Mavado - Kill Them Slowly Lyrics

But badmind a go kill dem slowly
Badmind a go kill dem only
Take dem away from good people
Bruk dem heart and left dem lonely

But badmind a go kill dem slowly
Stress dem out and leave dem lonely
Take dem away from good people
Stay away from good people

[Verse 1:]
The bible say man cyaa live by bread alone
So I will never fight my brother own
Mi si shame on you, It’s a shame on you
You nuh really waan fi si nobody come out to nothing
It’s a shame on you

Yo si the devil in a dem when dem smile
Dem mother beat dem too much as a child
Dem nuh grow up wid good providence or parental guidance
Suh dem have dutty ways as a style
But dem cyaa style mi, and dem cyaa soil mi
Man solid as a rock, dem bwoy deh a rat
Dem cyaa spoil mi no


[Verse 2:]
Mi tell mi mama seh mi a go buy a lass
Cause too much snake in a the grass
Yes a dem in a the media a chat
But watch yah now unuh fi happy fi the young man
A some a unuh meck the city full a gun man
Suh mi seh uvy caw mi never waan fi turn one
Mi iconic and a nothing mi a come from


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Mavado Kill Them Slowly Comments
  1. Franky Willis

    Good song

  2. Secakard James

    I can't leave this song alone ever true and real song December 22 2019 bless

  3. Aideed Osman

    The Bible said..

  4. Londeka Dlamini

    wow i love this song since last year but didnt know who sings it discouverd yesterday on u khozifm

  5. Kelvin Wekesa

    Just discovered this 2019 DEC... now it on repeat... big up mavado

    Angela Hanson

    True for real. Bad mine a go kill them

  6. Ĕjåý Wīllįąms

    2019 still a listen

  7. Dembo Sillah


  8. Geertje Esam

    God bless you for this Gospel Song..Please more of this songs

  9. ibiyemi Fabanwo

    Man can’t live by bread 🍞 alone

  10. Irving Dennison

    Mavado big up breddah

  11. Irving Dennison

    Big up gully side

  12. Arna Tabitha Altoft

    You leave the good people alone you don't want them in the fence of a cage like that you can look over and remember it still around you've got to leave those could be alone make the understand crawl away misery until they have empty hands empty papers nothing to crawl back to either side of the fence to let misery destroys them into nothing left so walk away you never get away from what you are

  13. Christine Ries

    Reggae tell you ever the truth in life heart 💓 for this music

  14. andrea bailey

    👏👏💃💃big up yourself Mavado 2019 still a hit, bad mind will kill them

  15. Champion CJ

    Mavado Jamaica Boss. Vybz Kartel Controls The World.

  16. Michelle Mpofu

    Love this guy i listen to him daily,,his music will live forever

  17. Acleema Khan


  18. Everbless Bless

    Let it kill them true song

  19. Delavi

    just discovered this today - love it

  20. Bakary Fofana

    Maddd 🔥🔥

  21. OnikaB


  22. Suckumada Suckumada

    Jesus Christ



  24. Pansil Uezu

    Love all your songs Mavado! ❤

  25. Rajesh Singh

    This is ah big 1 from 2015 and still listen in 2019

  26. Sor Bryan

    Rsjusje ok eiwiwigsueiwiwowoeiwowoauwouwoejekejk😅😁😅😆😁😆😅😁😋😅😅😁😅😁😁😅😁😅😁😅😅😋😋😗😋😗😁😘😁😗😗😗😁😗😁😗😁😗😁😗😁😗😁😆😁😆😁😆😁😙😁😁😘😁😅

  27. Mark Thomas

    Earthquake and tunder

  28. Lakam Kamey

    2019 still good 🔥🔥🔥

  29. Ricardo Pryce

    2019 mad

  30. Anthony Murry

    Still hot

  31. Grammar Geek

    This song is the truth

  32. kudzanai james kativhu

    mi ya gully till the end

  33. Taraika Persad

    badddddd song

  34. chezza Foster

    Beautiful song.

  35. Nathaniel Roberts

    Biggest artist

  36. Lioness Izasha


  37. static majahVEVO

    2017 still hot🔥🔥🔥💥🔥🔥

  38. Dona Duprey

    gully side fi life

  39. Pone Eatet

    its true.... reagg is d best true meaning songs ever

  40. Kevin Chanka

    I true song.

  41. vanessa copland

    keep it going until the end

  42. Malachi Alexander

    i will kill people

  43. Scion Fergus

    Bad song

  44. ISABEL TheOne BabyGirl ROJAS

    Boiy solid as a rock!!!!!!!!!!! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
    #YouMadeMeLoveYou #ShameOnThem #GoodPeople
    #EqualityForAll #Unity #Peace #Love
    Take a stand today!
    Divided we grew; United we stand!!!!
    1LovesAGAPE Self-sufficiency Eco-Villages!!!! Good food, great careers & pure fun!!!!!!!!! A happy & safe place to call home..... your rise to the top!!!!
    By God's children; For God's children!!!!

  45. samuel frederick Monroe

    Study Gaza sings better songs than gully

    static majahVEVO

    samuel frederick Monroe nobody did ask u nothing gully world this bombohole

  46. dappa

    Mad mad mad

  47. Kevon Thomas

    Who hating c20 people

  48. thug-life Gaza me say

    bounty killer worthless him nuh ambitious dah song yah dedicated to bounty 

    ooOSHMent Don

    Crazy you...dis one ya is for kartel...

    thug-life Gaza me say

    @Mahlatse Thobejane kmt 

    Kevon Boodtam


  49. Tri-ing Jacks

    My life

  50. KCD

    Big up Mavado #GullySide4life

    Otis Cox

    Up to the time

  51. Tris

    🔥🔥🆙🆙 maaaddd

  52. Taje Transmission

    Take dm away from gud ppl!


    The fucker them need to dead fast