Max B - Money Make Me Feel Better Lyrics

I run circles around rap niggers bring em on
This the anthem bitch won't you sing along
In the store I'm the one to call
Threw some plans around there's a new mayor in town
Max Bloomberg baby grease got the good goon music
Fire up the goon shit who shit you offended me homes your injury prone when guns pops fuck off the phone
Id done stepped my shit up another notch
Killers be dead he gonna need another box she covered in rock like eskimo
Ten bricks left to do my niggers gain green like vegetables
I get next to you if you loose me and even with your jewerly
I never let a nigger out do me nigger better stick to the movie
You trick and a drag tell Jim he can kiss my ass owwwwww

Money make me feel so money make me feel so better
Mami like it real slow won't nothing stop me from getting this chedder
Them Niggers is coming real close I said this rap shit getting me fed up
Money they got real talk

You see here where it all boils down to
You can keep pump the shit I'm a keep the other shit
I be on some other shit real state stock got... your honor I swear I tell the truth the whole truth silver beemer with the blue tooth
Is a new coop is a new loop got it sitting all clean
And I cop the shit a new boost... nice
90 was the price that's the third car... calling don't... much for chicks be... fuck them all
Like a pimp I be I'm the... nigger nyc got the best hooks best hooks
Bet you say I got the best cop and it's hard like the text book
I'm a strike upon thee with the vengeance... with some whose
May Father God bless your soul... niggers had like the...
I'm extra gold there's no... flow keep my feet up cross the front line get beat up aw

Money make me feel so money make me feel so better
Money let your real show... stop me from getting this chatter
Niggers is coming real close I said this rap shit getting feeder
Money they got real talk
Money make me feel so money make me feel so better
Money let your real show... stop me from getting this chatter
Niggers is coming real close I said this rap shit getting feeder
Money they got real talk.

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Max B Money Make Me Feel Better Comments
  1. Ricardo Guzman

    Max b the hook king no arguing no cap

  2. Johnathan Cunillera

    Just smoked sour and siping rem no grand crew especial longer made shame

  3. viceversa


  4. Anthony Bradford

    Visit Anthony Bradford @

  5. sheggrie .jones

    Still bang this on da route to da money..... money make me feel soo soo
    Free MAX B

  6. roxanne schwenk

    too bad dude had to go away

  7. F Ooo

    Not feeling this

  8. Xuna

    Max b fan since 2005 and still going!

  9. pimp c


  10. Dead Serious

    I run 🏃🏽 circles around rap niggas
    Bring em on
    this a anthem bitch
    won’t you sing a long

  11. Alfie Pepper

    2019 still a absolute banger 🤟


    Alfie Pepper the wave never dies


    The water don’t go no where


    THATS A FACT! The wave never stop

  12. Naji Hoskins

    2019 bitch

  13. Cherif Mohamed. Seye

    2019 BIGGAVELI !!!

  14. SysTeM iQ

    Free 🙏

  15. arron rodriguez

    free the wave

  16. Mizz 420

    Can't stop listening to this song...nice motivation make me feel better too...

  17. Mr. cj

    Money make me feel better

  18. Trapbaby Jesus

    Gain green gang

  19. Kill Bill

    Still 🔥2k19

  20. Marcin Lendzion


  21. Acllies Warrior

    Max B" killed this joint" 💪😎💯

  22. Josh Gordon

    Hartford Ct nigga owww

  23. Blue Vader

    U can tell Max B a real New York nigga never change he’s style up for no one ..💯💯✊🏿💪🏿 Free the wavy man

  24. G Wise

    GOD has a plan for Max..Jus wait on it..

  25. Luda Corleone

    Free Biggavel she touched it in miami awwwwwww!!

  26. Jean Champagne

    Free max b

  27. Dr. Props

    Free Max B. Too Wavy

  28. ZwierzuXXX

    free max b

  29. Winn Hughes

    U injury prone when guns pop get the fuck off the phone

  30. Benjamin Rina

    One of the best rap songs

  31. Big ShooterVK

    Still banging this in 2019

  32. Bats Audio

    Free the Biggavell

  33. cripin blue walk

    Free max b

  34. Talon Kent

    Free Wavey Crockett

  35. La Familia

    Max b save hip hop before she dies f***!!!!!!

  36. swish tv

    Why is Max B not in his song, free Max B 😥

  37. Outer Space

    (Max B x 03 Greedo) I need a collab from these two when they get out.... shit would be legendary.

