Max B - All My Life Lyrics

[Max B:]
I got a quarter key- Bout to put it on the scale
Its quarters, we got yola don’t be mentioning that mail
When that brick come back I ....yell
See now we can flip these O’s. Ain’t the quantity its quality
He so high commodity, He got nine for robbery
Came home on that bail. Got the city on this loopy shit
Greasy get that hoopty quick, He gon’ make me shoot this shit
Nigga they ain't been hot since I blessed the game with G’s up
Nigga won’t lift my sleeves up
Baby come lick my penis. Bigga he make me cum
Max know sluts thats in Atlanta, I got trucks thats in Savanna
Out that cut gotta get that bama (bama)
These niggas just take me light till they laying in a coma
I come play in California, Oww

All my life
Ima try to hit a lick or two
All my life
Ima try to hit a bitch or two
All my ice
Oh the wrist is blue, who they listen to? (me)
What you want me to do?

[Mack Mustard:]
Niggas out they mind, even mentioning the team name
I'll scrape Gay R, He copping fifths when the team gain
Take a look at his mean chain, they dragging on the internet
Ain’t kill a nigga yet, he smoking weed & cigarettes
Stuck with seeds and niggas pet. We get seed out the set
I’ll have him weaving out his 'jects, or wherever the nigga rep
Wherever the nigga step-
Foot like a landfill, one click of the metal give your man chills
Stop living for fan thrills, or see how your fans feel
When Gay R body hard. They telling your man chill
He giving your man peels, its off with your mans grill
Niggas with ram kills, give a fuck how your man feel
Ya niggas in your fan peel, keep testing the fam we’ll..
Power smoking sour, you’l be dead a couple hours
Or crime scene investigators come sprinkling they’re powders
Niggas loving the dour come fuck with this thing of ours

[Max B:]
All my life
Ima try to hit a lick or two
All my life
Ima try to hit a bitch or two
All my ice
Oh the wrist is blue, who they listen to? (me)
What you want me to do?

Fresh up out that gate, I can penetrate-
Send one through that dome of yours
While your home watching the Source Awards
Fuckers got me pissed, thought she was a fan
Bigging up my new PD3, Screaming nigga give me a CD free
Bobbing off my shit, you and your main bitch
Tripping off Sexy Love, empty slug
[?] He is such a work of art
He is known to squirt the dart. Work the charts
Help these bitches get cake. See niggas don’t appreciate
What I do for the game, fuck the politics
Coca got a lot of it. Poke it out and polish it
Tell them bitches swallow it-
Gurgle it, Mustard on his murder shit
Average in 2010 on some burger shit
Used him for all purposes, used him for all services
Wipe you niggas down. Look at mama bet she proud of me
Cluttered like the lot of me, flooded like the lottery
We need power boy, Dour called
Tell me max I got that Sour on, Oww Oww

All my life
Ima try to hit a lick or two
All my life
Ima try to hit a bitch or two
All my ice
Oh the wrist is blue, who they listen to? (me)
What you want me to do?

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