Mavado - Keep It Blazing Lyrics

Keep it blazing
Keep it blazing
More fire

[Verse 1:]
So what? Gully pon the top and mi no drop
Some likkle phoney would a love fi si mi drop
Some likkle fassy would a love fi si mi shot and hold a dirt nap
But wi no stop, wi do it fi the ghetto youth them pon the block
WI do it fi the sexy gyal them wid the fat
Mi want yo listen revolution pon the track

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2:]
Mi look back paw mi past
Now mi living in the present
Am a present, a present
So many gone up to heaven
So many living in a hell
SO many spen shell
So many soul sell
So many stuck in a the struggle like a jail cell
So many fear well
So many youths fell
Still wi haffi carry on

[Repeat Chorus]

Burning up, burning up
Turning up, turning up
Turning up, turning up
Naw give up

Yow throughout yo trial and yo tribulation
Keep yo fire burning hot like the sun
Wi a the choosing one

[Repeat Chorus 2X]

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Mavado Keep It Blazing Comments
  1. Kevan Roberts

    Dem always COPYCAT GULLY god STYLE legendary icon alkaline legendary icon alkaline legendary icon MVP is on the road to Success jahmiel alkaline GULLY god legendary.

  2. Lacey Turner

    Gully until death

  3. artie allen

    Flow, lyrics and intelligence. Gully fi life from belize

  4. jonny Bee

    we say more fire

  5. artie allen

    so what gully pan the top

  6. Ricki Valinski


  7. Chynki B


  8. Karla J. Cerpas Segura

    Ooops very good

  9. ryan mahabir

    keep it blazing gully gad

  10. Nylla Raee

    Gully pon di top and we no drop

  11. renee carrera

    baddddd tune

  12. Hydrah HQ Official Page

    i love your songs....................

  13. dj Kerry

    keep it blazzin gully side 4eva

  14. Tamara Danstephens

    Keep it blazin, soooo amazing!! hit aftah hit aftah hit!! one love :)

  15. Honestly Amelia

    lovin this

  16. Jeremy Molina Montero

    the best Mavado is the best

  17. Nyasha Muganhu

    nice i jumping to this vibe 

  18. jermaine sparta

    gully fi life just keep it blazing

  19. Tk4y

     More fyah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Malik Pervaiz Mohamamd Khan

    Ur hot mavado keep the fire burning

  21. Keeping Up With The Dons

    Keep it amazinggggggg

    Ken Win

    Tracy Couture qgfprsuiudrrtrwq

  22. Lana

    Keeep it rainin

  23. D-Feezy Musiq


  24. blakelement

    mo fire!!!!

  25. Krish Genius Music

    Check out this video on YouTube:

    boudjemaa ben ali


  26. Qg Ar

    Good track, but miss the old mavado

  27. Da Da

    Gully don luk nuh gully side forever

  28. Miguel Crawford

    Gully on TOP! Luk Nuh! Neva Stop! GULLY TR888!

  29. Godfrey Carter

    GULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yuh need if come shell dung Tampa again....bigger venue next time . Too ram.....carry on n keep it blazing

  30. jr brown

    gully da song ya no narmal madddd

  31. Marly Hanson

    Dah tune yah hott!!!

  32. Anderson Reyes

    Wtf go in on mavado noooo we need more gun songs

    Pat'gemini Martial

    @Anderson Reyes grow the fuck up.

  33. DELTA Don


  34. dwayne joyles

    big tune from my artist keep it blazing

  35. 1 Alligetta

    How can u dislike this song

  36. Marie Lawrence

    Blazing more fire

  37. Gully Side

     Big up Gully Gad... hits year after year. 

  38. keron serrette

    addicted 2 this song like weed and kfc ,, tune shot weh maadd

  39. shawayne Gordon

    mad thing mi boss big up you self

  40. JAMusicVybzEnt

    yeh yu have to keep it blazing! , subscribe to my channel for dancehall/reggae riddims & upcoming artists

  41. High Degree


  42. Lauren Neil

    Ahh dis chune shot one of mavados best


    Mad Dem Vado, some people nuh like fi see di success but dem cyaan stop it.

  44. Nkgenyane Pholafudi

    Daaaamn. GullyGawd at them. Blazing Fire!

  45. sickhead pess

    Gullygod. Good 1 mi g

  46. SAMPALOO Mullings

    Big chune mi general

  47. Re-Angelo Jarvis

    another hit by the gullygadd
    this man style  dah switch up just like youtube
    Biggupp gullyygadd

  48. juanson RUFF XAMPLE

    gaza me say but gully gwad gwan wicked on da 1 keep d good music pon d charts 

  49. Eyvonne Johnson

    I like it. Smooth

  50. Eyvonne Johnson

    I like it. Smooth

  51. Marcus B

    i luv how  vado Started on the Tune I thouth he was gona crazy whit the Lyrics but it got soft after But mi styll rate him

  52. Cloraxx Music

    another it from me general gully god ... keep it blazing.

  53. jr dancehall

    more songs like this mavado 

  54. GavinAM23

    di man flow sick

  55. Our City

    So What!! Gullyside

  56. Liquido Suave

    Inspirational, triumphant song utterly and superbly outstanding.

  57. Vado Hayned

    GG a the real boss

  58. Rosey Florestal

    I can NOT stress enough how talented and how far Mavado has come, I'm not Jamaican (I'm Haitian)... Jamaica should be proud of him and always support his music, I know I do! Love me some Mavado keep it up babe #onelove 

    Lawrence Grey

    so true...he is not fully respect in Jamaica(because of badmine)...but he keeps doing his thing.

    Ken Win

    Rosey Florestal qwotoavklbxz

    Ken Win

    Rosey Florestal qjoprwgzaffl

  59. Talent Page

    I like dis.

  60. steven hudlin

    gullyside yeah

  61. Wizzle Gully

    Noooooooooooo sah gully again sting 2013 ago come back from di dead wen gully step dung!



  63. warlock972

    Riddim Hot !! Keep it up !!