Mavado - Force It Up Lyrics

Force it up inna her u see,

She say "whoaaa me uh dun yet, hours gone and mi nuh cum yet, fire... me pussy pun fire"
She say "lawddd me nuh dun yet, one whole day and mi nah cum yet, fire... she bawl fire"
When me:

Force it up hard in her
Mek she feel de long cord in her
Cocky swell big and broad in her
She think a devil a de lord in her
Force it up ooo, hard in her
Mek she feel de nine yard in her
Mi sitten heavy like concord in her
Mi cocky versus her punany war

[Verse 1:]
Gul stop laugh show me wha u can do
Me wan u ride me long bamboo
Gal me have no have time fi argue and me know fi sure me nar chaw u
But inna de bedroom me draw u
Inna de middle ah de night rain ah fall and mi wan u
No run me nar war u, cocky sharp like lass if u tight it it scar u


[Verse 2:]
Mi say gul fi get stiff cock and every gul with me
Gangsta dey want so dey pick me
Dem yah gul yah wan breed and have me pickney
So me bruk off me spear inna Britney
Eh Man whey suck pussy sick me
And no gal outta road can't trick me
Can't gi mi no jacket and chat bout da fit me
Gul a throw love pebble and dying fi dat lick me


[Verse 1]

[Verse 2]

[Chorus x2]

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Mavado Force It Up Comments
  1. Marsha Rc

    2020 n still d shit..

  2. Vivacious _Stace C

    Woiiiiiiiieeeeee 🙀🙀🙀🙀

  3. Polite Sarah


  4. Itz Xayier

    Bbbccc, 2020 I'm here same way

  5. Kerena Peters

    Me man force it hard in me wow in the rain

  6. big link


  7. Ericka Vogue Model

    I foundddd itttt finally 😫😫💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

  8. Lacey Turner

    Gully side d boss this enuh

  9. 9Hunna Gucch

    I use to sing this to all the girls in school 🤣

  10. jay ramdeen

    Thumbs up if you're still listening in #2019

    kashawn k

    jay ramdeen mad thing🇯🇲

    Collin Jackson

    Riddim mad

  11. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    Ever UP! X yes plz

  12. NoMore Food

    Learn how to like being mocked, it changes your mind

  13. dotkid 02124

    I don't pick up private, could be scammers

  14. dotkid 02124

    She run like big baby 😎

  15. ozzie too calm


  16. Crime Boss Ent

    Am Still listen to this in 2018

  17. Omar Johnson

    Da song ya shot bomb chop and stabbed it mad an bad up deh movy

  18. Ezzy876

    Jah Know Star, Memories! A Million Memories just flashed through my Head...High School days..Gaza/Gully Saga lol.

  19. Salome De Freitas

    Hmm this was my fuck song lol still listening 2017

  20. Memee Williams

    my fucking artist big up gully to the fucking world

  21. Stefan Moon

    I sing this every time I see a peng chick 😁🙏🏻

  22. Junior Dattoo

    anyone have the radio edit to this song?

    Propa Way

    Junior Dattoo a lot of people has it. Check up operation torpedo riddim.

  23. Stephan Ashley

    2017 💥💥💥

  24. Ayoka Branker

    I love when de man suck my pussy to this tune and fuck me hard to in a back shot to mavado


    Ayoka Branker I wanna suck u from the back to this tune

  25. Stefan Powell

    Remember singing this in high school Shot am listening right now

  26. Nordiyah Thomas

    tune sick me a gully but kartel took it with banana i

    Javone Walcott

    yuh too bbc lie :D every video yuh ah comment pon bout kartel tek dis yah one yah

    Nordiyah Thomas

    pussy that not everyone gonnna like this shit

    Javone Walcott

    lol, but don't lie saying you're a gully fan when you're clearly not

  27. don j

    weh dah Vado yah deh kmt

  28. King Aza

    Bloodclaat di man seh "cock swell big broad in her it feel like addi devil and di lord in her...Shot!

  29. chandra smellie

    Ma bro fav song RIP JALS

  30. Nicole Simon

    This was my mash up de dance song, memories. lol

    omar williams

    Nicole Simon Which country you've since migrated to?

    I'm from Ochi and in Brisbane since 2012.

  31. Sweet-Lips Charles

    high school days was the bomb with this song

  32. Oniska Raymond

    force it up lol

  33. Marvin Witter

    up up Inna r

  34. roger hoofah


  35. DM21 Music TV

    I remember singing this in class, high school days

    Stefan Moon

    DM21 Music TV haha mad man

  36. Moony Peters

    force it uppp -8- #memories

  37. Vijay Palloo

    Nice songs bro. But can't touch vybz kartel

    Birddietv Birddietv

    Yah battyboy bout touch

    Adam Samuel

    Fuck Fagisha Palmer. Him only Lyrically bad. Him have friends wey ha guns and that do make you a badman. Mavado badder than Kartel. Who's in jail and who's not.

  38. saffiry glaves

    mi pussy pa fire fi real real real!!! cll the fire truck!!! oh nuh wrry my man is here!!

  39. saskia Morrison

    Still shot

  40. TrinidadTopDan JopMiSeh

    still madddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd


    shee tink a de devil but addi lard in nar!! ..... # mavado juss badd!!

  42. Tony 16

    dis song will NEVER get old, gully mi seh fi life

  43. Tmg Gully

    gully meh seh

  44. vanetta phillips

    vybz u fuc up bad!!!GAZZA 4LYFE!!!!!!!!

  45. vanetta phillips

    vybz u fuc up bad!!!GAZZA 4LYFE!!!!!!!!

  46. Carla Brown

    gyal stop talkkkk show me wah yuh can duh!

  47. Student Student




  49. question mark

    Great lyrics, make me relize all island men like to beat pussy hard like no joke eh

  50. Lex Vand

    Nasty song but its a tune


    Gaza mi seh but da song ya hard still.. mii rate it..

  52. pretty jaguar

    dah song yah maddddddddddd its my favorite jada dgreat seh dat so sickkkkkkkkk

  53. LaToya Kelly

    this tune bad no F***

  54. April Mckenna

    this song does still make me want to ride ah d&*k

  55. Randy Moss Gold boss

    this tune is crazy pussy pon fire lol and man who eat pussy sick me too lol gals want a gansta not a pussy face boy

  56. kofylicious89

    me seh woooooooooi mi no done yet!!!

  57. Zaddy's Girl

    is he sayin :ride de long bamboo

    Boom bang bang

  58. nayisha84

    this song meke me want me man mash up me punnani

    Nordia Francia

    Lol..dwl...real ting

  59. Jacquelyn Jackson

    Mi cocky versus har punnani war!!!! Maaaaaaddddddd

  60. Shelly-Ann Jagroop

    she think ah d devil ah d lardd in herr! lol.. loveee this songg <3

  61. tariq rashid

    wiked tune...