  38. Lance Bondurant

    They an,t ready for max,s B 🔥

  39. N Brown

    2019 it's still all about the wave.... only rapper who can sing one of the best

  40. Joe j Simpson

    real shit never dies ..2019

  41. Kobe Bryant

    Why EVERYBODY trying act like they Gang Green... Jumping on the wave now... In DC in 2000's they was like wtf is that shit? I love it... Why he had to go to jail to be THIS FAMOUS... Max that dude tho... Lingo alone... Jump on PeeWee Longway if you ain't hip

  42. Ryan Carr

    Free max wavy

  43. Andre Coleman

    "tell Jim he could kiss my ass"

  44. cityboy music

    money make me feel so beeteeer free max b

  45. Bigga Threat


  46. Vercetti Visuals


  47. Quinn Robinson

    2019. Anyone??


    Quinn R fosho

  48. HazeJk99

    Free this man , he's an actual fuckin rapper

  49. WindyIshhFabian

    2019 we still screaming FREETHEWAVE

  50. 1000 subcriber without any videos

    Money make feel alright

  51. Trey Bells

    *Max Bloomberg BABEH, Grease got the good goon music, fire up the doomship...oooh shiiiit* - Bigavel was too nice Free the WAVVY one!

  52. Stay High Records

    Quem ai ta ouvindo esse som em 2019!? fireeeeeee

  53. zuma life 617

    Still here !! Gain green !!

  54. matthews fig life

    Danmm how did i forgot about this song

  55. RealspillTV

    Free the wave

  56. Joachim Ndahne

    Sad ge got locked

  57. Chris Carballo

    Free this man right now! Max B a real one

    Akaash Chand

    Keep him in prison

    Mr. cj

    @Akaash Chand don't worry he have all respect in prison

  58. Young Stunna

    Money make me feel make me feel so betta! Mommy likes it real slow...wont nothing stop me from getting this cheddah.. u niggas is coming real close...i said this rap shit is getting me fed niggas we got real Toast(bread)....

  59. ynw 4l

    Free max B

  60. Mace Windu

    this beat is incredible

  61. WR L

    Free tha boss don biggavell ...!!!!! MAX Bloomberg babyyy !!!

  62. yvng bvllxr


  63. Lefty Mancini

    Free Max

  64. Harlem Storm

    I think i warned you with frenchie..was a dope track...max b spit his heart out on that one...

  65. Tony Amaru

    This shit fire then and fire now.

  66. Nredup 82


  67. Nredup 82

    salut going to Max B, Chief Keef, SpaceGhostPurrp, etc. they made this new wave***


    Max is the originator of The Wave. Max the king of the wave.. don't discredit the wave god like that.

  68. The Helllodog

    whos here 2018 free max b

  69. Nigel Clines

    Al Pac
    Dame Grease
    Yung Los
    Free The WAVE 🌊

  70. SavaGGames

    Free Max everyday

  71. HeavyProfessor

    Only know this song with a different beat...wonder what that version is.

  72. Armando Twix Castro


  73. MakaiClement2009

    Still wavy 🌊 in 2018 real Rap no b.s str8 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  74. Nitty Andrade

    We Still Surfing The Wave

  75. Michael Gonzalez

    2018 stilllll on the waveeeeee

  76. smokers coach

    Actually came across this great artist from the watching the "list of rappers that got locked up" , legends never die!

  77. Ant

    Thats the 3rd car in only 3 months 4 chicks 6 blunts fuck em all!!!!

  78. Ant

    Fire up the doom ship 🌊 🌊 shit is still flames

  79. Matheus Alvess

    Free Max B

  80. Samir Badic

    2018 and still the biggest wave 🏄🏄🏄

  81. Alan Hernandez

    Free max b

  82. Tisha Steen

    Baby max beamon AKA Raymond shamar beamon bka Michael Myers s.o.x

  83. MyaGudâz

    Max B is coming home in 4 to 5 more months yes. I can't wait. ❤️❤️❤️

  84. Mochapaddy Hanley

    King 👑

  85. Jason Borges

    I love how max has his scrabble trophy on display 00:12

  86. Joshua Peter Padron

    Tekashi can enjoy the lil time he got cuz wave good comes out it's a dub wavyyyyyyyyyy babyyyyyy

  87. TNL Corn

    This go hard

  88. Jason Berry

    Still yelling free Max B!

  89. The Ultimate Brothers

    This was made in 2011, not 1999. Makes a nice change from lil pump

  90. Jolie Aries

    This should be played throughout the prison speakers on the day of his release.. right as he walking out them gates💯💯💯

  91. WR L

    Still bangin MAX the bossdon

  92. Miguel Ramales

    Damn Ugg’s going in boii

  93. SoNy Ps4 GANGSTA BoY

    He remids of king aggy