Mavado - Jump Out Lyrics

Father God enemies a meck a bag a wishes
Dem nah si wa dem waan fi si
Dem waan si mi suffer like dog
And a death out a Halfway Tree
Dem a send a bag a hit off a mi
Waan mama fi cry over me

What a day when mi jump out
What a day when mi jump out

[Verse 1:]
Lock mi up dem throw weh the key
But dem no have nothing paw me

Inna jail and a suffer like god
A mi kids dem mi waan fi si
Cold ground was my bed last night
Rock was my pillow
Even hen it dark at night
Jah, Jah, mi see yo

It seems am into these hands
To Jah, Jah, mi must chant a psalms
Jail time in a GP and Remand
Rockers island or a tambrin form
Dem tek yo shoes lace and give yo toothpaste
No trust police some a dem a two face
Meck mi tell yo in a prison a no cute face
No raper bwoy meck sure a shoot case

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2:]
Right now not a fly mi no trust
Not a girl, not a guy mi no trust
Seh dem a yo friend and yuh fi lie inna dust
Dem tell police seh a 9 man a buss
Over mi things dem a fight and a fuss
Huff and dem a puff like a rinazarous
But mi deh yah fi mi enemy no time fi adjust
In a cell in a the system dem dying fi have us

[Repeat Chorus]

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Mavado Jump Out Comments
  1. IshmaelGully

    2018 medz

  2. Phields Beggs

    Gully side people don't do it for views for the love of music

  3. Junior Fletcher

    this song suites d Worldboss.....o wat a day wen kartel is released from prison.#Addi2016

  4. Marvin Witter

    what a day when mi jump out

  5. Bdb AllPac


  6. Prince Solomon

    what a day when mi jump out!!! boi dis song is sick, i jus feel fi walk pass a police station and buck this song loud mek dem hear it lol big up gully gad

  7. Andre Salmon

    Gangsta for life!!

  8. Shieldsss - Reggae Dancehall Music

    You see this riddm here!  MAD MAD MAD, sick and crazy.  Look for something from the Shieldsss camp with this one (no riddim cuts)!  @DiGenius1 you're a Genius!

  9. Harlem Jvmvicvn

    ting tu uppp

  10. Conrod N. Brown



    Mad Tune But Stephen need fi stop chop and cut up the beats in opening if Vados song why him always a do that? Make the beat flow man.


    keep quiet, the greatest know what him doing


    Nuh say nothing, mi nuh stop play it. Mad tune still.


    HoNaZ! Di mix makes di song come to life more, just dat mi did a get to

  12. Andre King

    wat a day when me jump out mad

  13. keron serrette

    rise 2 di top and keep firm on di rock General, each time dem fight keep singing more hits, Gully Side, We The Best ( eva live)

  14. gyalahmadova

    Bere it's from mavado ! Gully mi seh fi life

  15. Jerome Ruddock

    MADD chune gully fi life

  16. MrMassive100


  17. MistaThrills
    big it up



    Junior Fletcher

    true talk Headbanger I almost say kartel make this tune.its about his situation

  19. Shotta Puss

    Maad mad song shot big up gully gaad

  20. ioctane brown

    Jah know mavado, inspiration this in every situation we can jump out! Madddddd.

  21. shotta bowy

    This mad yu fuck what a day when mi jump out up up up up

  22. Dalton Mattic


  23. Kartel junior

    Almost good but could be better

  24. david lewis

    me love de vocal tone on the riddim me like dem kind of mavado voice!!! sound like he voice this in 2010 when he voice 9 lives, ah de same tone ah voice him use on 9 live him use on jump out

  25. freshmusic

    What a day when mi jump out


    Gully till death

  27. larry smith

    what a day when mi jump out madddddd

  28. Mark B

    Don't ever stop raising the bar mi artist,  u stayed relevant fr 05 to date.. Never fell far fr the top, at no point in ur career n thats y a u a the real big man..#GullyTillDeathAndAfter


    i second that ! #REALTALK  

    Mark B


    Prince Solomon

    mavado is a boss enuh.. youngest legend in dancehall

  29. Stulla-Glen

    bloodclart gully gad di tune shaaat a long time me did a wait fi di tune yah and me afi seh it shaaat badmind go weh