Mavado - Funeral Bell Lyrics

Funeral bell
Squeeze off
Bombohole a go a hell, done talk

No witness cyaa tell
Dem mussi waan Casava Peace rise mi Askel

[Verse 1:]
Mi tell you seh mi dawgs dem hungry and glutton
Wipe you offer the earth JOHN CROW cyaa smell nothing
Wi do this from wi hear badman nuh press button
When the thing open, this yah trap dem like mutton
This nuh tek nothing
From dem seh it's on, dem sleep wid one eye open
Mi left the city war this a nuh pie-pie supn
The 50 send shape nozzle
Mi fucking gun suh bazzle
Mi left dem white a scrapple
In a body shot a truckle


[Verse 2:]
Grands Pen, the K turn on like ambulance
Mi dawgs dem out wild no mad ants
Mi shooter straight, dem unbalance
The rifle a left head unbalance
Dem a enemy couldn't be no fans
Like kole dem a bury in a sands
Portmore arms heavy in a hands
Bombohole could a heavy in a ranks
Dem meck the talk, we meck the walk
Put on shot dem cyaa tek it off
Like a movie a suh mi left it off
Like the rass red sea a suh mi left hi part
We first a kill in a any start
Dem bwoy deh a bitch, mi nuh have any heart
Mi sick the 12 gage weh left many sparks
A suh wi burn dem skin left many spark


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Mavado Funeral Bell Comments
  1. m.v.p m.v.p

    Gully side till death

  2. Okelio Palmer

    Mi like I likkle bell sounds in it


    Gully November 30 a my birthday to

  4. dujon henry

    Gully shell down di riddim wid ese lyrics mad who yuh kno can mek a melodistic song like a dis an mek it sound evil an cross only d gully don

  5. Javis Kerr


  6. necoy henry


  7. Sherill George

    gully gad

  8. tom peters

    bloodcloth ded

  9. Marcus B

    movado to up their the corn still a microwave nah pop nothing yet movado ready to package it and ship it ina popcorn bag then send it straight a funeral home

  10. EliteOnly HD

    Mavado can sing on any rhythm and take it

  11. Robert Taylor

    Grave yard funeral bell mad bear gunshot backa dis riddim killa

  12. kendrick caesar


  13. kendrick caesar


  14. Emelio Grant

    grave yard

  15. Feelman Fella

    Why u fuck deh people compare movado n kar tel they r different artists different vibes love who u love no bad man thing gully is always clean no dirty people around deh

  16. Cleanna Prince

    👏👏👏👍👍👍🔫🔫🔫 gangster for life ,bomboo hole ago a hell 😝😂😂😍😍

  17. Amy Mawer

    seriously stop puttin vevo on the viodeos! im always expecting a musicvideo! it bloody annoing!

    usherz best

    asian pon di riddim maad

  18. Orville Francis

    This song is repeat lyrics. He did this song years ago on another riddim. He just change a few lines

    Benaiah Spencer

    which song was tht ?

  19. shadz876

    Classic Vado

  20. ENOCH

    doh rise it boss

  21. Marco Fierce

    Tf Diss Fi Tek Riddim ?

  22. Romaine Edwards

    big bad dj

  23. Bajaflex RealWarrior

    Baja flex representing mawwd gully

  24. Yohance Barrow

    sum a unuh need fi undastan not everybody cyan buss artiste mavado might not buss artiste but him tek yute pun tour wit him n mek dem hav a life not everyone is born to be famous..

  25. Tyrone Thomas

    gully to the world again

  26. Prince Solomon

    Mavado tek dis, Riddim shot, lyrics on point, melody is like no other, truly one of the greatest artist jamaica ever produce in a long dame time


    +Dhuhon Solomon remind me of Vado back in 08 with mawd gun tune dem.

    everyone a seh Kartel but Vado a mi fave artist since him buss and dat neva a go change

  27. delon Thomas

    let kartel say who is boss please big up the gully but Gaza me say

  28. Kersha Newman

    Toronto hot Nov 27 Mavado coming finally

  29. Terriana Bailey

    Dnt say a next rass word up town say gully Yu deff

  30. Terriana Bailey

    Dnt say a next rass word up town say gully Yu deff

  31. Danny james

    Who sell out big time can't talk dead dead killa up up up alliance up gaza up up dem sell ee out wey dem dweet fah sell out all dem soul to get visa but look god answer fast don't neva sell out bout gully what u do for the gully part from u rise who u buss out the gully and take with u to the state know one kmts

    Alwayne Haughton

    yuh madda sell out pussy a that's why yuh ave three father,style the gully bout sell out a who yuh yow?

    Ricky fab

    Battyboy u fool nuh Fuck. Stacious. Chase cross Flexx. Boomboom. All these people I kno because of gullygad so fuck off

    Alwayne Haughton

    Gully to the worl

  32. hiehyh gezo

    buh gully killed it

    vendetta bwoiii

    suck yuh pa fish

  33. hiehyh gezo

    alkaline yuh di bst mi tell yuh,,,,champion bwoy

  34. Denis Brown

    fuckin gully

  35. Rando

    Funeral bell grave yard

  36. Alwayne Haughton

    yow the gad mad enuh,tek another riddim he just enjoy doing that some pussy fi know them place.

  37. bless highly favored

    left them white as gravel...lmao..madddd

  38. bless highly favored

    yooo it madddd riddim dead/owned...when movado is in this mode there is no comparison...fuckwhosaysdifferent

  39. freshmusic

    Gully God tek di riddim....shown dat alkaline is a baby once again.

    Tauseef Green

    @Dhuhon Solomon man alka beenie tek di riddim mi Nuh hear Nuh body a talk bout the vado the riddim a play long time pan radio before it drop pan yutube n a alka get the most pull up!! y?

    Prince Solomon

    @Tauseef Green  a ppl tell me fi listen it cause a di vado and alkaline song and wen mi hear it pon the radio di dj nuh stop pull up the vado and alkaline tune suh to me mavado tek di riddim, cant fight fi mi opinions dawg

    Audiking cadillac

    +Dhuhon Solomon this tauseef youth is a mavado hater just look pan him comments them pan beenie man tune. beenie man fan bwoy

    Tauseef Green

    @Audiking cadillac yea Moses n alka the thing deh but I nah hate pa. vado movado a big singer but the fact is when sunshine a play the riddim bout a million times she affi pull up the alka because ppl a request it on twitter

    Burberry black

    crab inn a barrel mentality