  43. ComModity


  44. Sean Pegan

    Icy cold waveeeeeeee boiiiii

  45. ViewsFromTheTrap


  46. Rodolfo

    The wave is backk.. Hol up the wave never left oowwwwww

  47. OceanFunni

    Never Needed A Bitch Cheddar Cheese In My Grits That Wasn't Positive Music Well Neither Is This

    k White


  48. MAD MAX

    Free the wave ✊🏾

  49. Wish Visuals


  50. Mo Doncorleone

    Free max B

  51. machine Gun funk

    I cant listen to max b for to long .only like two songs. After that I started getting anxiety attacks

    cokeera87 DopeSauce

    gutterland somerset U sound gay as shit

    machine Gun funk

    Fuck you I got my right to my Opinion

    Andre Hall

    Yous a weirdo gtfoh FREE MAX

    machine Gun funk

    You wanna hear some real rap music. Uncle murder to hard for hip hop... that mix tape straight classic and fire

  52. Pablo's corner

    Daaaayuuum .....🔥🔥🔥

  53. Luis Capestani

    Fire song

  54. pk_1

    Free the WAVE🌊🌊🌊MAX B STAY WAVEY! WAVE GOD🌊🌊🔥🔥🔥

  55. Refillz *

    All these little niggas Father! Free the Wave!

  56. mountaindewmofo

    Free Max B

  57. Tisha Steen

    Shamar max b beamon wvg march 26 1986 passaic boys

  58. Kid Blaze

    He can still get out & take over

  59. Jillian fakesgear

    max Neva left my playlist!! French sorta did than he came back!! quarantine ...

  60. Jillian fakesgear


  61. Jillian fakesgear

    FREE MAXX!!!!

  62. dirtboy79

    Sooooooo Wavy

  63. Tisha Steen

    Beamon Jackson Douglas easterling boys ebk kill 187 🐀 cmg beefing grapestreet crips abg ebk watts baby loc max crash g baby flags free slaves march 26 1985 i was born

  64. Tisha Steen

    Max out rocnation owww

  65. Tisha Steen

    Mtc 4 ward 6 deep sox

  66. Philip Anderson

    Max B flow is too dope!!!!

  67. Tisha Steen

    August 26 1985sox tisha keisha beamon girl first lady grapestreet wvg big homie im baby og max b after taxes gcg 973 bitches fuck grapestreet brezzy g sox 6 way9 7 3 watermelon grape juice monster on ur ass after taxes fraud no child ssi Newark get her out of her the hard way beamon cmg mouth up 7 up 3 tripset owwwaugust 26 1985oww all big homie run a train on her castor girl gcg bergen street get em girl after taxes fraud

  68. Mustafa Batihan

    How tf he record this in jail or what?

  69. Da Big dog

    Whole track heat roc

  70. Deep Biz

    Max B and French timeless

  71. Msluvame21

    Aye put Curren$y on this AKA Spitta

    Don Esco

    He dont qualify to be on a track with two of the waviest in the game.

    Refillz *

    @Don Esco Crazy! Curren$y the hot spitta is fire! And definitely should be on a track with Max, not so much french as french isnass

    John Doe

    @Don Esco lmfao you stupid af. Spitta been paid homage to max b too clown

    Ahmed Moalin

    @Refillz * facts. Curren$y is top 5 right now on the real nigga list

  72. Yo Tallest

    The 🌎 waiting for you my boy 🌊

  73. Gabe Segee


  74. Tisha Steen

    Shamar yo Gotti young jeezy ti pop smoke meek mill beamon McBride boy September 26 1985 3 floor ymcmb wvg 21 Ellis Hopkins dela boys owwwe

  75. Big Puff

    Got it down to a dozen nigga I'm good wit the 💰!!!

  76. D Flames

    Cant wait til 2021 Max free

  77. Hector Vazquez

    Welcome back mane.yes sir wavy season is here.R.I.P CHINX

  78. Davidhamel8

    Fuck yeaaa my man!!!!!! Congrats from Québec, Canada!!!!!!! been listening the wave since way back!! Can't even realise this shit true and its really happening Don Bigavel is back!!! Thank Lord for this

  79. Atm Semedo

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Free Max B

  80. Tisha Steen

    106 lyons ave beamon boys owww

  81. Tisha Steen

    August 6 1985 my birthday owwww

  82. Tisha Steen

    Shamar max b biggavelli silver 🏄 beamon and nareek French Montana blue silver beamon wvg owwwww Newark nj rocnation soxowwwww

  83. Quadre Elliott

    Shit 🔥🔥🔥

  84. Nobodyz Jelly

    I think French Montana is on a mission to ruin every song I enjoy

  85. Kadeem CUSH

    I never left Max B

    Mo Doncorleone

    Yep bro


    Biggavell never off my playlist that would be a Frenzy! 💯🏄🏾‍♂️🌊

  86. Drake Eqn

    Loved this northern sound in the 2000's.

    Max B that shit



  88. Kadeem CUSH

    Owww owww Boss Don Wave man

  89. Noel Johnson

    I miss Maxy! How much longer we waiting? 2025-26??

  90. A. P.

    Cali fuck with you Biggavel!!!! Waiting for you to come.home!!!! 💯💯💯💯💯

  91. Brayan

    Max b wasn’t here for a couple hits , he stays relevant even locked up. You can’t contain a wave like that . See you soon brotha

    Deep Biz

    The best

  92. Pay Dro


  93. too2clean4u

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 never fail

  94. Burak Ozbalkan

    sounded like 50 cent

    Da Big dog

    Burak Ozbalkan Hell nahh u clearly kno da difference between the two maybe u heard 50 ya whole life but still even ma 1st time hearing dis nigga I never thought 50 foh

    King Kong

    It's a mix if biggie hay zand 2pac rolled in one,
    Bigg a Velli

    Burak Ozbalkan

    for a sec maybe

  95. Max B

    Stream House Money:

    Da Big dog

    Refillz * I’m talkin bout his buzz in nyc it grew 06 to 08


    Yooo Boss Don't what's good

    Patience Beasley

    Oh that🔥🔥🔥 #FreeMaxB


    The Barbaric Ram TheSurfer’s Wave is Never gonna Stop!! WaveMachine!

    Rex GameWell

    I rather buy it to support the real way