Mavado - Life Of A G Lyrics

I... gangster, I
Rich and happy
Anyway... cah stop me

Dis is wat the gangster life is like
Roll out inna mi ranger, more time mi ride mi bike
Hottest set ah gal dem pussy tight
And dat the badmind dutty fucker dem nuh like
Ah from you mudda womb
Bombohole you ah lay dung inna tomb
Di K's dem long like bush broom
Kill you soon you tek bad man ting fi cartoon
Mi hav mi gun since mi inna class room

Mi and mi gun ah step, step pun bwoy like crep
G's and di valley of death
Dem hear mi ah fucking and fret
Ana wipe of blood like sweat
Chat bun bwoy like cigarette
Soh tell dem bwoy chew dat
Dem cah sell me out like
Jesus Christ from Nazareth
When my gun run dem wet
Likkle fool just gwan and fret
You coward from you born
Seh bombohole nuh sen nuh tret
Mi riffle dem select
Like when bruce get elect
Mi rise di incj tek and stop you bret

Bombohole you ah goh lay dung inna tomb
Riffel long like bush broom
Kill you soon, gi you permanent one room
You tek man fi cartoon
From you mudda womb
Bombohole gwan inna tomb
Riffel long like bush broom
Kill you soon, permanent one room
Skins and bone left consume

Dem laughing and dem chat
But how dem tef mi dax
And now mi have fi see foreign
And cah goh deh back
It's seems dem love to chat
Like gal dem wearing frock
But Jah mek me ah rise
And dem ah pray fi si mi flop
Mi work fah weh mi got
Weh tek some dutty pot
Mi gangster from di gully
Nuh goh sit inna nuh lap
Mi low dem mek dem yap
Dem drop ah ground ah chat
Mi si seh dem ah chat
Ah bombohole you ah parrot

Gwan inna tomb!
One room!
You fucker you! Gunshot stuck inna you!
Bobomhola ah lay dung inna tomb
Riffel long like bush broom
Ah wham to dem!
Dead, dem dead!

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