Mavado - My League Lyrics

Dem nuh in a my league
Nuh in a my league
Dem a hype wid a likkle bit a money and weed
Nuh reach no weh
And a seh dem a lead

Not in a my league
Nuh in a my league
Dem too slow dem a invilead
Man full a step like a centipede
Nuh in a my league

[Verse 1:]
First thing gi Jah thanks fi the most things
Security higher mi guard
Look paw mi house a mi yard
And mi one dozen pit bull dog
This industry must be mi gyal
Caw mi fucking this industry hard
Nuff a chat and dem a hype and suss
Dem naw live better than dog
Mi bank account gone psycho
Five hundred milli pon the house title
You nuh si yo slow life is a cycle
You nuh si mi fast ten times nitro
Mi a dweet like Nike
Tell dem drop asleep like night
Lord Jesus Christ
Naw sell out the gully fi nuh peas and rice


[Verse 2:]
A fi mi school
A the time fi devotion
Dem soft like lotion
Dem a meck scaps wi a meck potion
Yes ammo turn river in a ocean
Zoom high a the cloud him a float pon
First class to the world mi nuh coach man
From Town to Mobay have the most don
Buss out the kyle is a real money motion

[Chorus x2]

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Mavado My League Comments
  1. Don FrankoVEVO

    Still up

  2. GullySide TV


  3. Javiel Sthilaire


  4. Prince Harris

    Real big song mavado gully god a deh boss


    Who still listen 2019

  6. Tawanda Mapfumo

    Nov 24 2k19 still burning🔥🔥

  7. Christopher Stewart

    Man full a step like a centipede👌

  8. Ray Dhuman


  9. Sonya Blackstock

    2019 Nov

    Jessica Gajadhar

    November 2019 song to list ❤❤❤❤❤❤


    the ONLY track on this riddim!!! #1 #MAVADO #GULLYSIDE

  11. Lance Milton

    My son Mavado

  12. Marcellano De Vair

    The Great Gully Gad To Di World , Nawh inna my league 🇬🇾

  13. בר יוהלשט


  14. Diamond Chillspot

    Shell mad eeh



  16. Lacey Turner

    Werten Suh weh d fuck uno a listen fah uno bad mind Nuh fuck gully Fi Eva

  17. Lacey Turner

    Gully gully gully gully gully gully gully gully gully

  18. Sammy Larry

    Still listening in 2017

  19. Jono 1987

    them too slow

  20. Kigali Mugabe

    Mad bway #badest artist u to bad me breddar keep it up don't stop.big 🎤🎧🎧 we ply

  21. Itss Baby A

    none no ina my league no hater or the bitches

  22. Walter Swab

    Oohhhwiii***yu yaddmon😘😘😘

  23. Yusupha Touray

    thanks Movado

  24. Romario Pollard

    We love each other

  25. Keith Caesar


  26. tinyelephant 500


  27. Martin Taruz

    you will always be the best mavado...

  28. Tinashe Moyo

    2017 ndiripo

  29. Moynul Alam

    999 degrees

  30. The op gamer 101


    Ewian Smikle

    Just give you a thumbs down, thats what your comment asked for lol

  31. melrose muirhead

    Love this song ....wicked a do like Nike always!

  32. Marek Ochotsky

    Hitz after hits... Life of hitz.gully side the biggest league in dancehall fucking the industry hard we ah do it like Nike

  33. Gambian Music TV

    gully side the biggest league in dancehall fucking the industry hard we ah do it like Nike

  34. Jymoh vaughnii

    Gullyside mi seh you 2017 still lit AF 🔥🔥

  35. stewart chizuzu

    Kwakuseri new alliens

  36. Stéphane MOMBO

    Spécialement pour toi .............................. hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  37. Stéphane MOMBO

    Assasino écoute moi ça kinda de kinda waz de waz ............. moi je djouz seulement

  38. Marga eleuthere

    rarer rarer rarer rarer

  39. Mark Duncan

    the best

  40. Johnston Raman

    bonne vibes


    song bad real bad I cant believe he didn't make a video for this.

  42. Jj samvegie

    great music x

  43. Jerry Alverio

    liquor riddim be like

  44. Jerry Alverio

    dis my dog love dis song da best of mavado

  45. Troyapince Alda

    I like thisvideo

  46. Di Commanda and Chief Mr.Wriglize

    who's Wriglize?

  47. Marek Ochotsky

    gully side we the best

  48. Maurician Blake

    Tell them fi drop a sleep like night,,

  49. Ron Mitchl

    mavado hands down the most talented in the top four dancehall artists

  50. dujon henry

    Nah Inna my league gully god a run de place mi seh big up ya self Rasta

  51. Vallary Kate

    keep going Mavado

  52. Eder Altenor

    for me it the best musique

  53. Laura Ramsaran

    Mavado the best

  54. dancehall for life

    spell gullyside name wid two $$ BO$$

  55. god is good

    This should be song of the year,!!10/10

  56. p philasah vevo

    December 2016

  57. Nyasha C Gombakomba

    Good music. Listening at work in Harare, Zimbabwe

  58. Helen Kedane

    my favourite song i love mavado hes best in the world 😊 😊

    Cristiano Fan vivo

    Helen Kedane reality

    adam ahmed

    Kerron McCalla

    Winston Kalicharan

    ye.. i wanna love you too

  59. Alan Ramnanan

    🇹🇹duunnnnno!! Gully gaaahd runnin track

  60. dancehall for life

    up top gully boss

  61. p philasah vevo

    November 2016

  62. jah jah Army

    where when which league kmft wate ur fucking turn

  63. mamadou Billo Jalloh

    I like golly

  64. Baby Love

    naijavybzkartel Facebook page


    Big chune

  66. Deejay Javu don

    Uno mad suh ??? Uno want fi bad suh ???? ,, Music !!!Big Up Mavado !!! Gangster for Life

  67. Maurician Blake

    love u general

  68. dwayne baljit

    Them Na in mavado league big up gully side

  69. Kendrick Foster

    the badest

  70. subSonicSounds

    Good memories summer 2016 !!  Fus song fi welcome me  when mi touch a Donald Sangster International hold a red stripe an thing.

  71. Grinch Dollaz

    this song is fantastic

  72. shortstack

    This song is MASSIVE!!! Movado, keep goin!

  73. moses wambua

    way way way up mavado ,gully god

  74. god is good

    Tell them again me artist

  75. hungrybruce

    This is the song  that a mad every big dancehall artist Poppcaan and Vybz kartel. Mavado a lead

    Jaigo Richardson

    yes sah

    Jaigo Richardson

    yes sah

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    i love this song

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  79. Myriam Falce


  80. Damar Watts

    This man so hard

  81. Alright so

    He kinda look like Usain Bolt

  82. Harold sharara

    David Brooks is a lyrical poet whether you like him or not. I learn a lot from him and I am a university teacher.

    Xiomara Minott Grant

    He is the best

  83. FTB 933

    This song goes hard af.

  84. Barry boy

    love this chune here bigger than whole world

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    I love everything about this song ...up

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    yooo!!!! big op movado!! laaaang time mi ah listen movado!! #bigopyawd

  87. Momena Rahman

    Has the same beat as aj x deno - you got me

  88. Bdb AllPac

    A man who says “I have learned enough and will learn no further” should be considered as knowing nothing at all.

    Haile Selassie

    kay say

    best habesha leader thus far

    Bdb AllPac

    TRUE,feel free to say when someone passes away: "Not in a my league " Selassiei